Top & Best Microphone Stand Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Microphone Stand: How to Choose the Best 2021 Stand

The following article is for you who not only love music, but also love making it. We will now speak about the microphone stand, one of the main parts of the structures for presentations and recordings.

We created, based on a careful selection of information, tips, curiosities and, of course, the most successful models on the market, a Guide, which will help you find the ideal microphone stand for your music, your instrument and your space

First, the most important

  • The most common variety of the microphone stand is the giraffe type, which has a fixed lower rod and a movable upper rod.
  • There are models better adapted to studios, others to stages and even pedestals exclusive for table microphones.
  • The microphone stand can be a simple product, but it has a wide variation in price. Basic models start from R $ 10, while advanced models, with fine joints and support for more than one microphone, can be found for up to R $ 200.

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Best Microphone Stands: Team Choices

Any research on products in the music market can be somewhat complicated. Too many brands, too many opinions, too much time wasted on websites and stores. With that in mind, we have compiled a list with our selection of the best microphone stands, with the most efficient mechanisms and, of course, the best cost-benefit ratio.

  • The best studio pedestal
  • The ideal microphone stand for stage
  • The best table pedestal model

Shopping Guide

The quality of a recording, be it music, podcast or any other audio content, depends a lot on the microphone, that is, from where and how the microphones are installed to capture that audio. The same goes for concerts, lectures and other stage motifs.

The microphone stand, of course, is an integral part of this process. Choosing the right model for the instrument and for the right occasion is essential. But don’t worry: in this Shopping Guide, we will assist you in your search for the perfect model for your recording or amplification.

What is the giraffe microphone stand?

The giraffe microphone stand is simply the most common and popular type of pedestal on the market. The allusion with the typical animal of the African savannah is exactly what you are thinking: for its height and for its “neck”.

That’s because its design features a fixed, main stem, but a second articulating, or at least folding, upper stem, which in fact looks like a neck – a thin, rather long neck, but a neck nonetheless.

And that part is linked to your success. Sturdy and very articulate, this model of pedestal is easily adapted not only to the height of the instruments, but also to the tastes and mannerisms of singers and vocalists, who take it, lean on it and twist it, play it and rock it during the songs.

How is the table microphone stand?

There are two basic varieties of the table microphone stand: the articulated models, which we will see in more detail later, and the mobile base models. The latter is like a miniature adapted from the giraffe-type pedestal, with a smaller fixed main stem and a foldable upper stem.

Both, by definition, are best used in the recording and playback of other audio content. Still, they can be very useful in home studios and in the miking of keyboard, piano and other acoustic instruments, such as guitar or tambourine

What are the advantages of the articulated microphone stand?

The articulated microphone stand is a variety of a table stand, with several points of articulation. It is very common in radio, podcast and other audio content studios that are not exclusively music.


Many have armbands and do not need holes in the tables.

Its use accumulates some benefits and, of course, some disadvantages. Starting with the advantages, the first one is its practicality, either for installation, since many have clamps and do not need to drill tables and other surfaces for fixation, or in use itself, thanks to its various points of articulation.

Another advantage is the ease of operation in small spaces, which makes it perfect for small studios and other makeshift spaces. It is also very versatile, as it can be used with various types of microphone and at various heights and positions.

The counterpoints, in turn, are due to their size limitation and the difficulty in their storage.


  • Practicality
  • Ease with small spaces
  • Versatile


  • Limited size
  • Storage difficulty

Where to buy a microphone stand?

The offer of models of microphone stands is as large as the stores that offer them. If you are looking to make your purchase in physical stores,

However, if you are looking for practicality and the greatest options – models and prices – on the internet, it is best to opt for sites such as Amazon, with security mechanisms for your purchase, in addition to a fast and efficient delivery.

Purchase Criteria: What to note on your microphone stand

Despite a simple product, it can be difficult to choose the ideal microphone stand. In fact, exactly because it is simple, and has few parameters for comparison. However, with the purchase criteria you see in the list below, making your choice will be something much more practical, objective and efficient.

  • Instrument
  • Kit
  • Microphone Type
  • Stage or studio


The first point to think about before you go shopping is which instrument will be picked up by the microphone. Not that there is a specific microphone stand for each instrument, but more suitable models, including for your voice, the most powerful instrument of all.

Did you know? The voice is considered the most difficult instrument of all, because there is no reference to tuning, other than the voice itself.

The voice, in fact, is well recorded or amplified by microphones on giraffe-type pedestals, but also on table pedestals on condenser microphones; Acoustic instruments, in turn, tend to be better used by studio pedestals.


Pay close attention to the microphone stand kit you plan to buy, especially if it is your first microphone adventure. This is because many sets do not have some basic pieces, but essential for the use of the product, such as the pipe, the piece in which the microphone fits.

It is also worth watching for promotions that already include microphones in the kit, as well as cables and other additional components, such as the pipes themselves, extra feet, buttons, screws, in short, that make the maintenance of your pedestal easier.

Microphone Type

The type of microphone you have or intend to use is another very important element to think about when purchasing. There are several models of pedestals with great versatility as to the type of microphones, especially the table and stage ones, but it is good to be detailed in these hours.

But, as our goal here is to make your research more practical, you should only be concerned with this element if you actually have or are going to use a different microphone, such as a condenser or a retro model.

Stage or studio

Finally, don’t forget the basic variety we’ve been talking about throughout this article. There are ideal models for stages and ideal models for studios, which do not necessarily hinder their performance when they are “out of their habitat”, but which hinder the improvements to the recording or amplification for which they were designed.


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