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Top & Best Pool Balls Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pool Balls: How to choose the best in 202?

Today we will talk absolutely everything about pool balls, the stars of a game of half a millennium and of absolute success in the halls, bars and houses.

There is no bad time with the pool balls in hand, literally. In the cold, in the heat, in the sun, in the rain, alone or in a group, to have fun or compete, just drop the balls on the table you are already playing. And you will hardly be able to stop.

We want everyone to join the game, and so we made this Guide, to help you choose the ideal game of pool balls. Descending this text you will find important information about its use and vital tips for the time of purchase, in addition to its advantages and varieties.

First, the most important

  • The most common pool here is the eight-ball game, a  variation of snooker , which has between 13 and 22 rounds on its table.
  • There is unanimous opinion that the best pool balls in the world are the so-called Aramith , produced in Belgium.
  • The Aramith are the only ones with balls of the same weight. In the others, a small variation between the spheres of the same set is natural.

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Best pool ball games: Our favorites

We put together a small but valuable list with some of the best pool ball sets on the market. Its material, its finish, its cost-benefit, in short, everything was evaluated in the process.


Buying Guide

It is not difficult to understand the charm of the pool balls. The pleasant sound of them clashing, which seems to embrace the ear, their mesmerizing glide across the table, their glamorous glow, all add up to a simple and very fun game.

You might not think about it at game time, but people don’t hang around the table for nothing. And there is a table. And game.

For each bar, each game room, there is a different rule, which results in different sets, with different characteristics. In this Buying Guide, we will show all of them, together with their advantages, disadvantages, among other valuable information.

What are pool balls?

Snooker balls are billiard balls suitable for snooker, snooker mode, traditional English table game. They are massive spheres, mostly made of polymers, such as phenolic resin, in this case the best raw material available for the manufacture of the product.

Historically made of ivory, the balls started to use synthetic materials to become more sustainable, but without losing their unique density, light enough to slide across the table after a shock, and heavy enough not to fly out after each shot.

What makes a set suitable for pool is the number of balls (minimum 8, maximum 22) and their colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Black and White, necessarily one of each color, and the others are red.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of pool balls?

Purchasing a set of pool balls brings, almost automatically, a series of advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, the first is the possibility of playing countless games, in addition to snooker. Your creativity is the limit.

That’s because snooker (and billiards, in general) is an easy game, at least to begin with. Simple rules, normal movements, just establish the score of each ball and start making strokes, which is a huge advantage.

Then, thinking specifically about the balls, they are resistant and easy to care for, at least quality ones. Just put them in a case, or even just cover the table where they are placed, which should last for many matches.


On the other hand, a low quality ball can drop you in the event that you happen to fall on the ground, or even crack during a match – the price of being a massive ball.

But the problems are not only in the quality of the ball. Even the well-made ones can present a small variation of weight between the balls, which alters, in a way, the natural course of the game.

Weight, by the way, can be a problem in itself. Have you ever imagined a hard ball weighing almost a pound flying in your face? Falling on your toes? It can be dangerous, at the very least.



  • Enables countless games
  • Easy game”
  • Resistant and simple care


  • Poorly resistant, if of low quality
  • Non-uniform weight
  • It can hurt

Standard, Belgian?

Excluding personalized games, there are three most common varieties of pool balls: standard. The standard ones, as the name says, follow what is supposed to be the ideal weight and size, around 128 g and 52 mm in diameter.

Belgians also follow these standards, but their quality levels are unique. Also known as Aramith, the brand that produces them, they are the only ones in which there is practically no variation in weight, in which the colors are in the correct tone, among other qualities, coming from a careful production and entirely in phenolic resin.


The ones, which are not necessarily produced (Aramith produces a line exclusively here, for example), are the only ones with a diameter of 54 mm and weigh about 136 g. The measure is not used by CBBS (national pool and snooker entity), but is widely used in the country.

Snooker, Snooker or Pool?

A cultural characteristic of billiards are the countless names that its countless games take, due to its great popular apprehension. You can get lost, and without leaving: Bola 7, Bola 8, Bola 9 …

However, there are only three names that affect the type of pool: snooker, snooker and pool. We talked about snooker up there, with its eight colored balls. The snooker, the “cousin gringo” of snooker, takes from 13 to 22 balls, eight colored, which can be numbered, and the others red.



The English pool , here called, just to confuse, for billiards, has, excluding white, 15 balls, of different colors, all numbered from one to fifteen, including the famous ball eight, of black color.

How much does a game of pool balls cost?

Although the pool balls have a common base material, the resin, the production methods, the types of set and the complexity of the resin make the price of the sets vary widely.

Among the most basic games, the value is around R $ 50, while professionals, especially Belgians, can reach up to R $ 2000.

Where to buy pool balls?

There are many physical stores of snooker items and other table games scattered around, which have quality products, sold by specialized personnel.



If, however, you are after a variety of prices and brands, apart from a practical and safe purchase, online stores like Amazon and the best indications for you.


Purchasing criteria: how to choose the best pool balls

Below, you’ll see our exclusive list of purchase criteria. They are elements and characteristics of pool balls, and the experience of their use, which, when compared, help to define the best sets.

  • Material
  • Colors
  • Weight uniformity
  • Sphericity / Finish

Let’s, of course, talk about each of these items. A good buy is an informed purchase:


Find out the material of the pool balls you want to buy. It is essential to differentiate the performance of the rounds during matches. The ideal is that they are 100% phenolic resin, or that they have a high percentage of the substance.

Other polymers, such as liquid polyester resin, manage to have a similar density, although not as accurate, but they are next on the list.


The colors of the set are also essential. There must be at least one ball of each of these colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Black and White.

But that’s not all: observe if the tones are alive and easily distinguish one ball from another. Without the numbering to reference, the balls can be confused, especially in low lighting of bars and pool bars.


Weight uniformity

We have already mentioned in this Guide that a certain variation in weight between pool balls in the same set is natural. But there is an acceptable limit, which hardly changes your experience during a game: between 1.6 and 2g.

Sphericity / Finish

It may sound silly, but notice if, well, your ball is indeed round – spherical is the best word. The search, in this case, is less in the shape and more in the finish of the ball, if there are flaws or cracks that can impair its sliding on the table.


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