Top & Best Motorola baby monitor Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorola baby monitor: Which are the best of 2021?

Having a baby at home is a cause for alarm at all times. Just a blink of an eye is enough for an incident to happen. So investing in a Motorola baby monitor can be a good option. If you want to learn more about the models of this brand,

The baby monitor brings the security that dads and moms need to let their baby sleep peacefully in their crib while doing some other activity. Follow us throughout this Guide to learn more.

First, the most important

  • Motorola is known for its smartphones, but it also has several baby monitor models.
  • Having a baby monitor at home means having an extra look. Dads can monitor the baby while doing another important activity.
  • Buying a Motorola baby sitter is a high investment, the values ​​vary from R $ 300 to over R $ 1,000, but it pays off for the benefit, the safety of your baby.

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The best Motorola baby monitors: Our indications

Your baby’s safety should never be jeopardized. The Motorola baby monitor brings parents the comfort they need to monitor their baby at all times, without having to watch their sleep. Check out some models:

  • Motorola baby monitor with communication between devices
  • Electronic nanny with great cost-benefit
  • An intermediate model
  • Motorola baby monitor with WiFi connection

Buying Guide

Although it is considered superfluous for some, baby monitor can be an indispensable item in the layette. To feel safer, dads and moms like to put the babysitter in the crib to monitor the baby while they sleep.

If you are interested in learning more about Motorola baby monitor, stay with us until the end of this Buying Guide and learn how to make the best choice.

What are the functions of the Motorola baby monitor?

Motorola has some models of baby monitor for sale on the market, so their functions are also quite varied. You should always check the description to make sure what each model is capable of offering.

Among the main technologies present, we can highlight some functions easily found in the brand’s models.

Most of them have a color display and infrared sensor for night vision . This means that you will have the best images of your baby, even when his room is dark.

The range is usually 300 meters, but can vary, so always check carefully. Motorola also has models with a range of 150 meters.

Another highlight of Motorola models is the high sensitivity microphone , allowing you to hear any noise from your baby.

An interesting function is the communication between devices , if the baby monitor has it, you can talk and your baby will hear your voice through the device, being able to calm him down without entering the room.

Another feature worth mentioning is the connection to WiFi and the possibility of monitoring your baby from your tablet or smartphone, so you expand the possibilities and do not need to be stuck to the monitor that comes with the baby monitor.

There are also other interesting functions such as room temperature display and motion alert .

What are the advantages of investing in a Motorola baby monitor?

With a Motorola baby monitor you will have high technology and security to monitor your baby. An electronic nanny brings more freedom to parents, while their children sleep peacefully they can perform other tasks in other rooms without taking their eyes off the baby.

Motorola is a brand that is always on the list of best baby monitors on the market. This shows its quality, regardless of the model chosen. Investing in the brand is sure to buy quality equipment to monitor your baby.

In addition, Motorola has several models, with different functions and the most varied values. So, no matter what your need or budget is available, there will surely be a Motorola baby monitor that fits in your pocket.

As the brand is a reference in the smartphone business, it has a wide support and technical assistance channel for any problem. On the company’s website you can schedule a repair or even contact us by chat.

The only downside is that Motorola still has high prices compared to other brands.

Does the Motorola baby monitor have an internet connection?

Yes. Many Motorola models offer this feature and give parents even more freedom to monitor and control their babies. The monitor that comes with the baby monitor often limits and parents want to do everything from their smartphone.

With a tablet or smartphone you can also see the image on a larger screen, as this monitor is usually quite small.


This connection is made possible through the Hubble application.

If you want to invest in a model that connects with your smartphone or tablet, just make sure that it has the WiFi function. In Motorola baby monitors this connection is made possible through the Hubble app.

With this application you even receive notifications, helping to keep the environment as pleasant as possible for your baby. Hubble indicates when the baby is moving, warns if the temperature in the room is hot or cold, allows you to put sounds and talk to your baby and all this through your smartphone, just have a WiFi connection.

It is only worth mentioning that in these models it is normal for the monitor to be wireless, however the camera usually needs to be plugged into the outlet for operation.

Where to install a Motorola baby monitor?

You can install the baby monitor in different environments. The most common search is to monitor the baby during sleep, so the best place is, in fact, close to your child’s crib.

But some cautious steps need to be taken for the perfect functioning of your Motorola baby monitor. Check out:

    • Safety: The first factor is that it is out of the child’s reach for safety reasons. As the camera usually needs to be plugged into an outlet, the ideal thing is for the baby monitor to be installed in a location that takes a good angle from the crib, but that the child does not have access to the camera and its wires. Never install in the cribs, where the baby can easily handle the equipment.
    • Electronics: The devices can interfere with the signal transmission, so if you can keep it away from the TV or other electronic devices, the better it will work.


You can also move the Motorola baby sitter around. It may be that your baby is playing on the living room rug and you are doing some activity in the kitchen, for example. It ends up being useful in several situations. Regardless of the location, always follow the tips above and never leave the equipment within reach of the child.


A good tip is to install the baby monitor on the wall, attached to a support at an angle that frames the entire crib and is well out of reach of babies, including those who are already standing in the crib.


How much does it cost and where to buy a Motorola baby monitor?

The best place to buy a Motorola baby monitor is online. A quick search will reveal several models to choose from. We recommend the websites of Amazon.

You can also find them in physical stores, department stores or baby layette, although the models are more limited.

The price varies from model to model, being able to be R $ 300 to more than R $ 1.000.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Motorola baby monitors

We already know that monitoring your baby is important, and therefore, before finishing this guide we want to bring you tips so you know how to make the best choice for your home. See the criteria:

  • WiFi
  • Color display
  • Night vision
  • Reach
  • Motion sensor
  • Portability

Now read each of the topics brought for better understanding and freedom of purchase.


Nowadays with the advancement of technology people are increasingly looking for connection, and why not when it comes to monitoring your baby through the baby monitor. Many models offer a WiFi connection and you can see it on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

This function is possible through the Hubble app, so choose a model with WiFi and make sure your device supports this app.

Color display

Although they are present in most of the most modern models today, some still have the image in black and white, so always check the description to be sure.

The color monitor brings more image clarity, important to ensure your baby’s safety.

Night vision

Many dads want the Motorola baby monitor just to monitor the baby during the early hours. So, the infrared function for night vision is indispensable.

Check if the camera has this option so that it meets your greatest need. Note that with the lights off, night vision does not work in color mode.


Every baby monitor has a range in meters. This range concerns the distance the camera and monitor can be separated. Consider this for your installation and locomotion around the house.

The greater the range, the greater your mobility.

The range usually reaches 300 meters, which should be sufficient for use inside your residence and around the garden or yard. The greater the range, the greater your mobility. Just consider that the further away you are, the more transmission failures can happen.

Motion sensor

Some baby monitor options follow the baby’s movements. If he turns around and ends up going to the other side of the cot, the nanny with this function can accompany him and continue monitoring from any angle.

Just keep in mind that this sensor makes the equipment even more expensive. If you install your Motorola baby monitor at a good angle to catch the entire crib, it can be dispensable with the equipment.


And last but not least, see if it is easy to move. That is, uninstall to put it in another room. The ease of transporting the nanny can be essential for dads who have a leisure home on the beach, in the countryside or who travel a lot.


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