Top & Best Mascara Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mascara: How to choose the best of 2021

Today’s topic is: mascara, used to highlight lashes and make them darker, longer and fuller, ensuring a more beautiful look. Mascara, also called mascara, can be found in transparent, black, brown or colored versions. This makeup can be used on a daily basis or on special occasions such as parties and dinners.

And there are several types of mascara to add volume, lengthen and curl. Applicators also change from one model to another, there are straight, curved, spherical, vibrating brushes, among others.

First, the most important

  • There are several types of eyelash masks. To choose the ideal model, take into account the size and shape of your lashes and what effect you want to achieve.
  • Two factors influence the product’s result: the makeup formula and the shape of the applicator brush.
  • Mascara can be black, brown, clear or colored. Blacks and browns are indicated to be used on a daily basis. Transparent mascara can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows, ensuring a natural effect. The colored ones are indicated for special events.

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The best mascara: Our team’s favorites

Now, let’s present some of the best models of mascara lashes. Check out our selection:

  • For those who like big lashes
  • Best cost-benefit
  • Perfect mascara for volume and stretching


Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen some of the best mascara models available, let’s talk a little more about the features of this product, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how much do they cost and where to buy.

You will also get to know the different mascara models. The models vary in their functions: lengthen, add volume and bend and in applicators that can be straight, curved, spherical, vibrating, thin, among others.

What is a mascara?

Mascara is an indispensable item in make-up, whether for everyday use or for special occasions, as it makes all the difference in the look. You can use eyelash mask to give a tired look up or even to put together more elaborate looks.

The models differ in composition and texture, indicated effect and types of brushes . It is best to buy a mascara that disguises your imperfections and values ​​your strengths.



Did you know that waterproof mascara is super difficult to remove without the ideal product? Biphasic makeup remover is the most suitable for removing this type of mascara.


What are the advantages of using mascara?

There are different types and shapes of mascara, and this is a great advantage, because it means that there is the right mascara for any need, be it volume or lengthening.


There are still different colors, from transparent to colorful, but black is the most successful. Transparent mascara can also be used on the eyebrows. In addition, it is a makeup item with varying prices, being accessible to everyone.

However, there are some disadvantages that we need to mention. Not all eyelash masks have good resistance, so it is worth investing in a better mascara that you apply once and stay for hours with the same effect.

Some of the inferior quality can even blur throughout the day, especially if you sweat or get rain. And yet, it doesn’t last long. It must be used within 3 months of opening.


  • Various applicator formats, each with a different effect
  • Can be used on a daily basis and on special occasions
  • Different colors, from: transparent to colorful
  • Varied prices, for all budgets


  • Varied resistance, some need to be reapplied during the day
  • The product dries in contact with the lashes, so you need to apply it quickly
  • Conventional masks blur throughout the day
  • One of the shortest shelf life makeup items

How to apply mascara?

Regardless of the type of mascara you choose, there is a right way to apply it, which makes all the difference in the final result.

The ideal is to start the application from the outer corner of the eyes and with the stem facing downwards. Then, apply the mask to the central part of the lashes and finally to the inner corner of the eyes, with the curve of the stem facing upwards.

Then make a few zig-zag movements from the base of the lashes. If you want a more natural effect, one layer is enough. Now if you want more volume, definition and color, bet on an additional layer, just wait for the first one to dry.

What differentiates one mascara from the other?

The models of mascara lashes have different effects and applicators. As there are several options within these two characteristics, we will divide this section into two parts. First let’s talk about the effects and then about the types of applicators.


Volume effect

The volume effect mask is ideal for those who like full and curved lashes. Masks with this effect can have several types of brushes, the most common is traditional: short, straight and thick with several bristles together. There is also a C-shaped applicator, which helps those who don’t have much practice.

Stretching effect

The mascara indicated to lengthen the lashes is ideal for those who have very short natural lashes. The applicator has a long shank, short, hard and thin bristles that comb and lengthen the strands at the same time. If you want a well-marked effect, apply the mask from root to tip.

Curved effect

The mask indicated for curving is ideal for those with drooping and / or straight lashes. The applicator of this type of mascara is thin and has a smooth curve, facilitating the contact of the product with all the strands.

What are the types of mascara applicators?

In addition to separating the types of mascara by the effect they cause, we can also classify the brushes of this product. They can be of the brush type, curved, thick, snake, alternating bristle, spherical, vibrating or micro. Are you curious? Read on to learn more.

    • Thick : This is the traditional model, it has a straight, thick shaft and has firm bristles.
    • Brush : This format is also very traditional. In it, the bristles are spaced apart, giving an effect of separate lashes.
    • Curved : In a slightly curved shape, this applicator is ideal for those who have small, drooping lashes, as it reaches all the strands.
    • Alternating bristles : This applicator has smaller and larger bristles, gives an intense volume effect.
    • Cobrinha : The applicator has a wave shape that reaches the lashes along its entire length.
    • Spherical (hedgehog) : Because of the shape, this applicator can be used horizontally and in any direction even in the most difficult areas, such as the lower lashes.
    • Vibratory : Because of the vibrations, it facilitates the application avoiding the accumulation of product.
    • Micro : It is indicated for smaller and lower lashes. Because it is smaller, it is more difficult to smudge makeup.


How much does a mascara cost?

The price of a mascara varies a lot, there are cheap models, for around R $ 10, others of better quality cost between R $ 40 and R $ 100. All models in the ranking cost around R $ 170, but there are very different models more expensive, for more than R $ 300.


Where to buy a mascara?

You can buy mascara at pharmacies or cosmetics and makeup stores.

You can also buy from online stores. The Amazon website, for example, sells excellent quality masks. There you can compare models through reviews and comments from other customers.





Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare and qualify the different mascara models

With so much information you may be a little confused about which mask to choose. Therefore, in this last section we will talk about what you should pay attention to when buying mascara:

  • Mask types
  • Desired effect
  • Applicator type
  • Color options

Now let’s explain each of the items, so you don’t have any doubts and can choose the ideal model for your lashes. Check out:

Mask types

There are three types of mask: conventional, waterproof and primed.

The conventional is ideal to be used on a daily basis, due to the speed with which it dries, ease of application and removal (leaves with water). The downside is that you will need to touch up the product during the day.

The waterproof mask is ideal for situations where you will need to make up for a long time, as this type of mascara is highly fixative.

The downside of the waterproof mask is that it makes your eyelashes brittle, so you need to use oil-based makeup remover to remove the product from your eyes.

The third type is the mascara with primer, which prepares the lashes to receive the mask and therefore has a lasting effect. It can be purchased separately or comes at the other end of the product.

Desired effect

As we explained earlier, the choice of mascara varies according to the desired effect, which can be: add volume, lengthen or curl the lashes. This information comes on the product packaging.

You can have several different types and use different effects for different occasions. Some effects are more basic, being perfect for everyday use. Others can be quite striking, making mascara ideal for a party. The choice is very personal. What effect do you like best?


Applicator type

We are also not going to dwell on this criterion, as we have explained it better before. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth going back and checking out the 8 different brushes explained above.

There is a different type of applicator according to the desired effect and it makes all the difference in the makeup result. Again, this choice is personal and will depend on your style. You can have different applicators for different occasions.

Color options

Mascara can be black – to darken the strands and enhance the look – or brown – which gives a natural effect to the lashes and is ideal for people with very light skin.

There is also a transparent version, which serves to shape lashes and comb eyebrows, making the makeup very natural.

Less common, mascara can also be colored, with red and blue being the most common colors. This type is ideal for special occasions, such as theme parties.



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