Top & Best Pampers Diaper Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pampers Diaper: How to choose the best one in 2021

In today’s article we will talk about an essential product in the baby care routine, the Pampers diaper!

It is a diaper that not only takes care of the hygiene of the little ones, but also promotes comfort, safety, softness and effective absorption. All this, thanks to the materials carefully selected to compose the diapers of the brands.

To help you choose the best model for your baby, we will show you the best products available below. We will also teach you how to choose this very important item, taking into account personal and quality criteria. Check out!

First, the most important

  • The Pampers diaper is made in layers to improve the absorbency
  • Pampers has a team of scientists, pediatricians and dermatologists to help in the development of its products, always maintaining quality and safety.
  • The premature Pampers diaper was developed with the help of neonatal nurses to perfectly meet the need for premature babies.

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Best Pampers diapers: Our favorites

There are several options of Pampers diapers on the market, so much so that it often beats that doubt about which is the best version and model. Therefore, we will show below the best options available and the characteristics of each one. Check out!

  • Pampers Premium Care Diaper
  • Pampers Confort Sec Super Diaper
  • Pampers Confort Sec Pants Mega Diaper
  • Pampers Supersec Diaper

Shopping Guide

Before choosing a Pampers diaper it is important to know that there are several models, each of which are suitable for different needs and have different characteristics and benefits.

Therefore, we will present below all the information about this product. Check out!

What are the advantages of Pampers diapers?

The main differential of the Pampers diaper is quality combined with safety, to protect and care for your baby. This is thanks to the incredible materials that are part of the composition of the diaper. They are soft and breathable materials that adapt to the child’s movement while he plays or sleeps.

To make the product even safer, the brand develops the layered diaper, this ensures more comfort for the baby, as the liquid is transferred and distributed away from his skin, keeping him comfortable and dry. That is, you find high quality, safety and comfort in a single product. Everything the baby needs, doesn’t it?

Another important advantage is the variety of models that range from premature babies, to those over 12 months. However, it is important to note that sizes 2 and 3 of diapers for premature babies are only found in hospitals and health institutions.

What are the differentials of the Pampers diaper?

It is also important to highlight that to make diapers even safer, Pampers has a team of more than 700 scientists and health professionals, such as pediatricians and pediatric dermatologists. This ensures that all items in the brand comply with the safety and regulatory criteria required worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that all brand diapers have an absorbent gel in the storage layer, which is capable of retaining up to 30 times its weight in liquid. This way it enhances the action of this layer, leaving the baby dry for a longer time.

How does the Pampers diaper work?

The Pampers diaper is made from 5 layers, which are: top layer, absorption layer, distribution layer, storage layer (also known as absorbent core) and bottom layer. Each of them plays an important role in the process of keeping urine away from the baby’s skin.

The first layer, called the top layer, has a little lotion on its surface to keep the little one’s skin healthy. It is through it that the child’s urine passes first and from where it is absorbed by the absorption layer, which is made of cloth-like materials.

Then the liquid passes to the distribution layer that takes it to the storage layer, where the urine remains until the diaper is changed. So that this liquid does not leak into the baby’s clothes, the Pampers diaper also has a last layer made of a permeable material, called the bottom layer.

What are the types of Pampers diapers?

There are several models of Pampers diapers, all of which are categorized according to age and deliver different benefits. Check out each one below!

    • Pampers diaper for premature babies
    • Pampers diaper for newborn
    • Premium Care 3 – 12 month Pampers diaper
    • Pampers Diaper 3 – 12 months Confort Sec
    • Pampers Diaper 3 – 12 months Confort Sec Pants
    • Supersec Pampers 3 – 12 month diaper
    • Pampers Diaper for + 12 months Premium Care
    • Pampers Diaper for + 12 months Confort Sec
    • Pampers Diaper for + 12 months Confort Sec Pants
    • Pampers Diaper for + 12 months Supersec


What are the benefits of Pampers diapers?

Each diaper model ( has a characteristic and delivers a specific benefit. However, in general terms, the Pampers diaper for premature babies has as its main characteristic the anatomical center to guarantee the healthy development of the child.

It is worth mentioning that the premature Pampers diaper is developed with the help of neonatal nurses, to be able to meet the specific needs of premature babies. The newborn model has a humidity indicator and has an umbilical cut, protecting the baby’s belly.

The pants version is super practical, being possible to put it as if it were a shorts, not to mention that it adapts to the baby’s body. Supersec has extra absorbent beds, Confort sec has air channels and an ultra absorbent layer and Premium Care ensures more smoothness.

How much do they cost and where to buy Pampers diapers?

The value of the Pampers diaper varies, mainly, according to the size and quantity of products. Diapers P with 40 units, for example, cost R $ 45 on average, while the package with 74 units of the same size costs R $ 54.

Already the diaper M with 34 units costs R $ 45, however, despite costing the same amount as the P version, it comes in lesser quantity. The package of diapers M with 80 units costs R $ 72, while the same version in size XG with 76 units, less than the package M, costs R $ 153.

Pampers diapers can be purchased at supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores. In addition, it is important to note that diapers for premature babies are found only in drugstores and hospitals.

However, most of them can be purchased in several other places, including on the websites of these establishments, as with Amazon, which has all versions of the Pampers diaper.


Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider Before Buying Pampers Diapers

Choosing the ideal diaper is not an easy task, so we will show below what are the most important points to consider when buying. That way you will know which model best suits your baby.

  • Age
  • Model
  • Benefits offered
  • Number of diapers

Now that you know which elements to consider at the time of purchase, we will explain each of these items better below. Check out!


The first point to consider before purchasing a disposable diaper from Pampers is the age indicated. You can easily find this information on the product packaging itself.

Some are suitable for newborn or premature babies, there are also those for children aged 3 to 12 months and those that can be used on older children.

In general babies use the size RN (newborn) until 40 days, after that the baby changes to size P, which will be used until 4 months. At around 5 months it is time to change the size of the Pampers diaper again, because from 5 to 10 months they start using M.

Between 11 and 20 months the baby will already be wearing size G, from 21 to 26 months it will be size XG and after 26 months the ideal size is XXG.


There are two types of Pampers diapers, the traditional and the Pants, both of which have their pros and cons. Pants, for example, stands out for the ease of being placed on the baby, after all it looks like shorts.

The traditional diaper, on the other hand, needs to be opened, placed on the child and adjusted using the tapes. It may seem more laborious, but this model wins in terms of options. That’s because, the diaper in the traditional model has several versions that guarantee extra benefits.

Benefits offered

All models of disposable diapers of the brand have common elements such as the absorbent gel that helps to keep the baby dry for longer. There is also the hypoallergenic lotion on the surface of the first layer of the diaper, which helps to combat diaper rash.

However, in addition to these differentials, there are still some specific characteristics of each model. For example, although they are all smooth, some have a greater degree of softness.

The same occurs with the power of absorption, all absorb moisture well, leaving the baby dry for a long time. However, some models have an extra absorption layer. Therefore, carefully analyze your baby’s current needs and choose the model that best suits you.

Number of diapers

There are diaper packs of various sizes, in some it is possible to find 40 units in others more than 80. Therefore, pay attention to this item, because in general a diaper pack with 90 units is cheaper than two packs of 40, for example.

For you to choose the package with the correct amount the best way and observe how many diapers your baby uses per day. However, be aware that on average newborns (up to 3) use between 6 and 8 diapers a day up.
Babies between 5 and 20 months use about 5 diapers a day, while from 21 months this amount drops to just 4 diapers.



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