Top & Best Liquid keratin Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Liquid keratin: How to choose the best cosmetic in 2021

Today we are going to talk about liquid keratin, a cosmetic that helps in the repair of damage and mass replacement – keratin makes up 90% of the structure of the hair strands.

Although liquid keratin is beneficial for hair, it is important to learn how to use the cosmetic correctly. In this article, in addition to teaching different ways to use liquid keratin, we will cover all the benefits of the product.

First, the most important

  • Liquid keratin can be transparent, yellow or orange – those with light hair should avoid pigmented products, as they can stain the locks.
  • Those with extremely damaged hair should opt for liquid hydrolyzed keratin, as the reduced particles penetrate more deeply into the capillary cortex.
  • Liquid keratin can be of animal or vegetable origin. It is worth looking for a liquid keratin of vegetable origin, because the product does not leave the hair stiffened.

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Buying Guide

Surely you have heard of liquid keratin, right? But do you understand why cosmetics are so important for hair health and how to use liquid keratin correctly?

In this Buying Guide we will explain the importance of liquid keratin in the hair care routine and teach different ways to use the darling product of the vain. Come on?



What is liquid keratin?

Keratin is a protein present in the hair structure. Composed of more than 15 amino acids, such as cysteine, arginine and creatine, keratin is responsible for reconstructing the threads from the inside out and replacing the lost capillary mass.

With the aid of collagen, keratin is able to retain water, uniformize cuticles, improve the texture of the hair, avoid the formation of split ends, provide elasticity and a lot of shine.

However, when the hair suffers aggression, either by the use of heat instruments, such as a hairdryer, flat iron and babyliss, or chemical procedures such as straightening and coloring, the scales of the hair open and lose many nutrients, including keratin.

For this reason, it is important to replace keratin. In addition to cosmetics enriched with this asset, you can also use liquid keratin, an ultra concentrated product.



id keratin?

Liquid keratin brings innumerable benefits to the hair – in addition to repairing damage and recovering lost capillary mass – such as taming locks, retaining moisture inside the capillary cortex, preventing breakage, decreasing frizz, increasing shine, softness and silkiness.

But the treatment with liquid keratin is not a permanent solution, it is a treatment with instantaneous and progressive effects. Do you want to know all the advantages of liquid keratin? Check the table below:



  • The cosmetic is multipurpose and multifunctional
  • A queratina líquida pode ser usada tanto por quem está com o cabelo saudável, quanto por quem está com fios danificados
  • O produto rende bastante
  • A queratina hidrolisada é ainda mais concentrada


  • A queratina líquida de origem animal pode deixar o cabelo com aspecto rígido (quando utilizada em excesso)
  • Produtos com tonalidade amarelada ou alaranjada podem manchar cabelos loiros




Did you know that reconstructive cosmetics do not use liquid keratin in their formulas? The component used is hydrolyzed keratin, ideal for keeping hair healthy, but not very effective in treating and repairing severe damage.


What hair treatments can I do with liquid keratin?

There are different ways to use liquid keratin. Cosmetics are essential in some deep treatments, such as reconstruction, cauterization and nanokeratinization.


This procedure replenishes keratin, other proteins, amino acids and minerals.

To make a light reconstruction, wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo, then spray liquid keratin on strands, glaze, let it act for fifteen minutes and apply conditioner.

If you need to do a more intense reconstruction, perform the same procedure, but apply a treatment mask to finish the treatment.

Follow the step by step of this treatment in the video by Luciana Gomes, author of the Youtube channel Manual da Beleza, which has almost two million subscribers:





Also called Capillary Plastic, cauterization is done in stages: Deep cleaning, hydration, keratin loading and sealing of the threads – for greater penetration of the assets.


This procedure, performed in a beauty salon, is performed with the aid of a device that releases liquid keratin microparticles in the form of steam. Finishing is done with ceramic flat iron.

You can also add a tablespoon of liquid keratin to your hydration, nutrition or reconstruction mask and let it act as instructed by the manufacturer. Another option is to add a few drops of hair oil to the mixture.

Liquid or gel keratin?

You find keratin in different presentations. Although the best known is liquid keratin, you also find keratin gel. We will address the differences between these presentations throughout this section.

    • Liquid keratin is more concentrated and less dense, so absorption is fast. In addition, it does not need a heat source to take effect. It can be applied pure or diluted in other cosmetics.
    • The keratin gel has a dense consistency and has slow absorption, so it is essential to brush and flatten the strands after application, as only in this way will the hair absorb protein and amino acids. It is also important to go without washing your hair for three days.


The choice depends on the level of damage to your hair. Liquid keratin can be used to treat mild, moderate or severe damage, while gel keratin is recommended only for those with severe damage.

Still in doubt? Check out a table comparing the two product presentations below.


In addition to liquid and gel keratin, you can also use keratin in ointment. It is advisable to use the product with the aid of steam heating, for a more effective absorption.

Why shouldn’t I use excess liquid keratin?

It is very important to use liquid keratin sparingly. When used in excess, the cosmetic can cause a rebound effect and stiffen the hair fiber, causing dryness and breakage.

The product should be used with at least 15 days between applications – anyone with elastic hair can use it once a week.

Also, never apply liquid keratin directly to the scalp. Pay attention whether the product is rinsed or not.





Purchasing Criteria: How to compare different liquid keratin options

When buying liquid keratin, give preference to products from brands recognized in the market, because a poor quality liquid keratin can give the opposite effect of the desired.

In addition to choosing a product of good origin, it is necessary to analyze some characteristics that change from one product to another. We have listed the main ones below and will detail them throughout the section.

  • Common or hydrolyzed keratin?
  • Vegetable or animal keratin?
  • Other components
  • Keratin shade
  • Bottle volume

Common or hydrolyzed keratin?

Liquid keratin can be common or hydrolyzed.

Hydrolyzed keratin is recommended for extremely damaged hair.

Hydrolyzed liquid keratin is a concentrated version with a low molecular weight, this characteristic provides greater absorption in the threads.

As it is even more concentrated, hydrolyzed liquid keratin should be used only for those with extremely damaged hair. Healthy hair with mild or moderate damage can use ordinary keratin.

Vegetable or animal keratin?

Liquid keratin can be of animal or vegetable origin. Vegetable keratin is produced through proteins and plant amino acids, such as potatoes. Animal keratin is extracted from bird feathers, ox hooves, horns or sheep’s wool.


Rafael TakakiHairdresser

“The benefits are the same, what differs is that the vegetable does not make the threads heavy, unlike the animal keratin that can make the fiber stiff”

Other components

Liquid keratin may have other active ingredients in addition to keratin, such as collagen, panthenol, aloe vera and castor oil.

Collagen is a protein, so it complements the reconstructive effect of liquid keratin. However, panthenol and aloe vera are moisturizing actives, so they offer other benefits to the hair. Castor oil contributes to the nutrition of the hair.

Keratin shade

This criterion is relevant for those who have discolored and light hair. Generally, liquid keratin has a yellowish or orange hue, which can pigment and stain the light strands.

In order not to take this risk, it is important to look for a colorless liquid keratin. If not, we suggest that you mix the keratin in a white hair mask before applying the product to the hair.



Bottle volume

You find liquid keratin in bottles of different sizes. The smaller ones offer from 60 to 120, there are options in medium size, from 200 to 300 ml and larger bottles, with up to 500 ml.

To choose a bottle of the ideal size, evaluate the length and volume of the hair, the needs of the strands and the frequency of use.


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