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Top & Best Mobile tripod Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mobile tripod: Which are the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a tripod for mobile phones, an accessory that has become increasingly popular, since the cameras of smartphones have more and more quality.

The technology has evolved so rapidly in recent years that it is difficult to keep up with all innovations, especially in relation to cell phones. One of the certainties we have is that the quality of smartphones cameras is increasingly closer to professionals.

In this article, we will focus on all the important aspects of a mobile tripod, so that you have no doubts when choosing the best model for you.


First, the most important

  • Among the options of tripods found on the market today are those that have articulated structures, those that can only be used on flat surfaces and traditional ones.
  • Before choosing your mobile tripod, consider aspects such as: weight, vertical / horizontal tilt, size and safety.
  • The price of a mobile tripod can vary widely, depending on the quality of the product. In this article, the products we recommend cost between R $ 69.90 and R $ 215.50.

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Best mobile tripods: Our favorites.

Photographing has never been easier than in the smartphone era. If in the past it was necessary to wait for the revelation to see the photo, today just a click on the screen and that’s it.

And of course, people are looking for more and more quality in their photos. For this reason, the search for a mobile tripod is growing. Check out the best models in this list.

  • Tripod for smartphone and compact cameras
  • Tripod with clip for Weifeng smartphone
  • Flexible mini tripod for cameras and smartphone

Buying Guide

The mobile tripod is a practical device that brings even more quality to the photos taken from smartphones. A product that can be used for both professional and leisure activities. Check out all the details in this Buying Guide.

What are mobile tripods and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The mobile tripod emerged from the current demand for equipment to maintain the stability of the smartphone in videos and photos, so that they are not subject to vibrations.

After all, people increasingly use the resources offered by Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, among other social networks, and want to do this with the highest quality possible.

Even those who do not use social networks can find much use in this equipment, as it can also be used in meetings at a distance, for example.

What is certain is that for some activities you need that your smartphone does not depend on your hand, which is why the tripods for mobile are so useful.

They are usually very compact equipment, and offer a lot of ease for you to carry them anywhere. Because they have an articulated structure, some of them can be attached to trees, fences, or whatever else you find in the environment.

One of the disadvantages of a mobile tripod is that, because they are small, they often support little weight. So, check this out before you buy. Don’t forget to do the weight calculations together with accessories you use on your smartphone, such as microphone and lens.

Some models do not allow the image to be captured vertically. If this is important to you, check the product specifications before opting for it.

Tripod for mobile phones, articulated or traditional?

Among the options offered for those who want to buy a cell phone tripod, are the most traditional equipment, the articulated ones, and those that must be supported on a table. Let’s check the specifications of each one:

Traditional : they are the same ones used for photography, reach a height that almost reaches the length of a person, and are usually less portable than the others. One of the main advantages of this type of tripod, is that they are more stable, offering resistance to winds, for example.

Tripods for flat surfaces : these are small and very compact, and, as the name says, they must be supported on a flat surface. They are usually cheaper than traditional ones and support less weight.

Articulated : These equipments are fully adjustable because they have an articulated structure, and can be easily placed on trees, or other surfaces. This is an advantage over the table tripod as it does not need a flat surface to take great pictures.

How much?

Prices can vary from R $ 10 to R $ 200, depending on the quality of the product and the purpose you want to achieve with a mobile tripod.

There is no way to say what is right and wrong for each one, as the cost will depend on your need. If you are going to record videos professionally on your cell phone, for example, it might be worth your while to invest in a more expensive model.

It is also necessary to analyze whether you are going to use a camera on the tripod, as this helps to define that you will probably need a slightly more complete model, and therefore more expensive.

The models we recommend in this article cost between R $ 69.90 and R $ 215.50, to ensure that you have a variety of prices and products.

Where to buy?

On the Internet, you will find several places that sell these products, such as Amazon. all models mentioned can be found on the Amazon website.

Buying online you will find the best prices and also a wide variety of models in one place. In addition to receiving the product at home, without even having to travel.

If you want to buy in a physical store, stores specializing in photographic or electronic products will surely have some model for you to test with your cell phone.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Mobile Tripod Models

In order for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, there are certain features you should note when evaluating mobile tripod models, such as the following:

  • Supported weight
  • Horizontal / vertical slope
  • Size
  • Safety

See below for the important factors to watch out for before purchasing a mobile tripod.

Supported weight

One of the problems with tripods for cell phones is that many of them do not support a very heavy weight, and when that happens, they end up unbalanced, falling and breaking the cell phone.

What happens is that many times when calculating the weight they need on the mobile tripod, people do not compute the accessories used, such as lenses and microphone. All of these things make the smartphone heavier, so you need to analyze the total weight that the device supports before buying your mobile tripod.

Another important factor related to weight is that, while some tripods are light, the more traditional ones can be heavy and uncomfortable to carry. If this factor is important to you, pay attention to the weight of the product in the description.

Horizontal / vertical slope

Knowing what position your cell phone can be on the tripod is important, as this provides greater creative freedom to take photos from different angles.

When filming or shooting horizontally, it is possible to get more details of the place, in addition to being the best way to take group photos. Already vertically, photos that capture a single person in portrait form are incredible.

Buying a tripod that only offers one of these possibilities can prove to be a little frustrating over time. Analyze your needs before purchase and align this with the product’s characteristics.


There are some parameters that determine what some types of cell phone tripods are for, according to their size, as listed below:

  • If the tripod is up to 50 cm : they must be on top of a support or serve to photograph only small objects;
  • If the tripod is between 50 cm and 120 cm : ideal size for travel;
  • If the tripod is between 120 cm and 150 cm : the position for shooting is more comfortable, not requiring the photographer to be too bent.

Again, ask yourself what you want to buy a mobile tripod for. Small tripods, especially articulated ones, can be very useful for day to day and leisure travel. A larger tripod can guarantee a more professional result.


Attaching a smartphone to a tripod requires confidence, as there is a risk that it will slip and fall or that it will not fit properly. Another danger is that the device will not support the weight of the cell phone and end up falling.

With the high prices of smartphones today, this is a very high risk to assume, as there are chances of breaking the screen and you have a very high expense. Therefore, check carefully before buying, test the equipment with the cell phone and make sure that the device is securely attached to the tripod.

If you are thinking of purchasing over the Internet, check that the equipment is not for sale in any physical store, so that you can try it together with your device. Or you can even read the product reviews.



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