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Top & Best Muay Thai shin guards Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Muay Thai shin guards: what’s the best for you in 2022?

The subject of today’s text is shin guards for Muay Thai. Do you already practice or are you thinking of practicing this martial art? In one way or another, this is fundamental protection equipment!

Muay Thai, a martial art born in Thailand, uses kicks frequently. They can be given in practically the entire body of the opponent. So, to prevent leg injuries, you’ll need a shin guard!

But how to choose the one that best suits your needs? What to take into consideration when making the choice? What are the most recommended models in the market? Stay with us, as we will handle all of that in the next lines!

First, the most important

  • The shin guard is a mandatory part of the outfit for practicing Muay Thai. As high-powered kicks are delivered all the time, the risk of injury ends up being high. Never stop using it!
  • When buying shin guards, the most important factor is the material. It will make the absorption of impacts more or less, as well as prevent the retention of sweat.
  • The value of Muay Thai shin guards varies according to the level of practice for which the model is intended. Those for beginners, who are unlikely to have physical contact, can cost less than R $ 30, while professionals can spend more than R $ 200.


Buying Guide

Muay Thai is a sport that has many health benefits. Therefore, you do not want to reverse this logic and suffer an injury while practicing the sport, right?

We will now bring important details about this sport and the need to use shin guards in Muay Thai. Stay tuned in our Buying Guide!

What is a Muay Thai shin guard and what is it for?

As Muay Thai is a martial art that uses constant kicks, protection of the feet and shins is very necessary. Shocks with opponent’s body parts such as elbows and legs can lead to serious injuries.

Shin guards are developed precisely to protect this part of the body. Increasingly, new materials are used for their production. The idea is that the injury rate becomes almost nonexistent from perfect cushioning.

With such technological innovations, shin pads now offer safety and comfort for shins and feet. Feeling good about using the material is important. Feel protected, even more. Confidence during exercise increases and learning improves.

It is important to always sanitize your shin so that it is ready for use. This way, you will increase durability, strength and protection!



Did you know that Muay Thai is a very old sport?

It can be said that it is an ancient martial art. Obviously, the evolution over time has been great. There was great similarity with Kung Fu until approximately the 16th century, when the sport became part of the Thai army.

From then on, the sport became part of Thai culture in a way that was taught even in schools. This happened until 1921, when it was banned due to the high number of injuries in children and adolescents. Of course, these injuries happened because leggings were not used!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a martial art of high performance and a lot of caloric burning. For those seeking definition of measures, weight loss and muscle gain, it ends up being a highly recommended sport.


Muay Thai is a high-performance, high-calorie martial art.

In addition, it can generate improvements even in other areas of life. We can highlight the improvement in concentration, focus, flexibility and posture. And, of course, it serves as an instrument of self-defense.

Every kind of physical activity needs to be done with taste and affinity. If you identify with Muay Thai, it is possible that even your self-esteem and your social skills will improve considerably!

As a negative point, the violence of the sport can scare some practitioners. You will not be required to participate in fights and competitions, but some workouts can lead to more abrupt exercises. Injuries, even with great protection, can happen.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of practicing Muay Thai:


  • Provides many benefits to the body
  • Self-defense ability
  • It can increase concentration and self-esteem


  • It can be very violent for some
  • Risk of injury
  • It is not a martial art as focused on philosophy as others

How much does a Muay Thai shin guard cost?

The value of a shin guard for Muay Thai can vary greatly depending on the material it is made of and the level of protection offered. There are some very simple ones that can be used by beginners, and others that are indispensable for those participating in competitions.

Those cheaper are usually between R $ 30 and R $ 40, but should never be used by competitors. The best in the market, with complete protection, will normally be over R $ 100. They can even go over R $ 200.


Where to buy a Muay Thai shin guard?

Sporting goods stores will surely bring great models of shin guards, be it the big chains, or those specialized in fighting articles. Small neighborhood shops are also worth seeing.

To buy over the Internet, the best option is  Amazon. It offers models for all tastes and levels of practice. We also recommend online sporting goods stores.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Muay Thai shin guards

There are some important factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing your shin guards. We list some of them below:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Sweat absorption
  • Design

Let’s explain better why each of these aspects is important:


There are two types of shin guards for Muay Thai: those that are manufactured in one size, thus having adjustments to be made for each practitioner, and those that have different measures, usually separated into small, medium and large.

In the first case, before buying, it is good to read what are the measures and check if they are suitable for your feet and shins. In the second, carefully read the recommendations for each of the sizes.

It is common that the small size is recommended for people up to 1.65 m in height, the medium for those between 1.65 m and 1.80 m, and the large, above that. Anyway, the best situation is one in which you can try the product before purchase.


The manufacturers of shin guards are improving more and more in relation to the materials used. The stronger and more capable of absorbing impact, the better they are. And it is also common that the external part is not made of the same material as the internal.

Outside the shin, it is ideal that materials such as high-strength leather and high-strength rubber should be used. For the inside, note the number of layers. The more, the better the protection of your legs.

If foams of different densities are used, even better. Studies make these mixtures of materials more and more advanced so that the lesions decrease.

Sweat absorption

The duration of a Muay Thai workout can vary between forty minutes and an hour and a half. The shin will be closing your lower body during this time. And a high performance exercise, with a lot of caloric burning, will be being practiced.

If the shin guard does not have a good sweat absorption system, or with some openings, or with internal materials made for this, problems can happen. Both the durability of the equipment can be impaired, and bad smell and bacteria can proliferate on your feet.

Therefore, observe if the chosen shin facilitates this absorption. It can be unpleasant if it doesn’t. Check out this video with the experience of Muay Thai practitioners with the use of shin guards:




It is not for everyone that this item matters, but for some it may be important. There are brands that carefully design their shin guards, making them more beautiful and impactful for people who are part of certain urban tribes or have specific personal tastes.

If you want your shin to mark your style, choose one of the brands that are concerned with this aspect! This, of course, without neglecting what is most important, in this case, its safety and durability



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