Top & Best Nasal aspirator Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nasal aspirator: Which is the best in 2021?

which today will help you find the ideal nasal aspirator for peaceful nights for children and parents. If you have never heard of this important layette item, pay attention to these special tips.

Our chat will be aimed especially at dads and first-time moms. For those who are already looking for a quick solution to improve their children’s breathing, we will present you the best cost benefit. For those who are still preparing the trousseau waiting for the baby, remember that this item will be necessary at some point.

Maybe you are thinking: Children have a runny nose all the time, why do I need to vacuum? Make sure that at the right time you will remember everything that we will explain to you later.

First, the most important

  • Children cannot blow their noses alone. Something simple for us adults is complicated for them. Therefore, this vacuum cleaner will help you eliminate whatever is blocking your nostrils and breathe better.
  • Electric or manual, vacuum cleaners should be practical, as they will generally be used in times of discomfort for children.
  • As much as you don’t know if you will really need it, the nasal aspirator is that item that you would be better off having at home for an emergency. They can really save lives.

Best nasal aspirators: Our favorites

As you will see below, a nasal aspirator is an item that can be very important, especially in the first months of a child’s life. Therefore, we have listed below some of the best models on the market, so that you can have at home this object that helps in the health and safety of the little ones.

  • NUC folding nasal aspirator
  • Lolly manual nasal aspirator

Buying Guide

Having a child is certainly the most special task in anyone’s life. Being responsible for a life is nowhere near an easy task, but with love and care it is possible to raise the little ones in the best possible way.

In this context, a nasal aspirator can be a good aid when the child’s nose is locked. Continue reading our Buying Guide and find out all about nasal aspirators and how they can be useful for you and your little ones.

What are nasal aspirators and what are they for?

Modernity is an important ally of motherhood. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers certainly did not take advantage of the benefits of baby monitor, rocking chair, disposable diapers, among so many other inventions.

Among these novelties we highlight those that help us and a lot when it comes to providing well-being for children. When low temperatures arrive, most of the small ones start to show a certain discomfort to breathe. The famous locked nose is the number one enemy of parents.

Do you know that feeling of father and mother, who wants to remove pain or discomfort with their hands? This is more or less what happens when you can count on the help of a nasal aspirator.

In the first weeks of life, some children show some discomfort when breathing. Most of them naturally expel some secretions from the birth through their nostrils.

n the past, aspiration of the child at birth was a standard procedure. Nowadays it is performed only when the pediatrician evaluates this need. At home, parents watch babies and in some cases can use a nasal aspirator if necessary.

But they are the first colds that cause difficult nights of sleep for the whole family. Unable to breathe through their nose, even children who sleep through the night end up waking up with difficulty breathing. If it’s complicated for us adults, imagine for babies.

Helping these very dependent beings is the role of parents. Medical assessments are very important, but when you already know that the problem is just a blocked nose, it’s time to put the nasal aspirator into action.

Electric or manual, this accessory, combined with other techniques will be extremely important to improve children’s breathing.

Manual or electric nasal aspirator?

When it comes to children’s health, you can’t take any chances. The products presented in the market and even imported ones offer a lot of security.

It is important that you know the item you choose well. Read the manuals, watch how-to videos and follow each recommendation step by step. There are some types of nasal aspirators on the market and we will compare two of them to help you with your choice:

Is the nasal sucker also an option?

Yes. Another nasal aspirator option is also known as a nasal sucker. Most of them are formed by a kind of silicone hose with a thinner tip that goes into the child’s nose, and the other end with a sucker for the father or mother, literally, to suck the secretion from inside the nostril.

This is one of the most famous models today. The best known brand is imported and is not easily sold. But you can find similar national models with the same efficiency in the online market.

How to use the nasal aspirator?

Usually the nasal aspirator is used in times of tension, when the nostrils are locked and the child has difficulty breathing. The intention is to clear the airway allowing air to circulate easily.

As children do not know how to blow their nose, putting pressure on the secretions to be expelled, the parents take action to help in some way. A recommendation from many pediatricians is nasal flushing with saline. This process works to prevent colds and helps to clean the nostrils.

However, not all children have the same facility and take the cleaning process in play like this little boy in the video.

If, even with cleaning with serum, the nostrils are still locked at a certain time of the day or night (in fact, these episodes usually occur in the dead of night) the nasal aspirator is an ally.

Sometimes the discharge is consistent or stuck to the inside wall of the nostrils. One tip is to apply the saline solution with a dropper or the famous 360 degree applicators and then use the vacuum cleaner to eliminate anything that impairs breathing.

Marion C. GarrettyWriter

“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables an ordinary human being to do the impossible.”

For those who are still in doubt whether or not they will need a nasal aspirator, if it is really efficient and necessary, here is a very important tip on having it at home for emergency cases.

The nasal aspirator can be an alternative in cases of choking with milk, for example. Some babies suffer from reflux or end up choking on milk after feeding.

In more severe cases, maneuvers to clear the pathways must be applied and the nasal aspirator can also help to release the breath and save the child’s life.

There are reports of mothers who, in desperate acts, suck the child’s nostrils with their own mouths so they can breathe again. A vacuum cleaner or even a nasal sucker can be an option.

How much?

Nasal aspirators are not luxury items in a baby’s layette. It is part of a list of important accessories that you can’t imagine, but you will end up needing it sooner or later.

Prices fit in any pocket. From the simplest ones, which enter the list of gifts, for R $ 10, to the most elaborate ones that cost around R $ 300. An interesting tip is that you invest at least an average amount and have a nasal aspirator at home to the case of a need.

In case you realize that these really are an indispensable item, you can look for something more elaborate like electric vacuum cleaners.

Where to buy?

The simplest silicone nasal aspirators can be found in pharmacies, supermarkets and baby supply stores. Some famous and imported brands, you will only find on the internet, through authorized resellers.

Remember that this is not a product that you will be able to test to see if it works the way you would like. The nasal aspirator is personal, should only be used by the child, washed and sterilized after use.

In homes with more children, the ideal is that each one has its vacuum cleaner, or that the tip that comes in contact with the nostril is cleaned after being used by each child. Otherwise, bacteria and even the flu virus can be shared.

In this case, the online market can be a great facilitator of your purchase. Amazon, the main store in the market, offers some of the main brands and models.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare nasal aspirator models

When it comes to the health of our children, there is no reason to save, in terms of research, information and not even money.

The relevant factors to make this choice, therefore, are related to your profile, your expectations and your need. Let’s list three features that can interfere and define your purchase:

  • Method
  • Ease of use
  • Model
  • Cost benefit

These three factors must be taken into account before making your purchase. We will detail each one of them to help you find the best option to compose your baby’s layette.


This is the factor that most influences the decision to purchase any item that is related to children and the routine of a family. The question you should ask is: Does this product fit my family’s style?

If you are a practical type, who like to bet on technologies, the electric vacuum cleaner is a good option.

Some parents prefer to take the entire creation in the most homemade, manual and least invasive style possible. In that case, pear-shaped suckers or vacuum cleaners may be more accepted.

There is no better or worse method, but one that fits your style and meets your needs!

Ease of use

Remember that with the electric vacuum cleaner you can save time and effort. Sometimes, even if the child is crying, you can use the device and resolve the situation quickly.

On the other hand, you need to take precautions and keep the device with charged batteries.

Manual vacuum cleaners require a little more patience and practice, which you will acquire over time, with use.

In addition, despite not making any noise, children tend to be impatient with something different happening in their body. The dedication of the parents will make all the difference in the process of unblocking the nostrils.


We have already seen that the nasal aspirator can be manual or electric, but we still have some details in relation to manual models. They can have different formats, and choosing the one that best suits your need is a personal matter. Basically, they can be bulb, accordion or suction.

  • Suction:  As we have seen, this one is in the nasal sucking class. Daddies need to vacuum with their mouths. When sniffing, the child’s snot in a compartment. It requires more effort than other types of nasal aspirators.
  • Bulb: This is the most traditional. With a more rigid plastic tip, a silicone bulb is fitted, and when squeezing and inserting it into the child’s nose, when the bulb returns to its shape, it will suck the secretion in the nose of the little ones.
  • Accordion: It has the same mechanism as the bulb, but this part is an accordion, which facilitates handling. On the other hand, it is more difficult to sanitize because of the folds.

Cost benefit

These devices do not require much maintenance. Just wash and sterilize with each use to maintain its quality. The cost benefit in this case is related to your interest and need to invest in a nasal sucker.

If there is any doubt about the applicability, we recommend that you start investing in the most affordable and if you feel the real need, bet on a more elaborate nasal aspirator, such as the electric one.

If the device is not used as often, investing in an electric model can end up being very expensive for your family.



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