Top & Best Mobile insurance Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mobile insurance: What are the best packages to protect your smartphone in 2021?

Today it is increasingly common to invest in expensive cell phones. The market offers easy payment terms and access to information is available 24 hours a day in the palm of your hand. But have you ever thought of suffering a theft right after paying dearly for your smartphone? All risks can be avoided by taking out mobile insurance. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Not only is theft a cause for concern, breakage from falling, failure from excess water, the reasons for a cell phone to spoil are many. That is why insurers increasingly offer packages to have this asset protected. Read on to learn more about mobile insurance.

First, the most important

  • Mobile insurance is a way to protect your smartphone against various risks, such as theft, breakage or excess liquid.
  • It is worthwhile to be well informed, as the different packages offer different types of coverage. Make sure that the insurance you are taking out offers all the benefits you are looking for.
  • Prices can vary widely depending on the model and make of the device, as well as the covers they offer. The good news is that insurance companies make payment conditions much easier.

The best mobile insurance: Our recommendations

Want to have extra protection for your smartphone but don’t know where to start? Thinking about it we selected the best insurers available on the internet for you to make your quote right now:

  • The insurance company specializing in mobile telephony
  • Reference in the insurance area
  • A mobile insurance option with no grace period

Hiring Guide: What you need to know about mobile insurance

A survey by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo (FGV-SP) revealed that in 2019 has 230 million active cell phones ( 1 ) . There are 20 million more devices in total in relation to the population, and the estimate for the same year is 210 million inhabitants.

That cell phones are already an indispensable part of anyone’s life everyone already knows. But do we give due importance when it comes to protecting this device? If you want to learn more about mobile insurance, please continue with us throughout this guide.

What is mobile insurance and what does it cover?

Mobile insurance is a package offered by an insurance company that protects your device from various risks. This service has become increasingly important – and sought – with the advancement of technology.

The latest market launches have really high values ​​and, as we are in a country where theft rates are high, especially in large cities, protecting these devices has become a necessity.

Of course, theft is one of the biggest concerns, but cell phone insurance can offer much more than that. The fall break is also something that scares device owners.

This often happens with cell phone screens, and even if they are protected with covers or you are actually very careful, no one is safe from that risk. But be careful, insurers hardly cover damages due to carelessness of the cell phone owner.


Theft coverage is usually offered only when there is violence, threat or break-in.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is important to read the policy well before actually contracting the service. This is because most insurers do not cover cases of simple theft, for example, because they consider that the holder of the device was distracted. Theft coverage is usually offered only when there is violence, threat or break-in.

You can still count on protection against liquids, such as when your cell phone falls into the water for example, or is damaged by the salt air. Another factor is coverage against electrical damage, such as burning the device by an electrical discharge.

And if you usually travel outside, it is important to check if the coverage is also international. This generally makes insurance more expensive, but without this extra service you will have no protection outside the country.

As we pointed out, not even the insurers offer all the coverage. And even if they do, it is necessary to read the policy in detail to be aware of the conditions established by the company.

What are the advantages of investing in mobile insurance?

The biggest advantage, for sure, is the peace of mind of having your cell phone protected. After all, paying dearly for a device and having the terrible surprise of a broken screen or even having it stolen would not be advantageous.

Some people end up parceling out their devices, and the damage occurs even before the payment is finalized. Consequently, this results in enormous losses, since it would be necessary to continue paying for the stolen cell phone and still buy another one.

Another advantage is that insurers offer very easy payment terms, diluting the total amount of insurance for cell phones in smooth installments. Just be aware of the amount of interest-free installments. At the end of the day, the interest can greatly increase the total amount and not compensate for the service.

Having a cell phone insurance means having a kind of guaranteed technical assistance. Often the operator itself does not cover certain damages even in the warranty of the device. With insurance that offers great coverage you have this assistance whenever you need it.

However, the service also has disadvantages. As mentioned, some insurers offer very basic packages, not covering thefts. In addition, the most complete insurance can have a very high price, reaching 50% of the total value of the device annually.

Of course, deductibles can be high and the grace period can get in the way when you really need insurance. We will talk more about this throughout the guide. Check out a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of taking out mobile insurance:

Who should hire mobile insurance?

This is a personal response. Anyone who feels at risk with their smartphone can take out mobile insurance. However, it is worth noting that in some cases the service may not be worth it.

Generally the people who look for this service the most are the owners of more expensive devices, such as iPhone. Still, those who buy top-of-the-line phones from other brands like Samsung, Motorola, Zenfone, Xiaomi and Huawei.

We have already mentioned the risks and benefits of insurance throughout this guide, so if you fit these descriptions, the service is for you.


Large city dwellers are at greater risk of theft.

Residents of large centers, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, who are more at risk of theft, tend to be more interested in the service. However, this does not exclude residents of small towns to hire the service.

Even for those who live close to the coast and can face problems with damage caused by the salt air, insurance can be a good investment.

And if you consider yourself a person without much care for your assets, insurance can be very beneficial for you, especially in cases of damage from falling.

Now if you have an old and cheap device, mobile insurance won’t pay. There are insurance companies that do not even accept insuring a cell phone more than two years from the date of purchase.

Did you know that 63 cell phones are stolen per hour? This data reveals only the numbers of thefts registered in the police report. The main capitals victims of these thefts are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. ( 2 )


Does mobile insurance have a deductible and a grace period?

It depends. But the vast majority of insurers do have a deductible. The grace period is something that may or may not exist in the contract, it varies according to the company and package offered.

First, do you know what the franchise is about?

When you activate the insurance, whether for theft, breakage or any other reason covered in the service, you will need to pay an amount – the deductible – to the insurance company to receive the compensation or the repair of your cell phone.

This value varies according to the policy, so before closing a deal it is important to be aware of all the data, including the amount of the deductible.

The deductible is much more common than the grace period, almost unanimously among insurers. The service without lack can be seen as a differential.

But it is quite common for the insurer to lack services. Generally, this grace period is 30 days after contracting the insurance to open the claim. Just keep in mind that during the grace period any damage that happens to your cell phone will not be covered.

How to proceed to hire a mobile insurance?

If you’ve already decided that mobile insurance is the right service for you, you may be wondering where to start. The first tip we give is: have the device’s invoice in hand, without them the insurers will not carry out the service.

You can start by making budgets. Consult different insurance companies and also the operator you use. Don’t just take the price into account, check out the entire policy. Analyze coverage, deductibles and shortages and then put the best cost-benefit balance on the scale for you.

When deciding on your insurance, you will need to register with IMEI. Like the invoice, this registration will be required by the insurer. The IMEI is a code of 15 numbers that individually identifies each device. With it you can block the phone, among other things.

With all this information and records, just choose your insurance company and hire the service.


Hiring Criteria: What to Consider When Hiring Mobile Insurance

Although this Buying Guide is packed with information, we want to bring you extra points that can assist in your final choice. The main criteria that must be considered are:

  • Franchise
  • Grace
  • Roof
  • Value

Now read each topic carefully in this section and learn how to make the best choice.


You have already learned what the above franchise is. Just to remind you, the deductible is the amount you must pay to activate your insurance and enjoy the benefits of the policy to repair the device or replace it.

The deductible generally corresponds to 25% of the market value of the device. And here’s some advice for you to beware of abusive fees. Keep in mind that this value does not change according to the claim. So, it doesn’t matter if you were stolen or your cell phone was damaged, to activate the service you will need to pay the deductible.


This may or may not be an insurer requirement. Many of them have no grace period for mobile insurance, but keep an eye out. If the company has a shortage, make sure the time.

It is very important not to miss this detail, because if there is a shortage, your cell phone will be unprotected during this period. The grace period may be 30 days.


This is certainly the criterion that deserves to be analyzed more carefully. Read the policy carefully. Having full knowledge of your coverage avoids unpleasant surprises when you need the service. It is common for insurers not to offer coverage for theft, so be careless of the owner.

The most common coverings are for:

  • Theft: When there is violence, threat or break-in;
  • Breakage: Accidental damage, such as breaking the screen;
  • Liquids: For when the cell phone falls into the water, or even if it is damaged by the salt air;
  • International: Extends services to when you are abroad.


Obviously the amount varies according to the coverage. The greater the coverage of mobile insurance, the greater its value. So, be prepared to pay around 30% of the cell phone price.

Keep an eye on the payment terms. Many insurers offer installments in up to 12 installments without interest, and this can be a differential. Escape the interest on the installment, this can make the insurance end up not paying off.


Mobile insurance is a package offered by an insurance company that protects your device from various risks, such as theft, breakage and liquids. And that is the biggest advantage of hiring this service, the peace of mind of being able to enjoy an expensive device without major concerns.

To hire, you must carefully read the entire policy. Make budgets and compare the coverage, deductible and grace period of the different insurers, in addition to the values, of course.

Mobile insurance is recommended for those who pay dearly for the device. For old or very cheap cell phones, some companies don’t even offer the service.


  • Policy: The contract. It is where you find all the important information, such as coverage, deductible, grace period and price.
  • Deductible: Amount that you must pay to activate your insurance and enjoy the benefits of the policy to repair the device or replace it.
  • Sinister: Occurrence for which you need to activate the insurance and is covered by it. Theft and breakage, for example.


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