Top & Best Lola Cosmetics Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lola Cosmetics: What are the best products of 2021?

Today we are going to talk about an incredible beauty brand and its excellent products, Lola Cosmetics. With a wide range of products, which can meet all types of hair, its cosmetics work miracles on the hair.

As it is a company that has been so successful, we created a complete article about the products developed by it. Below, you’ll find everything about Lola’s shampoos, conditioners, creams, finishers and various other products. Check out!

First, the most important

  • Lola Cosmetics products are vegan.
  • Lola Cosmetics has a wide range of products, which meets all types of hair.
  • Lola Cosmetics has 100% vegetable oils.

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Buying Guide

To make a good purchase, you need to know a little more about Lola Cosmetics and its products beforehand. It is necessary to understand what are the characteristics of shampoos, the peculiarities of creams, the benefits of oils and much more.
That’s why we created a complete Buying Guide for you. In it you will find the answers to these and other questions about Lola’s products. See below!



What is Lola Cosmetics?

Lola Cosmetics is a relatively new product brand, which quickly fell in the taste of the population. Currently, their products are a guaranteed presence in the closet of those who love to take care of their locks.

All this success of the brand is mainly due to the incredible range of products that are really efficient and deliver what they promise.

The cool thing is that Lola fully embraces the diversity of threads that we have in our country. Therefore, there are options for all types of hair and hair needs. No matter if you have curly, curly, straight, wavy, dyed or straightened hair, you can be sure that Lola has a perfect product for you.

But Lola also stands out for other reasons, including good humor. Product packaging, for example, is a charm in itself. They are fun and fun, always combined with an impactful phrase.

And finally, we cannot fail to highlight the super cool dynamics that the company maintains with its consumers. Not to mention that interaction on social networks never stops. Brand with good products and that respects its audience and the diversity of our country? It’s impossible not to love!



How did Lola Cosmetics come about?

The Lola Cosmetics brand was created by 3 partners: Dione Vasconcellos, Jaqueline Vasconcellos and Milton Taguchi.

All participated in the Farmativa Group, an industry that manufactured cosmetics for national and international brands. From the experience they had in the group, the opportunity arose to set up their own brand and that is what they did. With many personality and unique identity Lola Cosmetics was born



Dione Vasconcellosco-founder of Lola Cosmetics

“I lived many years outside of  and realized that here there was a lack of premium products for curly and curly hair, and the cosmetics industry, in general, was very” gray “”

What are the advantages of Lola Cosmetics products?

There are numerous advantages to using Lola Cosmetics products, among them the fact that the brand is totally vegan. In addition, most of its products are free of sulphates and petrolates.


Sulfate-free shampoos are excellent for hair with curls or curls.

This feature is very cool, since sulfate-free shampoos are less aggressive, which reduces the risk of allergies. Not to mention that sulfate-free shampoos are excellent for hair with curls or curls, as they help maintain the curly shape of the strands.

As sulfate is a very strong detergent, another harm it can cause is the drying of the hair. The reverse effect can also happen, it is called the rebound effect, where the scalp increases sebum production.

Check out all the advantages of Lola Cosmetics products below:


  • Vegan
  • Sulfate free
  • Petroleum-free to prevent nutrients from entering the wire
  • Low probability of causing allergies
  • Does not dry out the wires
  • No rebound effect
  • Cleans smoothly


  • Difficulty finding physical stores

What are Lola Cosmetics products?

Lola cosmetics has a very broad product catalog. On its website we can find shampoos, conditioners, treatment creams, finishers, 100% vegetable oils among others. And, despite its strength being hair products, the brand also has body cosmetics, such as exfoliating and jellies.

Each type of product is part of a specific line. For example, the Rapunzel line (fall protection) has shampoo, fall protection product and leave-in. The Chamomile line for blond hair has shampoo, conditioner and finishing oil.




It also has the most “powers” ​​lines, of intensive treatment. A good example is sudden death which is super hydrating and includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and moisturizing spray.

The Meu curho minha vida and Creoula lines are for girls with curly and curly hair. They also have several amazing little products. And it doesn’t stop there, it still has lines for chemically treated hair, nutrition and straightening. Not to mention oils for wetting. Very cool, is not it?


How to buy and how much does Lola Cosmetics products cost?

Lola Cosmetics products are not always easy to find. But, usually, you can find them in some perfumeries and drugstores, mainly in shopping malls and in city centers.

However, the easiest way to find the brand’s products is in online stores. At Amazon, for example, in addition to finding all Lola products, you can find complete lines in the form of kits. The most interesting thing is that these kits are more affordable than buying single products, so they offer a good cost-benefit ratio.

The prices of the products vary a lot, after all they are very different cosmetics, despite being complementary. The treatment masks are around R $ 50. Shampoos and conditioners can be found in the R $ 25 range.

Lola oils are some of the most sought after items by consumers, as they are 100% vegetable. Precisely for this reason they have a higher price, a bottle with 12 ml can reach R $ 35.



Did you know? Lola Cosmetics is a totally vegan brand and in 2016 officially joined PEA (Project Animal Hope), a non-governmental organization that aims to ensure harmony between humans and the planet.



Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when purchasing a Lola Cosmetics product

Before buying a product from Lola Cosmetics it is important to consider some points. These are items that will help you choose the right product for your hair type and that meets the needs of your hair.

Therefore, we separate the criteria that you must consider at the time of purchase. Analyze all of them to get the product right.

  • product type
  • Hair type
  • Benefits offered
  • Amount

Now that you know which criteria to analyze at the time of purchase, we will explain each one better. Check it out below!

product type

The first criterion for buying a cosmetic from Lola is the type of product. For example, if you want something to sanitize your hair, you certainly need a shampoo. But if in addition to cleaning the wires you also want to treat, you must choose between one of the available masks.

Finally, there are oils, leave-ins, styling creams or sprays. In addition, there are several other types of products indicated for various purposes. So, analyze this point and use it as a criterion for your purchase.



Hair type

Once you understand the type of product your hair needs, time to choose the one that is right for your hair type.
Lola’s product lines are well segmented, so, regardless of the type of product you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find one suitable for your type of yarn, be it smooth, wavy, curly or curly.



Benefits offered

Well, in addition to choosing the type of product and choosing a version that is suitable for your type of yarn, it is important to analyze the benefits that this cosmetic offers. Let’s suppose you need a mask for curly hair, in which case you also need to know if your hair needs hydration or nutrition.

Now if you want a finishing hair oil for straight hair, it is important to analyze if you are looking for an oil to contain frizz or highlight your blonde locks. To know what benefits the product offers, just look at the packaging, Lola leaves everything explained on the label.


Lola Cosmetics has the same products in different sizes. The treatment masks, for example, can come in pots smaller than 230g or pots of almost half a kilo.

Our suggestion is that you choose the smaller version if you still don’t know the product and want to try it out. But, if you have already used the mask and its threads got along with it, throw yourself in the bigger option.

Now, for a better cost-benefit, how about buying a 930g jar? There will be product for the whole year!


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