Top & Best Manual lawn mower Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Manual lawn mower: How to choose the best in 2021?

we will talk about the best options for manual lawn mower and how to choose the most suitable model for you. There are two main types of manual cutters and we will show you, in detail, the difference between them.

Basically, the first one works without any electricity or gas and has a blade that rotates as you push it. The second type, on the other hand, has a nylon thread that turns to cut the grass. It is also known as a grass trimmer.

We will help you choose the right option for your garden or lawn. After all, in which cases is each type of lawn mower most recommended?

First, the most important

  • The easiest to find manual lawn mower model is the trimmer. This option is ideal for small areas or places where other mowers cannot reach.
  • A less common type of manual lawn mower has no type of engine. It has a blade that rotates as you push it. It is ideal for locations without the possibility of using electricity.
  • Both the circular blade cutter and the nylon wire cutter are less expensive than electric lawnmowers, gasoline or battery. Most nylon cutters (trimmers) usually cost between R $ 100 and R $ 200.


Ranking: The 3 best manual lawn mowers

Keeping the lawn in the garden always trimmed is something that, in addition to maintaining cleanliness, makes the house even more beautiful. For this, we selected the 3 best manual models on the market for your home. I see the ranking below:

Buying Guide

In this Buying Guide, you will know the differences between the main types of manual lawn mower: rotary blade and trimmer. In addition, we will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of each, where to buy and how much to pay on your cutter.

Everything so that children can play on a well-cut grass:

What is a manual lawn mower?

It is what allows you to keep your home’s garden always trimmed, providing more security and well-being for your family. It works without the need for electricity, and that is the great advantage of the product.

With the garden always trimmed, in addition to having a more neat and beautiful house, you prevent dangerous animals, such as snakes and spiders, from hiding in the lawn. Especially in places where there are woods around.

In addition to the manual lawn mowers, there are also motorized models, but as we already mentioned, we will focus on explaining everything about the manual lawn mower. Among these, you can choose the rotary blade, or even trimmer.

Manual lawn mower with rotating blade or nylon thread?

In the section below you will check in detail the operation and the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Here, we want to briefly introduce the main differences of these two manual cutters.

In general, a rotary blade cutter is a quieter option than nylon wire. It is lighter, since you do not need to hold it, but push the product. This model also usually has twice the price.

hese are basic comparisons. Want to know how each of them works in detail? Check carefully the description, advantages, disadvantages and indication of these products below:

Rotating blade

As we have already commented above, in this article we deal with both manual mowers with rotating blades, as well as nylon cutters (which are known as lawn mowers).

Manual lawn mowers with rotating blades can be used in places where there are no plugs. There is no need for gas, nor the risk of work stopping by a dead battery.

In addition, this is the quietest option since there is no engine running during the cut.

The manual lawnmower is lighter than the electric lawnmower and is not usually too heavy to push it over a lawn. On the other hand, if the place is too tall, you will need more strength.

You can pass it in places where the grass ends and a sidewalk starts, for example. The only condition is that there is not a very large gap to the point that its central portion touches the sidewalk or some stone.

The disadvantage is that they require you to run the lawn mower more often in the same place so that all the grass is cut.

This makes this product less viable for very large locations. As with electric or petrol lawn mowers, these circular blade lawn mowers often have cutting height adjustment.

The table below shows a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of cutters with rotary blades.

Nylon thread

The nylon thread, better known as a sideboard, is the ideal option for corners where other cutters cannot reach, such as near flowerbeds, stones, trees or other plants.

They are also a great option for finishing near sidewalks. In general, it is recommended to use the sideboard always in areas smaller than 100 square meters (which is the size of a 3 bedroom house, for example).

Still, if the lawn doesn’t have many obstacles, even if the area is smaller, the electric mower or gasoline will be more practical than a trimmer.

The lawn mower is the ideal option for cutting grass in corners where other mowers cannot reach.

The disadvantage of lawn mowers is the difficulty of cutting all the grass at exactly the same height. You will need to be careful not to cut the grass too low or too high. As the device is hand held and does not touch the ground, the height adjustment depends on your manual control.

A second disadvantage is the need to adjust the length of the nylon thread. As you mow the lawn, the wire collides with obstacles and shortens.

If the wire becomes short, the cutting area will be smaller and the job will yield less. In this case, it is necessary to open a compartment at the bottom of the sideboard. The nylon thread is wrapped around a spool. Generally speaking, this procedure is easy and will take less than 5 minutes, even if you are doing it for the first time.

To summarize the reasons for choosing a nylon lawn mower or not, we have listed the main advantages and disadvantages below.

How much?

Both the circular blade cutter and the nylon wire cutter are less expensive than electric lawnmowers, gasoline or battery. Most nylon cutters (trimmers) usually cost between R $ 100 and R $ 200.

There are a small number of options on the market that run on battery and make it a little easier to use. In this case, the price is usually higher and depends on the quality and capacity of the battery used.

Manual lawn mowers with rotating blades are priced between R $ 300 and R $ 400. Probably its price is higher because of the amount of metals used in the blades.

Where to buy?

There are several websites where you can find manual lawn mowers Amazon.

Buying over the internet you have more variety, being able to choose the one that will most suit your needs and that fits in your pocket. In addition, you receive the product at your door.

In addition, large retail chains Magazine Luíza usually have some option of lawn mowers.

A third option is stores focused on home products, construction, tools and gardening.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing manual lawn mower models

Now, let’s list the points that you need to take into account before making a decision on which is the best manual lawn mower for you. Are they:

  • Weight
  • Wattage
  • Height adjustments
  • Supply voltage

Below, we will detail each of these points so that you can make the best purchase decision when choosing your manual lawn mower.


In the case of the manual lawn mower with nylon thread, weight is an important factor to note. The reason is that you will need to hold it with your hands at all times and there is no other support. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to mow the lawn.

The lightest grass trimmers weigh around 2kg. Depending on the model, the weight can reach 4kg.

There is no obvious relationship between product weight and quality. You will be able to find good quality products with low weight, as well as low quality products with bigger weight.


Electric trimmers can have different powers, ranging between 700 and 1,500 Watts, in most cases. Higher power trimmers tend to cut taller grasses more easily and have a slightly longer life.

For most cases, any power will be sufficient as long as you do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation for use.

In any case, analyze how your garden maintenance routine is. More powerful trimmers can make work easier for those who let the grass grow longer, although they are more expensive.

Height adjustment

Not all lawn mowers with nylon thread have height adjustment of the support handle, which is where you will hold with one hand.

This adjustment will allow people of any height to have a correct and comfortable posture when using the lawn mower.

In a few models, there is also an adjustment of the length of the sideboard, which allows greater comfort for people of all sizes.

Supply voltage

If you are purchasing a lawn mower, note the supply voltage, especially if you choose to buy online. This detail can often be overlooked when selecting the product.

In general, electric trimmers (which do not use a battery) work only on 110 Volts or only on 220 Volts. Check the voltage of your region to buy the right model, otherwise you can burn the device in the first use.


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