Top & Best Photo album Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Photo album: How to choose the best model in 2021?

We are happy to have you here. Today we are going to talk about an article that has accompanied our best memories for many years: the photo album!

It is wrong to believe that organizing photographs in an album is in the past! This is still a very common habit among people, not only for bringing pleasant memories, but also for ensuring that the photos are not lost as the days go by.

If you intend to buy such an item, but still have some doubts about its functionality, follow our shopping guide full of information!

First, the most important

  • Photo albums are like books where you store developed or printed photos from different moments in your life.
  • The relationship with a photo album is super special, as you can personalize it, and sometimes take notes.
  • Although there are other ways to store photos and digital files, the album is still the safest choice, as you only lose the images if you want to throw them away.

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Ranking: The 4 best photo albums

Don’t think that photo albums are all the same, they are not! Nowadays, you can find several models with different styles for sale, and you have the opportunity to buy the one that is more like you!

To help you choose, we set up a Ranking with the 4 best photo albums on the market! Come on?

Buying Guide

Nowadays we are very easy to photograph, but we can hardly keep that record for a long time, mainly in digital format.

The purpose of the photo album is to eternalize memories in a small book that you have easy access to and that will accompany you throughout your life!

What is a photo album?

The photo album is a real bridge between your present and your past. It works like a memoir about your own life, which allows you to add new records over the years.

In a totally digital age, many people ended up putting this article aside for the sake of convenience. However, we must remind you that to lose files on a cell phone or a computer, it is enough that the device is damaged.

What are the advantages of having a photo album?

Although it seems more practical, technological means are not the safest if you intend to eternalize your memories, and that is why the photo album ends up leading the way!

The cool thing about this article is that it is fully customizable and creates a special bond with you, which ends up setting you up with a unique affection. After all, it’s a timeline of your life, right?

This is a very easy product to find on the market, and its values ​​will not scare you. In general, it is a very interesting purchase, and an excellent gift for friends, after all, remembering is living!

In order to leave no doubt about the advantages and disadvantages of this product, we set up a very clear comparison. Take a look:

Which is better: Photo album or external HD?

When we talk about all the advantages of the photo album, a lot of people ask themselves: “But what about the external HD?”. The truth is that both are very different products and you will hardly be able to compare them. The use of one does not exclude the functionality of the other.

Unlike the photo album, the HD is a digital device, which works as a huge memory pen drive, which allows you to store files, photos, videos and music. It is practical, can be connected to any computer that has a USB port and can be carried in the bag or backpack very easily.

Its use is a great ally in professional use, because in several situations there is a need to save files and open them on different devices. To save photos, it is also an outlet, however, it is important to remember that just like any other digital device, the external HD can be damaged.

Despite being a more modern and practical way to keep your records, it is interesting that you have the files saved on more than one HD, or on an HD and on a computer.

With the album, the scheme is different! It is true that you will have a little more work because you will need to print your chosen photos, however, it works as a unique personal article, that you will surely develop a special affection.

Your photo album can be customizable. You can add not only photos, but small memories in other formats, make collages and write. It is literally your timeline of memories.

Ju Cirqueira shared an album of photos of her on her YouTube channel, check it out for inspiration when setting up yours:

Another advantage is that you will not lose the photos unless you choose to throw your album away, which would be entirely up to you. And finally, in terms of values, it is much more affordable than an external HD, making it accessible to all audiences.

It is interesting that you have an external HD, but do not give up mounting photo albums that can be shared in the future with your family and friends, ok?

How much?

The price of your photo album shouldn’t be a problem, because most of the options are very cheap, although there are the most expensive ones. On average, the value of this product varies between R $ 30 and R $ 140.

Where to buy?

Many stores sell very cool album options, and this is not a difficult item to find on the market. You can start your search for stationers, as this is one of the places where the variety is greatest.

In sundries stores like Imaginarium, you can also find fun models.

And, if you like the comfort of shopping online, we recommend Amazon. Buying online for sure the variety of models is greater and you can still get the best deals. Not to mention that you don’t even have to leave the house!

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing photo album templates

We will not deny that there is not much mystery regarding the choice of your photo album, however, we have selected some criteria that must be taken into account when purchasing:

  • Capacity
  • Model
  • Material
  • Photo size

Below, we will explain each of these characteristics! Check it out!


This is a factor that varies widely. There are photo albums that have a capacity for only 50 photos, and some accept up to 500!

This is a very variable issue and, of course, the best are those with the greatest capacity. Some models have the advantage of having a page inclusion system, which can be quite useful.

Ask yourself how you are going to use your album. If you want to create a specific album for a moment in your life, like a party or a trip, a model with less capacity may be enough.

Now, if the idea is to have a photo album that keeps the most varied moments, as if following the stages of your life, investing in a model with greater capacity – and expandable – is the best option.


Choosing the template is the coolest part of choosing the album. Nowadays there are countless possibilities of colors, styles and prints, and you will surely find something that suits you, regardless of what your preferences are.

Still talking about the model, there are also those that are specific to some situations such as maternity and marriage! Cool huh?

It is a matter of personal taste. The model is also related to the album material. You will find some with simpler appearance, others with finishes that can make the object look very luxurious.

And all these details count for the design. A graduation album, for example, is usually lined with velvet, with silver or gold clasps. A christening album, however, tends to be white and delicate. Define which style suits you and that moment you want to immortalize.


Observe what material your album is made of, and prioritize those that are more resistant, especially the cover. Ideally, it should be very firm, so as not to risk tearing.

The space where the photos are stored are usually made of plastic. But some models are firmer than others. Some collage is necessary, others you just fit the photo and can remove it whenever you want.

The material determines the durability of your photo album, and considering that you want to keep those moments for long and long years, it is worth investing in a more durable model.

Photo size

The default size of the photo space is usually 10×15 cm, however, in some albums this measurement can be larger or smaller, so it is important that you have this information before developing or printing your photos, ok?

Other models support different image sizes. That way, you can vary the revelation and leave your album very diverse.


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