Top & Best Lunchbox Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lunchbox: Which is the best in 2021?

Here we will talk more about an item that was primarily childish, but is increasingly being used by adults: the lunchbox. This super practical object has helped many adults to save money and have a healthier routine.

There are several different shapes and styles of lunch boxes. Each is ideal for a type of need. There are those that can be carried as a bag, those that fit inside your backpack and those that are bag style.

With all this variety of lunch boxes, it is difficult to choose which one is ideal for you or your children. Here, we will talk about the main lunchbox models, their advantages and disadvantages, prices and where to buy. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • Lunchbox is no longer a child’s thing! There are also several models aimed at adults who like to take their own food to places.
  • There are several ways to carry your lunch box: on your back, on your shoulder, in your hands or inside your bag. Choose the model that offers more practicality for your day to day!
  • Lunch boxes help you save money and eat healthier. It’s really worth it!

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Best lunchboxes: Our favorites

There are several types of lunchbox available today. Here, we will talk about the best and most popular models for sale in Brazilian stores. Thus, it will be easier for you to decide which one to buy. Check out our list:

  • New Kichirou Lunchbox – Kipling
  • Casual Lunch Box – Yes
  • Thermal Bag for Lunch Box – Jacki Design

Buying Guide

Having lunch outside the home is the reality of many people who spend the day at work. But, not everyone likes to eat in a restaurant every day, so even adults have taken their lunchbox to work.

Now that you know what the best lunchbox models are, let’s talk more about their advantages and disadvantages, price, where to find them and what to consider before making your purchase!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lunch box?

The lunch box is a super practical item to transport food. It is very functional for those who do not want to spend money buying food on the street and also for those looking for healthier food.

When transporting the food you prepared yourself, you can be sure that the food was made with care and cleanliness. Already, when eating in restaurants, the chances of food poisoning are greater.

In an interview for the Food in Focus website, nutritionist Sandra Ferreira explained how to transport food safely:

Sandra FerreiraNutrition Specialist at SESI

“During the journey from home to work, the ideal is for the food to be conditioned in a thermal bag to maintain the maintenance temperature. In this way, we prevent them from undergoing changes in color, flavor, texture or from spoiling. It is important that the lunch box put in the fridge when you get to work. ”

In addition, the lunch box is still very useful for those who have children. It can be used to transport snacks that your children take to school, and is great for storing food during trips and trips.

Children, especially up to 3 years old, tend to have a slightly more restrictive diet. When traveling, for example, it can be difficult to find healthy and ideal food for children. The lunch box plays the role of transporting the right foods for your children.

Another advantage of lunch boxes is that most are thermal and they are very cheap. Spending up to R $ 100 you can find a quality lunch box to use for years.

One of its only disadvantages is that they are usually fairly large, and can be boring to transport in some situations, such as public transport, for example. In addition, it is necessary to clean it frequently to ensure that food is stored with cleanliness and hygiene.

What precautions should I take when using a lunch box?

The lunchbox is a great way to transport food. However, it is necessary to take some precautions before starting to use it. We have prepared a list with simple and valuable tips for you to better conserve your food.

    • The first step is to always leave food and lunch in the refrigerator, below 10ºC, to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms.
    • In addition, cooked food should not be exposed to room temperature for more than 2 hours. Therefore, always prefer the models of thermal lunch box, to preserve food for longer.
    • If you are taking the lunchbox to work, do not leave food out of the refrigerator. Once you arrive, store your lunch box in a refrigerator.


If you are still in doubt between a thermal lunchbox, thermal bag and thermal box, we will help you solve it. The biggest difference between them is in size.

While the thermal lunch box is easier to be carried in the hand or inside the backpack, the thermal bag needs more effort, as it is much larger. The box can have several sizes, however, its structure is firmer than the thermal bag.

The lunch box is more suitable for those who carry little food, for their own use or that of their children, as it is compact and easier to transport.

How much?

One of the advantages of the lunch box is its super affordable price. With little money you can find quality lunch boxes in stores.

A small children’s lunch box can be found starting at R $ 15, while the larger ones start at R $ 40.

There are also lunchboxes of well-known brands, which can cost R $ 300. However, with up to R $ 100 it is possible to find a quality lunch box.

Where to buy?

Lunch boxes can be found in stores of various types. From supermarkets to department stores and stock markets, you can find models at Extra.

But it is by buying online that you can find an even greater variety of models. You find lunch boxes of various types on Amazon. Not to mention that you don’t even have to leave the house, receive the product at the door and still find the best deals.

Purchasing criteria: What are the characteristics for evaluating a lunch box?

Before you buy your lunch box, it is necessary to evaluate some items that will help you choose the best one for your needs. Are they:

  • Lunch box type
  • Partitions
  • Model
  • Size
  • Design

We will explain item by item so that there is no doubt about the lunch boxes!

Lunch box type

There are three main types of lunch boxes available on the market today. Each is ideal for different situations and for carrying different types of food. These are the types:

Thermal lunch box

The preferred model of lunchboxes and fitness on duty. The thermal lunch box proves to be very efficient for those who carry cooked food that need to go to the refrigerator, such as beans, eggs and meat fillets.

With the thermal lunch box, it is possible to keep your food protected for much longer. It is recommended to leave cooked food out of the refrigerator for only 2 hours. In the thermal lunch box, it is possible to preserve them for a longer time.

If you like to carry ready and perishable food around for you or the children, the ideal is to purchase a thermal lunch box. It will preserve your health and encourage you to eat more balanced.

Plastic lunch box

Plastic lunch boxes are not able to preserve the temperature of food. For this reason, they are more suitable for non-perishable snacks such as peeled fruits, cookies, dry cookies and juices.

This model is mostly used by children who take a morning or afternoon snack to eat between classes. However, it can also be used by adults who want to carry easy snacks.

Backpack + lunchbox kit

When looking for a lunch box for children, you will notice that there are several backpack models that come with lunch box.

This option is the most suitable for those who were already thinking about buying the backpack, as it combines the useful with the pleasant. In addition to storing notebooks, books and cases, it will also be possible to store the snack in the playground.


Most lunchbox models have at least one side pocket with nets. However, some, in the shape of a pot, may contain even more dividers, making it easier to separate food.

If you only store pots with food, a bag-style or side bag-style thermal lunch box will do the trick. The side pocket with nets can be useful for storing fruit.

Lunch boxes with more dividers are more useful when separating snacks. Especially for children. On one partition you can put cookies, on the other a sandwich and on the other, fruits. It’s up to you!


There are several models of lunchbox that allow you to transport in simple and practical ways. Before choosing yours, you need to take this into account!

Some lunch boxes can be carried on the back, such as small backpacks. This type may be more useful for children who take a lunch box to school.

There are also side lunch boxes, which you carry as if they were a little bag. This model is ideal for those seeking practicality. However, if you already carry a purse, it can be a lot to carry.

The “sacolinha” models, on the other hand, are easy to carry. This is one of the types of lunchbox preferred by those taking public transport.


When purchasing your lunch box, it is essential to assess whether its size is sufficient for your needs. Children’s lunchboxes, for example, do not have to be very large, as this makes them difficult to transport. As it is for school lunch or a picnic, it must be small.

If you like to always take a pot of food for lunch, another for dinner and even a snack, you will need a larger model, which meets your needs.

So, first assess who the lunch box is, what meals the person will eat outside the home and then choose the size compatible with this reality.


What’s your style? Or even your children? Children like lunch boxes that have their personality. Be your favorite characters or the colors you like best. This can encourage the child to eat their snack at school.

For the adult, this reflection is also important. You do the most serious, basic and discreet style or like to dare with colors and prints. Choose a lunch box that has to do with your personality. But be careful, design is not everything. Prioritize the criteria already mentioned.






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