Top & Best Modeling belt Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Modeling belt: How to choose the best in 2021

Today we are going to talk about a piece that has returned to success among women in recent years: the modeling belt.

This piece defines curves instantly, hiding the tummy, back fat, breeches, lifting the breasts and valuing the hips. In the long run, the modeling belt helps in the process of weight loss and loss of measures.

In this Buying Guide, in addition to helping you choose the ideal model of modeling belt according to your biotype, we will explain what is the correct way to use this piece and show you which are the best models for sale.

First, the most important

  • There are several types of modeling straps: abdominal belt, body, shorts, bodice / shirt, panties, full body shaper and the model suitable for use during sports.
  • The modeling belt helps in the loss of measurements, as it compresses the adipose tissue, displacing the fat cells and spreading them evenly throughout the body. The piece also helps to combat liquid retention.
  • Several brands produce modeling straps of different types, the main ones are: Mondress, Esbelt, Loba, Lupo, Triumph and Polishop. Prices vary according to the model, but there are options from R $ 30 to R $ 250.



Buying Guide

The modeling belt has instant effects: it makes the abdomen lean, the waist thinner, disguises the breeches, unwanted fat and the dreaded cellulite, stretch marks and sagging.

With continuous use, the piece helps to displace fat cells, expands the drainage of retained liquids and gradually shapes the body and ensures a leaner silhouette and sharp curves. Check out, in this Buying Guide, everything you need to know before buying yours.


What is a modeling belt and what is the best way to use it?

The modeling belt acts as a mold for the body. Because of the rigid fabric and the defined shape, the piece acts as a shape, delimiting the space that the body has available to expand.

In addition to the instant benefit of shaping the body, when used in the right way, the shaping strap can help reduce measurements and contribute to the loss of localized fat and thinning of the waist.

This is because continuous use helps to displace fat cells, activates blood circulation in the abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and breasts, helps to drain fluid retention and fights localized fat, flabbiness, cellulite and stretch marks.

For these cases, the use must be associated with the practice of physical exercises and a balanced diet so that the results are long lasting. The brace alone does not make the person lose weight and measures.



To narrow your waist and lose measurements, you must combine the use of the belt with the practice of sports and balanced nutrition. (Source: Bruce Mars / Pexels)

During physical exercise (some modelers are sold for this purpose), the brace can be used if you do not feel any discomfort. It can even help in burning calories and localized fats.

It is essential that you feel comfortable using the modeling belt. For that it must be of the appropriate size, allowing the skin to breathe and that you can maintain your routine normally.

In addition, the accessory must be used correctly. Prefer to wear the belt during the day and for two to four hours. This frequency is already sufficient to achieve good results.


  • Shapes the body and conceals imperfections instantly
  • In the long run, the use of the modeling belt helps in reducing waist measurements and loss of abdominal fat
  • Assists in post-surgical recovery
  • Helps maintain upright posture


  • Tight modelers can pose health risks
  • The reduction of measures only occurs if the modeler is used frequently and combined with the practice of exercises and correct nutrition

What are the risks associated with the misuse of the modeling belt?

Never exceed 8 hours daily using the modeling belt. The accessory should also not be placed during the night, especially at bedtime. If the modeling belt is used for longer than recommended, the person may develop constipation and / or poor digestion.

If the belt is too tight beyond the discomfort, you may experience difficulty in breathing, increased blood pressure, changes in breathing and blood circulation and, as a consequence, have swelling in the legs, varicose veins and even acquire gastric reflux.

The use of the modeling belt is contraindicated for some people. If you fit into any of these groups, seek medical advice before starting to use the styler:

    • People with high blood pressure
    • Morbidly obese
    • People allergic to synthetic materials
    • People with chronic lung disease
    • People with a genetic predisposition to develop thrombosis


How to clean and maintain the modeling belt?

The belt is in direct contact with the skin and absorbs sweat, dirt and grease. This can cause the proliferation of bacteria, bad smell and damage the fibers of the fabric that line the piece.

So it is essential that you wash the belt sporadically, always with a mild soap and without using a brush (friction can cause the belt to lose its elasticity). Let the garment dry in the shade, as the sun damages the sensitive fibers of the fabric.

What is the use of the brace after surgical procedures for?

After cosmetic surgeries such as abdominoplasty and liposuction, the use of the brace is essential, as the piece helps in recovery, protecting the area submitted to the operation and tensing the abdominal muscles.

With use, the skin gains more firmness, the posture remains upright and, consequently, the person will achieve the desired results with the surgical intervention.

The same goes for surgeries on the spine or organs of the abdominal region, but it is worth mentioning that in these cases, you should consult a doctor so that he can indicate the ideal model according to your situation.

In cases of use of the modeling belt after surgical procedures, the accessory must be used 23 hours a day (being removed only when bathing), for a period of 45 to 60 days, according to medical advice.

What are the types of modeling straps?

Modeling straps vary in shape, directions for use and materials. What they all have in common is the compression of the abdominal region (belly and waist), which helps to reduce fat and shape the body.

To choose the right type, you must analyze which favors your biotype. For example: those who have fat on their backs should not use the abdominal band, as the modeler will compress the abdomen, but will leave the folds of the back protruding from the sides.

Let’s talk a little more about each type of modeling belt:

Abdominal brace

The abdominal belt is indicated for those who want to disguise the volume of the belly. This model is very versatile and can be used with pants, shorts, skirts and shorts, as well as dresses.

It is made of rubberized cotton and has an opening on the front with clasps, velcro or zipper closures. It usually has fins along the entire length, increasing the compression of the piece.

This model, considered “half body”, is not suitable for those who have fat in the back region, as it can cause an even greater displacement of fat to that area.



  • Disguises the volume of the belly


  • Not suitable for those with fat on their backs


The body has a structure similar to that of a swimsuit and serves to model the entire torso (back, belly, waist and breasts). The body fabric is quite thick and elastic and it compresses the entire body.

Some models come with a bowl and hoop, to lift and shape the breasts, but you also find models without a bowl and anatomical. The straps are usually thicker and have adjustment to help support the breasts.

The back can be swimmer or straight. In both cases, no one realizes that you are using the styler, even if you wear more open and low-cut clothes.


  • Shapes the entire trunk


  • Very thick fabric

T-shirt / Bodice

The shirt / bodice has this name because the garment is shaped like a tank top and serves to shape the waist and breasts. This model can come with the bra structure (with or without a cup) or with an opening in this region.

This model is a little more versatile than the body, because it has no closure at the bottom (which makes it difficult to go to the bathroom). In return, you need to be aware that the fabric does not roll up.

Because it is taller on the back, this model is ideal for those who have fat in the region, because in addition to compressing the adipose tissue of the area, the piece disguises the volume instantly, without the fat being left by the sides of the modeler.


  • Models waist and breasts
  • Ideal for those with fat on their backs


  • Fabric can roll up

Modeling panties

This type of belt has the shape of a high-waisted panties, it is ideal for those who have fat located in the lower abdomen, close to the pelvis. It is usually made with microfiber or some other material of synthetic origin and the lining is made of cotton.

This model is medium compression and is ideal for everyday use, as you can use the piece for several hours straight. The modeling belt in panties style goes up to the navel and does not mark the clothes.


  • Ideal for those who have fat in the lower abdomen
  • Can be used for many hours
  • Does not mark clothes


  • Does not help to shape the rest of the body

Modeling shorts

The modeling shorts are great for those who want to shape the belly, back, butt and thigh, as the model encompasses all these areas. This shorts can be all closed or have a hygienic opening in the area of ​​the intimate area.

The cool thing is that in addition to disguising measures, this model also reduces the appearance of cellulite and prevents friction between the legs (for those with thick thighs).


  • Shapes belly, back, butt and thigh
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Prevents friction between legs


  • If it doesn’t have a hygienic opening, it can be uncomfortable

Full body strap (monkey style)

This model is a mixture of a modeling belt in the body style and shorts, as it encompasses both regions of the body. There are models that help to lift the butt and others leave that part of the body exposed.

It is ideal for those who want to model their entire body whether to wear an outfit on a special occasion or feel more confident in their daily lives.

Pay attention to one detail: this brace has the greatest compression in certain areas of the body, such as the hips, belly and bust. It is worth assessing whether you really need such a model, because besides being impractical, the price is usually higher.

This modeler should be dressed similarly to a thin stocking, that is, delicately and placing one leg at a time. After lifting the modeler through the body, close the zipper or brackets, adjust the straps and adjust the piece.


  • Shapes the whole body
  • Helps lift the butt


  • Highest price
  • Impractical

Gym Strap

The modeling belt for use in the gym is usually made of rubberized fabric and is very tight to the body, to give a lot of support to the spine and help to tighten the abdominal muscles well.

The fitness shaping belt must have fins made of malleable fabric, so as not to impede your mobility and flexibility when exercising at the gym. There is the model of cross-tied neoprene band. This version is more comfortable and has medium compression.


  • Ideal for use in the gym
  • Contract the muscles of the abdomen


  • It can be uncomfortable for those who are not used to it

Male strap

Although it is a more popular item among women, many men also use the shaping strap on a daily basis.

There are two models of men’s belts: in a T-shirt style, which compresses the fat from the back and abdomen, and the band model, which covers only part of the abdomen.

Regardless of the type that the man chooses, the ideal is that the product is positioned from the height of the underwear, so there is no risk of fat accumulation on the hips.


  • Ideal for men
  • Compresses fat from the back and abdomen


  • It is not very easy to find
  • Practical to use the bathroom

Comparison between types

If you are still in doubt about which model of modeling belt best suits your biotype, check the table below:

Modeling belt or corset?

Many people are confused, but, despite being similar, the corset and the modeling belt have very different characteristics, both in material and in the indication of use.

While the modeling straps have fins made of flexible steel, corsets are made of rigid fins with little or no mobility for those who are using them.

Women who wear corsets for several hours every day practice a technique called Tight Lancing (loosely translated as a tight bow), which aims to compress the floating ribs to narrow the waist.

How much?

Modeling strap prices vary according to model, material and brand. The models in the shorts and panties styles are the cheapest, prices vary from R $ 30 to R $ 90.

The bodice / t-shirt is a little more expensive and costs between R $ 90 and R $ 240, the body costs between R $ 100 and R $ 200, the abdominal band between R $ 120 and R $ 205, fitness models cost around of R $ 160 and the full body shapers for around R $ 170.

Where to buy?

You can buy a modeling belt at clothing stores. In lingerie stores, you can also find some models.

But you don’t even have to leave the house to buy a modeler, you can do it in the comfort of your home, over the internet, on sites like Amazon. Just choose a model according to your biotype and measurements.





Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Modeling Strap Models

When you are going to buy a modeling belt, whether to wear it on a special occasion (with a party dress, for example), or for everyday life, you should pay attention to some important criteria, such as those listed below:

  • Material
  • Compression level
  • Size
  • Settings
  • Design

We will explain item by item so that you don’t have any doubts and get the choice of your modeling belt right.


Modeling straps can be made of different materials such as acetate, acrylic, polyester, polyamide, nylon and satin. If you are looking for resistant and breathable materials, the tip is to invest in nylon or satin.

Some models are made of cotton, which besides being a comfortable and durable material, causes less friction with the skin. Cotton models usually make the abdomen area warmer and may cause sweating.

Because of the direct contact with the skin, buy a modeling belt made with quality fabric and give preference to models with cotton lining, which cause less friction, decreasing the risk of allergic reactions.

Compression levels

Compression is responsible for tightening the fat layer (adipose tissue) and helping in the activation of the lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins and fat cells, causing weight loss and measures.

Modeling straps vary in the intensity of compression. There are light, medium and high compression models. Some brands also work with double and triple compression models.


For the modeling belt to fulfill its function, it must be neither smaller than your body (the ideal is that you reduce the size of the belt as you lose measurements), nor larger (otherwise it will not compress anything).

You must choose the size according to your waist measurements. To do this, use a measuring tape just like the seamstresses have in their studios and measure the circumference at the height below the ribs.

Then choose the size that is appropriate according to the measurement table (we use the Mondress brand as a reference), the sizes range from PP to XXXG and are suitable for people with a waist between 60 and 122 cm in circumference.

  • PP size (36-38) : waists between 60 and 63 cm
  • Size P (40) : waists between 64 and 69 cm
  • Size M (42) : waists between 70 and 77 cm
  • Size G (44) : waists between 78 and 85 cm
  • Size GG (46) : waists between 86 and 93 cm
  • Size XG (48) : waists between 94 and 101 cm
  • Size XXL (50) : waists between 102 and 109 cm
  • Size XXXG (52) : waists between 110 and 122 cm


As you use the belt regularly, you will notice that you are losing a few inches of your waist circumference. At this point it is essential that you adjust the strap to continue enjoying the benefits of the piece.

So that you do not have to change the modeling belt for a smaller size, it is ideal that you buy an adjustable model. This adjustment can be done with different levels of brackets.

The model with brackets is better, because in addition to making the piece tighter, it does not wear out easily and is easier to put on.


Although the modeling belt is hidden under clothing, it is worth analyzing the color, style, fit and internal and external coatings of the piece. The models are usually sold in black or beige, but you can find options in burgundy or light pink.

Some models also bet on lace details, which make the piece even more charming and romantic (or sexy, depending on the color). If you are buying a model of a corsage or body modeling belt, you can find models with or without a bowl, and some are decorated with prints or lace.


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