Top & Best male deodorant Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best male deodorant in 2021

Taking care of personal hygiene is fundamental for human beings. If you care about always smelling good, controlling sweat and protecting your armpits, you’ve come to the right article! We will teach you in the next lines how to choose the best male deodorant.

Deodorants are not just used to prevent unpleasant odors. They are an indispensable item of personal hygiene, also bringing benefits to health and daily life. Choosing the best for each individual goes through a series of questions and we will show you how to understand each one below!

TFirst, the most important

  • There are deodorants that act by blocking perspiration and others that fight the bacteria that generate the bad smell on the skin. You must make the choice based on how much you sweat.
  • The big difference between male and female deodorants is in fragrances. Other than that, they act the same way.
  • Deodorants usually act for between 12 and 48 hours. To keep your effect always efficient, follow the recommendations on the packaging.

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The best male deodorants: Our opinions

The main cosmetic companies produce different models of deodorants for men. We did a lot of testing and analysis and now we present you some of the best:

  • For those who want to pay little on a quality brand
  • The best gel deodorant
  • For those who want to invest in a special deodorant


Buying Guide

Normal deodorant, antiperspirant, spray, roll-on, with perfume, without perfume … There are so many characteristics that you can even get confused!

But don’t worry: Our shopping guide will answer all your questions about male deodorants.

How do deodorants act on the skin?

The stench we experience when we sweat is not just caused by sweat. In fact, this liquid is composed mostly of water. The odor is the result of bacteria that live on the skin and devour the other components that exist in perspiration, then releasing substances that do not smell well.

There are some ways in which deodorants work to contain the bad smell. The first is through perfumes capable of canceling the odor of substances released by bacteria. The second is to greatly reduce the population of these microorganisms, making eating less also.

Finally, there are antiperspirant models, which prevent sweat from passing through the skin. Later, we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages!



Did you know that the first deodorant was sold commercially in 1888? In the beginning, spray and talc were the most common presentations. Aerosol, prevalent today, was introduced to the market in the 1960s.

What are the advantages of choosing a high-level deodorant?

Is it worth investing more in a better deodorant? Can he offer you something that the cheapest or unknown brands do not bring?

The more confidence you have in the deodorant brand, the better. This way, you will know that its compounds are ideal for fighting bad smells and also for protecting your skin, keeping it hydrated and still not staining your clothes. The indicated duration is also more likely to be true.

Good deodorants are also able to offer you some specific advantages, such as thermal control of the region in which it is applied or the population of skin bacteria in the area.

And, if you give priority to smell, you know that in recognized brands you will have delicious fragrances, probably similar to the perfumes sold. It is even possible to have more confidence and self-esteem when using them!

See the table below for advantages and disadvantages of using good deodorants:



  • Offer greater protection
  • Mask odor for longer
  • Have good special technologies that are beneficial
  • They have excellent fragrances


  • Higher prices

Can a man use female deodorant?

There is no problem for a man to use a female deodorant. Both types have the same compositions and functions and act similarly on the skin.

The only difference is that deodorants sold to men have fragrances that are more perceived as masculine, while those sold to women have smells considered feminine. If you don’t mind, you can choose the other type without any problem.


How often do you need to use deodorant?

The period of action of a deodorant is usually indicated by the manufacturer itself. For most models, it lasts either 12, or 24, or 48 hours.


People with hyperhidrosis need deodorant more often.

However, there are some other things that need to be analyzed. One is if the person has aggravating conditions such as hyperhidrosis, which can reduce the effect of the deodorant to just two hours, even if it is of a high level.

Also note that a bath can interrupt the effect of the deodorant. As much as many people naturally use it after a shower, the ideal is to reinforce it if it has already been applied that day.

Aerosol or roll-on male deodorant?

When looking at the deodorant shelf in the supermarket or pharmacy, you are faced with aerosol and roll-on models. After all, which is the most suitable?

Aerosol models are usually preferred by men because they are easier to pass through the hair barrier. Women, who mostly shave their armpits, tend to prefer the practicality of roll-on.

There is a downside to aerosol deodorants, which is the presence of alcohol. For some people, this substance can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis. Fortunately, models of quality brands no longer use it in deodorants.

Another choice to be made when buying a quality deodorant is between a common model, which acts either to control the population of bacteria or to cancel the bad smell, or an antiperspirant, which blocks the passage of sweat on the skin.


How much does it cost and where to buy a male deodorant?

You can find excellent male deodorants, manufactured by well-known cosmetics companies, for between R $ 10 and R $ 20. Refined models, linked to perfume brands, can cost much more, around up to R $ 300, but they are for special occasions only.

Pharmacies, supermarkets and perfumeries are good places to do your search for the best male deodorant. Online stores, such as  Amazon, Amazon International and also offer great ranges of options.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a male deodorant

In addition to the main issues, there are some other issues that need to be understood before choosing a male deodorant. Let’s go into detail about four:

  • Skin type
  • perfume
  • Composition
  • Packing

Next, you understand more about each one!

Skin type

In addition to the intensity of perspiration, there are some more personal characteristics that need to be observed in order to choose the ideal deodorant. They are mainly related to the skin.

For example: Is your skin oily or is it usually quite dry? There are deodorants that already have moisturizers and similar products, ideal to prevent dryness. Another issue is the ease of developing allergies, which also calls for special products.


Some people prefer unscented deodorants. If you are one of them, you will have good options to choose from, since almost all brands offer a model with this characteristic.

There are deodorants with varied perfumes, reaching audiences with different preferences.

But if you like perfumes, you have a myriad of fragrances at your disposal. Almost all the most famous brands, linked to cosmetics companies, seek to offer a very satisfactory variety, thus reaching male audiences of different preferences.

For the most demanding, there are still deodorants manufactured by brands linked to perfumes. They are much more expensive, but offer very complex and developed fragrances.


All deodorants are composed of chemicals along with natural elements. There are two reasons why you should look at the ingredient list. The first is related to perfume, understanding what are the odors emitted by the product.

The second, and main, is to understand if there is any component that causes allergies in the composition. If so, it is better to avoid a certain product and prefer one that is more pleasant to your skin!


In addition to the differentiation between aerosol and roll-on, the packaging of the deodorant can also bring different amounts of product and, therefore, weigh in the cost-benefit and the impact caused on your pocket.

We suggest that you observe how much of the product is available in a package and compare it with the price before making your decision. That’s how you’ll be able to understand whether you’re paying dearly or cheaply for the product!



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