Top & Best Lipstick Tracta Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lipstick Tracta: What is the best for your make up in 2021?

Even those who are not very adept at makeup have or have had a lipstick at home. This product is ideal to give a touch of color in the mouth and greatly complements the look. There are several options of this type of cosmetic and one that is quite successful is Tracta lipstick.

Found in candy and liquid versions, Tracta lipstick, in addition to coloring the lips, is also made with components that treat the skin. It is developed in tones and finishes that suit everyone. Precisely for this reason, in this article we will talk about everything about him.

First, the most important

  • Tracta has candy and liquid lipsticks with matte, moisturizing, sparkling and metallic finishes.
  • All brand lipsticks have in their formula natural ingredients that treat the lips.
  • Tracta lipstick is easy to apply and has high coverage.

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Buying Guide

Lipstick is one of the oldest makeup products. It was invented in the middle of 1884 and since its emergence it has become very successful. Even today, stores that sell cosmetics are stocked with a wide range of options and Tracta lipsticks are present in virtually all of them.

Made in different colors, they are developed with ingredients that take care of the mouth and still make it more contoured and colorful. In this shopping guide we will tell you all about Tracta lipstick and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to choose.

What are the types of Tracta lipstick?

Tracta has several options for lipsticks and this is one of the most famous products of the brand. In addition to being available in different colors, there are also variations in finish and texture.

Altogether Tracta lipsticks are divided into three main lines, which are:

    • Moisturizing Lipstick: Tracta’s moisturizing lipsticks are made with a different formula that contains chamomile extract, mango butter complex, Shea and cereals. They have moisturizing ingredients that help to renew the protective barrier of the lips, have a soft texture, creamy finish and are made of candy.
    • Matte HD lipstick : Tracta Matte HD lipsticks have a matte finish and are also made of candy. They are made with natural ingredients that guarantee their soft and emollient texture. In this line, the lipsticks also have Shea butter and Vitamin E in their formula.
    • Matte Liquid Lipstick: Liquid lipsticks have been very successful for a few years now and Tracta launched its own collection of this product. They have a matte finish and are very easy to apply. Another difference is that the Tracta lipsticks of this line have high coverage, fast drying and long lasting.










What are the differentials of Tracta lipstick?

Tracta invests a lot in its lipstick line and is always up to date on the news. Thanks to this, the brand’s products are found in different versions and in the most varied shades.

One of the great differentials of Tracta lipstick is due to its formula. It is produced from natural and imported ingredients that take care of the lips, in addition to adding color to them.

Another positive point is the ease of application. Both Tracta liquid and bullet lipsticks slide easily through the mouth and are very easy to apply. Not to mention that they offer high coverage.

The durability of this product is another one of its differentials. Especially the liquid versions last for hours on the lips, do not run and do not stain.

However, creamy lipsticks, precisely because of their texture, do not last so many hours and come out more easily.



  • Available in different colors and finishes
  • Take care of the lips
  • It is made with natural and imported ingredients
  • It is easy to apply
  • It has high durability and coverage


  • The moisturizing versions last little on the lips

What are Tracta lipsticks from the TB Make line?

A few years ago Tracta launched a second brand of makeup called TB Make.

This new brand was created in partnership with some bloggers and influencers from all over Brazil. The first products launched by TB Make were lipsticks created by influencers like Niina Secrets, Claudinha Stocco and Bruna Tavares.

Until today TB Make launches new products and among them are several colors and options of lipsticks.

Does Tracta also have other lip products?

In addition to traditional lipsticks, Tracta has a very complete range of lip products.

Among them are glosses, which have returned to success in recent years. There are also the famous lip tints, which give a delicate touch of color on the lips, having a more natural effect.

To treat the mouth more intensely, Tracta has its lip balms, which moisturize or exfoliate. For those who like to contour their lips there is a lip pencil.


How much does it cost and where to buy a Tracta lipstick?

Tracta lipstick is very easy to find and to buy in stores that sell cosmetics they can be easily purchased. This purchase can be made in physical stores or online Amazon.

The value of this product varies according to the line to which it belongs and also its presentation.

Traditional versions of Tracta are more affordable than those of TB Make. In addition, liquid lipsticks are cheaper than candy. Thus, there are options between R $ 14 and R $ 37.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare Tracta lipsticks and choose the ideal

Now that you are getting to know everything about Tracta lipstick, it’s time to help you choose the ideal one. To do this, simply take into account the criteria below.

  • Color
  • Finishing
  • Bullet or liquid
  • Texture

Below we will explain to you in detail each one.


If what you are looking for is a variety of colors, you will not be disappointed with Tracta lipsticks, as there are several shade options that please everyone.

The lighter and nude lipsticks are widely used in everyday life and give a touch of elegance and sophistication on the lips. Dark colors are more suitable for the night, as they attract more attention.

However, regardless of that, it is essential to choose a tone that pleases you and suits you.


To choose the ideal Tracta lipstick color it is recommended to take into consideration the natural color of the lips and not the skin. For lighter and paler mouths, shades like cherry red and coral are good options. For more reddish mouths, pink and orange colors are ideal.



Tracta lipsticks are found with several finishing options. The most common are those with a creamy finish, which has a slight hint of shine, and the matte ones, which are dry and opaque.

Those who want to innovate in this regard can bet on the metallic or sparkling versions, which give an extra shine to the lips.


Bullet or liquid

For many years the only type of lipstick that was found to buy was a candy. This version is still very common, but in recent years liquid lipsticks have appeared.

With an applicator similar to a gloss, liquid lipsticks have been quite successful and for many have become the favorites. Tracta has several versions of liquid lipstick, but, unlike candy options, they are not as practical to apply.

That’s because applying a liquid lipstick requires a little more care and precision. Something less necessary with the bullet versions. Therefore, those who want practicality can bet without fear on the bullet models.

In addition, there are still other characteristics that must be analyzed between these two options. They are described in the table below.


The texture of Tracta lipstick is a question that must be analyzed with a view to the comfort of this product on the lips. In this regard, there are two options: moisturizers / creams and mattes.

Creamy ones are the most hydrating. They guarantee high comfort on the lips and are the ones that most treat the skin of the mouth. The negative point of moisturizing lipsticks, is that because they are more emollient, they fix less and have less durability.

The complete opposite of moisturizing Tracta lipsticks is matte. They have a very dry feel and texture, which some people find uncomfortable. The positive point of this version is its durability, since by attaching a lot to the lips, matte lipsticks last for hours without leaving.


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