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Top & Best Men’s necklace Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s necklace: How to choose the best in 2022?

Next, we’ll talk about an item that guarantees a lot of style and personality to the looks, the men’s necklace.

There is something for everyone, those made of cords are very popular, but there are also gold and silver chains, not to mention the models that are only plated. And the pendants then?

You can find a multitude of options. Therefore, in this article we will show you the best men’s necklaces and the main information about this accessory.

First, the most important

  • The male necklace should match your style.
  • There are several materials, each of which has a specific characteristic.
  • Care with men’s necklaces varies depending on the material.

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Best Men’s Necklaces: The Right One for Every Situation

Finding the right accessories makes all the difference when composing a look. Thinking about it, we will present some of the main models available on the market!

  • The ideal model for a more basic look
  • The best option for those looking for style and personality
  • The most versatile model

Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the main models of men’s necklaces available on the market, it’s time to understand a little more about this item.

Therefore, we have created a very detailed Shopping Guide, so all your doubts regarding the men’s necklace will be answered.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the male necklace?

Necklaces are items that guarantee an extra dose of style and personality to anyone’s look. In addition, you can show a little more of your personality through this piece.

If you like rock, for example, you will probably choose a necklace with a band pendant, a skull or a black cord.

If you are more basic, the chances of you choosing a thin and discreet chain are great. But if you’re more daring, how about a gold-plated necklace? Each type of men’s necklace helps you to print a little of yourself in your look.

That is, there are many advantages to having a male necklace, but as everything in life has its pros and cons, there are also some disadvantages.

What are the models of men’s necklaces?

There are several models of men’s necklaces, the most used are those of cord with a pendant on the end and those of chain, with or without a pendant, which can be gold, silver, plated or metal.

It is common that these necklaces have arrow pendants, cross, spearhead, symbols with yin yang or infinity, skull, the wind rose, anchor, etc. Some even have pendants with a more aged appearance, to make them look even more “different”.

There are also models with a chain of beads, in which case, in most cases, they are necklaces with pendants related to some religious practice and have pendants of saints, buddha or cross.

Who can wear a men’s necklace?

Anyone interested in making them look a little more interesting and different from the conventional can wear the men’s necklace. Just choose the one that has the most to do with your personality and style.

Anyone interested in making the look a little more interesting and different from the conventional can wear the men’s necklace.

Remembering that some materials can cause allergies, so be careful, if this is your case choose gold, silver or gold plated chains.

How to wear a male necklace?

There are several ways to wear the men’s necklace, the simplest way is to wear it with a basic t-shirt. However, even with the shirt it is important to be careful.

For starters, keep in mind that men’s necklaces with thicker chains and large pendants look best on basic T-shirts (black, white, gray and navy). Combinations ensure balance to the look and also help to highlight the necklace.

Now if you want to use a t-shirt in other shades, like wine, green, blue, striped or even printed, prefer the necklaces more “clean”.

How to combine the men’s necklace with other accessories?

Did you know that it is possible to combine the necklace with other accessories? It may seem a little daring to make this mix of items, but if done right you can be sure that your look will look amazing.

The secret here is to avoid using two very flashy accessories. For example, if you are going to use bolder rings, opt for a more basic necklace, the one with a thin chain is the most suitable.

How about mixing more than one necklace? Here that thin little chain also helps to compose the look, try to mix it with a heavier necklace, with stone pendant, example.

How much does a men’s necklace cost?

Men’s necklaces are excellent items for those who want to have more style, as they deliver an excellent cost-benefit ratio. With about R $ 40 you can buy a copy.

The price can increase a little when the chain is silver or gold plated, around R $ 140 and R $ 170. But in general, you can find very cool pieces for a very affordable price.

Where to buy a men’s necklace?

Men’s accessories are very easy to find, especially if you choose to buy from online stores, such as Amazon.

It is also possible to find the men’s necklace in department stores, some jewelry stores in city centers or malls and men’s clothing stores.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a men’s necklace

Understanding the characteristics of a product is essential to making a successful purchase. This ensures that you find a product that meets your specific needs.

Therefore, we will show below some important points for you to use as a basis to make your purchase. Check out!

  • Style
  • Material
  • Length
  • Pendant

From now on, we’ll cover each of these topics in more detail. Check out!


There are 7 universal styles: classic, traditional, modern or elegant, creative, urban, sporty, romantic and sexy. Therefore, it is important to analyze which one you fit in before buying a men’s necklace.

If you have the most classic or traditional style, for example, you will probably adapt better with the thin chain necklaces. But if you have an elegant or urban style, those with a stylish pendant associated with this thinner chain will fall like a glove on you.

If you have a more creative style, you will love necklaces with stones, handmade pieces, or beaded chains. The romantic man, on the other hand, prefers objects with meanings, and sports people like more basic necklaces.


The material is another important item to be analyzed, as it relates to the durability of the product. The cord ones have a good duration, but only if they are well maintained, the silver, gold or plated ones have the best duration.

The beads also tend to last a long time, but care must be taken that the chain does not break. Metal men’s necklaces, despite being one of the most accessible, are the ones with the lowest durability, after all it is enough to get in contact with the water to make them rust.


Some men prefer short necklaces that are closer to the neck. Others prefer longer necklaces, as this option leaves the pendant on display. Therefore, it is important that you read the product description how many centimeters the chain has.

Another very cool option, are those male necklaces that have adjustable chain, so you can use it in both short and long modes.


Although the chain is a very important item in the necklace, the pendant is the icing on the cake, after all it is the accessory that practically defines the style of the necklace.

So pay attention to this item, it has more classic, more rustic options, there are those with stones and some with an aged aspect. The important thing is to choose a pendant that reflects your personality.


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