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Top & Best Pregnancy test Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pregnancy test: Discover how to choose the best model of 2022

your internet review site. If you are doing family planning and trying to have children or are suspicious, a pregnancy test may be ideal to get your questions answered quickly.

They are designed to detect levels of Beta-hCG, a hormone present in a woman’s bloodstream and urine during the early stages of pregnancy. Thus, they accurately detect the ongoing pregnancy.

Extremely efficient, they offer a quick and very practical result. If you have questions about the best pregnancy test model on the market, check out our review to understand a little more about the product and how it works.

First, the most important

  • One must be aware of the possibilities of false positives. If you are undergoing hormonal treatments to promote pregnancy, check with your doctor about the chances of the exam being accurate.
  • If there is late ovulation, the stripe tests may show a very smooth line. In such cases, wait a few days and repeat the test.
  • For greater certainty about the result, see your doctor and perform appropriate laboratory tests to detect pregnancy.

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Ranking: The 5 best pregnancy tests on the market

It is possible to find different types of pregnancy tests on the market, from digital to traditional models, of bands. See our Ranking with some of the best models to have no doubts about the results.


Buying Guide

Pregnancy tests are excellent for helping women who are going through a family planning phase or who have symptoms that may indicate pregnancy, such as late menstruation.

With the advancement of detection technologies, you can find different types of tests, some capable of detecting even the time of pregnancy. We have prepared this Purchasing Guide for you so that there is no doubt and that you can decide which model is best at such an important time.

What is a pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test is a form of self-examination that can be performed by women at home, without having to consult a doctor or perform more specific tests.

Although tests have been carried out in different ways since antiquity, today they are much more practical and offer up to 99% accuracy in the result, in addition it is very easy to repeat it so there is no doubt.

However, they are preliminary tests. After doing this, it is important to consult a doctor you trust to determine the time of pregnancy and do prenatal care.



Did you know that home pregnancy tests started to be developed from 1972, with the discovery of the beta subunit of Human Karyonic Ganadatrophin, the famous Beta-HCG?


What are the different types of pregnancy test?

It is possible to find different types of pregnancy tests available on the market today.

The most common and cheapest are the strips, which offer the result in lines. Pen tests are a little more expensive, but they combine the technology of the strips and make them easier to use.

For an even more specific result, it is also possible to use tests with digital displays that even indicate the time of pregnancy. For more details, check the comparative table below.


How do pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests have an hGC antiserum and blood particles coated with the same type of hormone. So, if a urine sample comes into contact with hCG and there is no agglutination, this indicates a positive result.

When there is no significant presence of hCG available in the sample, when it comes in contact with the test range, agglutination does not happen, and then the result will be negative.


The results are usually shown using a combination of lines. One line indicates a negative result and two a positive result. So that there are no scares, remember to read the product instructions carefully.

Today it is possible to find some models that are capable of indicating even the time of gestation by measuring the amount of hCG hormone available in the urine sample.


Did you know that in 1930 two researchers from the University of Cape discovered that if a woman’s urine was injected into a frog of the genus Xenopus and she ovulated, this would indicate pregnancy? The method was used until 1960 when new technologies appeared.


When should I use a pregnancy test?

The tests are indicated for women who are undergoing family planning, that is, who are trying to conceive. They are also very useful to avoid surprises, as it is natural that throughout life, the menstrual cycle suffers irregularities.

If there are doubts, you need to choose the right product. Depending on their sensitivity, some are indicated to be used on the first day of irregularity, while others, more sensitive, can detect pregnancy up to five days before the end of the cycle.


How to use a pregnancy test?

The form of use depends on the type of test. In tests where only the tape is used, the ideal is to collect the urine in a collector and then immerse it in the sample for a few minutes. It is important to consult the package insert for proper handling, as contact with the skin can change the results.

In pen tests, it can be used directly under the flow of urine, making them more practical and hygienic. They also avoid the risk of an inaccurate result from contact with the skin.

The most recommended is to clean the intimate area before performing the test and collect the sample in the first morning urine, when hormone levels are more concentrated.



Did you know that the tape tests that are so common today only appeared in the 80s and 90s when they became as efficient as blood tests?


How much?

The price will depend on the type of test. The most common, of strips, can be found in a price range that ranges from R $ 5 to R $ 10. The pen models range from R $ 10 to R $ 30.

It is also possible to find tests with digital displays that show the gestation time. They cost a little more, between R $ 50 and R $ 100. The models shown in this review range from R $ 4 to R $ 50.

Where to buy?

Despite being a women’s health product, pregnancy tests are easily found in numerous pharmacies and drugstores. They are commonly on display with intimate hygiene products, such as absorbents and baby wipes.

If you prefer a little more discretion, you can purchase your test online. You can buy them on drugstore websites, online stores or on marketplace platforms, such as Amazon.





Buying criteria: What to consider before buying a pregnancy test

Very practical and discreet, pregnancy tests allow the woman to do the self-examination at home and obtain the result quickly and very accurately.

However, with so many models available, it is important to consider a few criteria before choosing which model is best for testing and make sure a baby is on the way.

  • Material
  • Indicator type
  • Detection time
  • Efficiency

Check each of the topics below carefully to prepare properly and without surprises for a new life that is coming.


The most common models of pregnancy testing are disposable tapes. They are made of a resistant paper and wrapped with a type of gel that has an antiserum of the hormone hCG that, in contact with urine, displays the result through indicator bands.

In pen-shaped models, they are made of plastic and make them easy to use. You can even find models with displays that display the result.


Indicator type

Most pregnancy tests use a system of colored lines to indicate the result. One line indicates a negative result, while two indicate a positive result.

It is also possible to find digital models, where the result is displayed on a display. In addition to being negative or positive, many models are also able to indicate the length of pregnancy, usually in weeks.

Detection time

Before choosing the best pregnancy test model, it is important to check the product specifications, especially the detection time. Most models offer detection on the first day of menstrual delay.

However, in case of doubt, there is no need to torture yourself with waiting. Some models are able to identify hormone levels present in pregnancy up to four or five days before the end of their cycle.


The main advantage of pregnancy tests is that today they are able to identify pregnancy with high success rates and are as effective as traditional blood tests.

Almost all available products offer a detection efficiency of 94% to 99%. In the case of tests that indicate the time of gestation, they have up to 92% correct rate.

It is important to remember that the degree of accuracy depends on some factors. If you are undergoing any hormonal or fertility treatments, medications can influence the outcome. So, consult the product insert and a trusted gynecologist so that there is no doubt.


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