Top & Best Multipurpose cabinet Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Multipurpose cabinet: How to choose the best of 2021?

Do you know that space at home or in the office that is empty and could be used to store the things that are piled up? It can be filled by a very useful and functional item of furniture: the multipurpose cabinet.

This extremely versatile product is the solution to many people’s problems when it comes to space and organization. Knowing this, we prepared a full review talking more about him.

In this text you will know the models, the main features, the advantages of having this item, as well as the prices and the step by step to choose yours. To do this, just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • The most common multipurpose cabinets are produced in MDF or MDP, but there are also other materials such as steel, which, unlike other options, can be used in outdoor areas that may have contact with water.
  • There are several models of cabinet, so search for what best suits your needs, you can choose the number of doors, number of shelves and even some additional ones like drawers, for example.
  • With options for sale starting at R $ 80 on average, multipurpose cabinets are an inexpensive and functional solution to store everything you need.

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Ranking: The 6 best multipurpose cabinets

Have you started thinking about where you could put your multipurpose closet? To help you become more familiar with the product we have prepared a ranking with the 6 best models on the market. Check it out below:

Buying Guide

The organization’s professionals always teach that it is necessary to occupy spaces intelligently. Be it in any of the rooms, the cabinets are a hand on the wheel to pack all kinds of items and the multipurpose model can be used in several ways.

Therefore, in this purchase guide we will go deeper into this product to answer all your questions.

What is a multipurpose cabinet and what are its advantages?

Multipurpose cabinets are items of furniture with the function of storing objects. Unlike sideboards and wardrobes, they are not specific to any room and can be used everywhere.

There are those who like them in the laundry room to store cleaning products, others use them as shoe racks and there are also those who place them in the room to accommodate items that did not fit in the wardrobe.

In the kitchen they also have a place and can be used as furniture to leave groceries and support for coffee makers and electric ovens. Reading this explanation it is thought that this is a very simple item, but it is precisely because of this simplicity that it becomes so useful and practical.

Despite having many advantages, it also has some disadvantages, check the table below:

Which multipurpose cabinet is right for each room?

Multipurpose cabinets are available in different models on the market and can be adapted to the most diverse needs. The simplest types are made up of internal doors and shelves.

There are options of 1, 2 or even 3 doors, while the number of shelves can vary between 2 and 6, depending on the height of the furniture. In addition, there are some specific models for each room.

    • Bedroom : For those who want to use this product in the bedroom or closet, there are models that have coat racks and shelves inside, thus being able to serve to store clothes. In addition to models that even have drawers.
    • Laundry : Those facing the laundry area have spaces for storing brooms and even have built-in ironing boards, making it a 3 in 1 piece of furniture.
    • Kitchen : For those who want to put such a product in the kitchen, there are also those with fruit bowls and several rooms that can be used, for example, to accommodate microwaves or gallons of water.
    • Living room / Home office : A type of multipurpose cabinet that can be found are also those that have internal shelves closed by doors and external ones. Some form species of niches that can be used for decorative items or even to store books and other objects. Basically this cabinet is multipurpose in function and design too, and can be fitted in the living room, home office and even in the bedroom.


How much?

The initial value of a multipurpose cabinet is around R $ 80 for simpler models with only 1 door. The 2-door can be purchased from R $ 100. Regarding the maximum value, it is important to understand that this varies between brands and according to the material in which the product is produced.

You can pay more than R $ 1,000 in a model made with more noble materials and with a different finish. There are options for every budget.

Where to buy?

You find a multipurpose closet in many places. In physical stores it is possible to buy them in those that sell furniture, in hypermarkets and even in megastores of housewares.

Online stores, on the other hand, offer the most options to choose from. You will easily find this product on Amazon, and many other sites in this segment.

In addition, if you liked any of the models we chose in the ranking, just click on the link and you will be directed to a website, making your purchase very quickly and easily.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing the ideal multipurpose cabinet

You already understand what the multipurpose cabinet is, what it can be used for, where to buy it and what prices you can find.

However, it is still necessary to choose which will be your closet. And to help you with that, we’ve listed below everything you should take into consideration before deciding which one is the best, check it out:

  • Design
  • Cabinet type
  • Material
  • Distance or adjustment of shelves
  • Assembly
  • Size

We will detail each of these items, so you can make the best choice when buying your new multi-purpose cabinet.


Precisely because they exist in different types and for various functions, the multipurpose cabinets have different designs to suit the decoration of the space where they will be.

The most common ones have a rectangular shape with thin and classic handles. But there are models that are more square and with small handles. Speaking of doors, there are options with simple pull-out doors, but some have sliding models.

For those who like colors, there are cabinets with a wide range. It is possible to find the ones with wooden finishes of the most diverse shades and also the colorful models that can be used as a key piece in the decoration.

There are also those that resemble old furniture with doors full of details. Another option is models with a mirrored door that, depending on where they are placed, can help expand the environment.

Less common, there are lacquer finishes, which are elegant and timeless.

Regarding the feet of the furniture, there are those with wheels, these are a great option for those who want to change the cabinet frequently. Others are made without feet, and the furniture follows the same line from the end to the floor.

For those who like to decorate the house with frames and other items, we cannot forget those that have niches and external shelves.

Cabinet type

Remember that we told you up there that there is a lot of variety of multipurpose cabinet? Well, this is the time to choose which type you need.

If you are thinking of putting it in the laundry room, why not buy a model that has space for brooms or that already has an ironing board attached? If you go to the kitchen, a fruit bowl would be of good value, right?

Remember that there are simple models, composed only of doors and shelves, and these are also very useful. However, depending on what you need, the other variations of this product can be better used.

Reflect on which room you want to place your closet so that it has the necessary features.


The vast majority of multipurpose cabinets that are for sale are produced in MDP, MDF or a combination of both materials. A lot of people don’t know the difference between these two materials, so we’ll explain.

  • MDP : It consists of wood fibers in 3 layers, 1 thick in the center and 2 thinner on the surfaces. This composition gives this material a good structural resistance, preventing its warping.
  • MDF : It consists of the agglutination of wood fibers with synthetic resin, which makes it uniform, flat and dense. The big issue about these materials is that they cannot be wetted because in contact with water they spoil.

Therefore, if you are going to use your multipurpose closet in the laundry room for example it is important to ensure that they are not too close to places that can wet them.

Many people still confuse MDP with agglomerate, which is a plate composed only of resin, glue and wood residues such as dust and sawdust. This is that typical material used in furniture of old that crumbled and were very weak.

In addition, the thickness of the material is another point that you should pay attention to. There are cabinets that are produced with thicker plates, these, even though they are heavier, give greater resistance to the cabinet.

This product can also be found in planking (a flat piece of wood), reforestation wood and also solid wood (which can receive different finishes, such as lacquer, for example).

Another option more focused on industrial and office use, are those made of steel. This is an easy-to-clean material, which does not warp and does not rust, and can even be placed outdoors.

Distance or adjustment of shelves

Once again, here comes the question of thinking about what you want to use your multipurpose cabinet for before buying it. There are cupboard models with fixed and adjustable shelves. Some options that contain fixed shelves have the latter slightly higher than the others.

If you are thinking of using your furniture as a shoe rack, this may be the place to pack your boots, for example. In this case, the variation in the distance between the shelves may also be less important, since few shoes need great heights.

Always check the layout of the shelves to make sure the cabinet will meet your needs.

However, if you want your closet to store various objects, they will not always be the same size and for these cases choosing shelves that can be adjusted ensure that no product is left out.

It is also worth remembering that there is a maximum weight that the shelves support according to the manufacturers, never exceed this measure to ensure greater durability of your cabinet.


If you recently shopped at a furniture store, you must have come across the news that they no longer have assemblers or that the assembly is paid separately by the customer.

In online stores, with rare exceptions, practically all do not even offer the option to pay the assembler. So, think about who will assemble your multipurpose cabinet.

All models come with an instruction manual, however, the easier they are to assemble the less time you will spend right?

Check if the manufacturer provides explanatory tutorials or if people who have already purchased the product comment that it has a simple assembly. After all, it is no use having the closet, but not knowing how to assemble it right?

However, if you notice that you are not able to assemble your furniture perfectly, look for a professional, because if the product breaks the warranty does not cover this type of damage.


Not always what you want to store requires multiple shelves, so there are multipurpose cabinets at different heights.

Those over one meter are the largest, but there are also lower models, which can be used in offices measuring about 70cm in height. These can even be placed under tables to optimize space.

Regarding the width, this depends on the number of doors or the presence of external shelves. If you have only one wall gap it is more possible that the models of a door are the best for you.

If you have more space and can buy a larger cabinet, the 2 or 3 door ones will be more interesting. It is possible to find models of 3 three doors and more than 1.80m high.

Therefore, analyze very carefully the space you have available to allocate the furniture. When we want to organize the house we think that the bigger and more shelves the closet has, the more effective it will be.

But big size won’t always be the best for you. Take advantage that the product exists in several models and choose correctly so that it does not end up disturbing or visually polluting your home.


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