Top & Best Portable scale Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable scale: How to choose the ideal one in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the portable scale, also known as the hook or suitcase scale. An object that helps in weighing in different situations.

This type of scale uses a nylon handle or hook to weigh the object and you can handle it with your hands or position the scale on a support. Most models are small and light, but support a weight of up to 50 kg.

It is worth purchasing such a product, especially for those who usually travel by plane or like to fish. In this article we will explain the functions and features of the portable scale, teach you how to use it and give you some buying suggestions.

irst, the most important

  • The portable scale is an important accessory for those who travel a lot, especially by plane, as you can check if your luggage is within the weight limit allowed by the airline.
  • Electronic models weigh up to 50 kg, but some support only 40 kg. The weight can be measured in kilo, pound, ounce or jin (Chinese unit of measure).
  • Most portable scales are digital, but you can also find analog versions. The portable analog scale supports up to 100 kg and this is the only unit of measurement used.

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Ranking: The 4 best models of portable scales

The portable scale can be a great ally in your daily life, as it accurately measures objects between 10 g and 50 kg. This model is generally used to measure the weight of luggage and seafood, but you can use it for other purposes.

Among the different models, you can find some with extra features like different units of measure, tare function, digital display, automatic activation and shutdown and much more. We selected the 4 best models and you can see below:


Buying Guide

Excess weight in bags can cause embarrassment (since you may be forced to get rid of some items in front of everyone), it hinders check-in and can make you spend extra money to pay the excess weight fee on Baggage.

This can be easily avoided if you buy a portable scale, a very important tool for those who usually travel by plane. With it, you can weigh your bags at home and before leaving the hotel.

What is a portable scale and where to use it?

The portable scale is a small, light, inexpensive accessory, very simple to handle and that will be very useful if you usually fish or travel by plane, since the scale is used to weigh luggage and seafood.

The scale can be digital or analog and comes with two options of accessories to place the object to be weighed: a hook (of iron or stainless steel) or a braided nylon band.


he portable scale can have a minimum calibration of 10 or 100 grams and a maximum of 40 or 50 kg if it is digital. The analog model has a minimum calibration of 500 grams and a maximum of 32 or 100 kg.

Electronic models are powered by a battery or lithium battery (must be purchased separately).

Some devices come with a button to turn on and off, in others, these functions are performed automatically, as soon as you place the object to be weighed.


  • Accurately measures objects from 10 g to 100 kg (depending on model)
  • Works in up to four measurement units: Kg, Oz, Lb and Jin
  • It is light, small and easy to carry
  • It’s a cheap product


  • You must not put any weight above the allowance on the scale, as it may impair the functioning

Analog or digital portable scale?

Although digital scales are more common, you can find versions with analog operation. Both have the same purpose, but each has its own characteristics.

Analog scale

In the portable analog scale, the mechanism is formed by pointers that move when the object is placed on the base (hook). After stabilizing, they indicate the weight.

This model is not very stable, so you need to place it on a flat surface and add weight after the scale is well stabilized.

The analog hook scale is a little slower to compute the weight, but it is very accurate. For the weighing mechanism to work correctly, the balance must always be calibrated, otherwise it will report the wrong weight.

To calibrate a scale is very easy, just place an object that you know the exact weight and wait until it reads the weight correctly.

Digital scale

If you choose a digital suitcase scale, know that it is very easy to handle and this model is highly accurate.

Simply place the object to be weighed on the handle or hook and the weight will instantly appear on the display. This display is usually digital and LCD, has large numbers and some models have backlight.

The digital hook scale has some elements that the mechanical model does not have, such as load cells, integrated circuits and microprocessors. This device works on batteries or batteries.

This model also has some interesting features like the possibility to change the unit of measurement, battery level display, overload indicator, automatic activation and shutdown.

Still in doubt? We have prepared a comparative table with the main characteristics of the digital and analog scales. Check out:

How much?

The price of a portable scale can vary between R $ 25 and R $ 175. There are excellent options for account values, between R $ 30 and R $ 50 and all of these models are digital.

If you prefer an analog portable scale, know that this model is usually a little more expensive.

Where to buy?

You can find several options for portable scales in physical and virtual stores such as:

    • Amazon
    • Extra
    • Walmart
    • American
    • Free market

If you liked any of the models we selected in the ranking above, just click on the link and you will be redirected to the Amazon website, which offers a wide variety of models from different brands and price ranges.

The Amazon website also provides technical information for each model (very important for you to choose the ideal option according to your needs) and real customer reviews.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing portable scale models

There are certain fundamental characteristics of a portable scale, such as those listed below:

  • University graduate
  • Units of measure
  • Battery or battery?
  • Extra features

We will explain item by item, so you don’t have any doubts and be sure to choose a portable scale.

University graduate

The scale graduation refers to the minimum and maximum capacity that the device can weigh. In the portable scale, the minimum graduation ranges from 10 to 500 grams, and most devices have a minimum graduation of 100 grams.

Regarding the maximum weighing capacity, there is a variation between 32 and 100 kg. The digital models can weigh objects between 40 and 50 kg (most support 50 kg) and the analog scale supports 32 or 100 kg.

Take into consideration if you need a very precise minimum graduation that justifies buying a product that weighs objects over 10 grams.

Also evaluate what you will weigh. If they are suitcases, a device with a capacity of up to 50 kg is sufficient, if they are seafood it is worth buying a meter of up to 100 kg.

Units of measure

Some scale models have different units of measurement in addition to the kilogram (Kg), such as the pound (lb) used in the United States, ounce (Oz), common in European countries like Germany and England and Jin, a system used in China.

To change the unit of measurement, you only need to select the option on the scale panel. But, be aware that this feature does not have much relevance in everyday life, as our basic unit of measurement is the kilo.

Battery or battery?

The operation of the electronic portable scale is by alkaline battery or lithium battery. Check out its features:

  • Lithium battery: It is quite powerful, but it usually costs more, so people prefer other alternatives.
  • Alkaline battery: It is also powerful, has no chemical reaction when not in use (which reduces the risk of the battery leaking), can last up to four years, is environmentally friendly, but is more expensive than other types of battery.

Whichever driver you choose, be aware that you should not leave it inside the scale when the device is not in use, as temperature changes can cause the batteries to leak and this can damage the portable scale.

Extra features

Portable scales can come with some extra features, they are:

  • Battery level indicator
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Backlight
  • Different units of measure: Lb, Oz, Kg and Jin
  • Overload indicator
  • Battery included
  • Support to fit the hook
  • Guarantee up to 90 days

Before purchasing your hook scale, read the description to see what features are included. Check which one really matters to you. If you consider it unnecessary, look for a simpler one, extra features make the product more expensive.


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