Top & Best Pro Tork Helmet Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pro Tork Helmet: How to choose the best for your safety in 2020?

For those who ride a motorcycle, safety is essential. Today, we are going to talk about Pro Tork helmets, which are very popular in the market due to their special designs and friendly prices. Are they good options to keep you safe in case of accidents or other unforeseen events?

As a national brand that knows its audience closely, Pro Tork holds a considerable share of the motorcycle articles market l. Stay with us in this article to learn all about the helmets manufactured by the company and make a good decision when buying a model!

First, the most important

  • Pro Tork is a totally national company that manufactures helmets accessible to the general public: The quality is high, the price is low.
  • Simple materials are used in Pro Tork helmets, such as ABS plastic resin. However, they are more than sufficient to ensure safety in urban motorcycle use.
  • Pro Tork’s trademark is the exceptional design of its helmets: They fit very well with urban fashion and allow the rider’s style to be shown even when on two wheels.

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Buying Guide

When buying a helmet, it is critical to know how safe it is. Therefore, we have prepared several points of analysis of Pro Tork models to present you.

Stay with us in our shopping guide and learn everything you need to know about Pro Tork helmets!


Is Pro Tork a trusted brand?

Since it was created in the late 1980s, Pro Tork has continued to grow. The brand today produces all kinds of accessories for motorcycles and helmets, has 5,000 employees spread across the country and leads the segment market with a 72% share.

Pro Tork is committed to customer satisfaction. In addition, its values ​​include respect for the environment and people and their specificities.

What makes Pro Tork a special brand is respect for customers. Its products are quality and reach the market at an affordable price. Thus, everyone has the possibility to count on important accessories (not only helmets) without disbursing money that they cannot.


All Pro Tork helmets are certified by Inmetro and some even by US regulatory agencies. They have what it takes to protect you. The company solves 63% of the problems presented in Reclame Aqui, an above-average index that shows respect for the customer.

What are the advantages of Pro Tork helmets?

One aspect that stands out about the Pro Tork helmets is the price. When comparing with other brands, we find that they are far below average. This makes life much easier for those who do not have so much money to invest in this accessory!

But of course, safety is the most important thing when buying a helmet. Pro Tork models are not disappointing: they are reinforced with quality materials and bring important functions that help with internal ventilation and comfort.

The design of Pro Tork helmets is special. The brand is very concerned with making its products beautiful and stylish, reaching a slice of the public that likes to be in urban fashion even when riding a motorcycle!

Although safe, Pro Tork helmets do not offer the same technological capability as other brands. They comply with the safety basics, and if that makes you happy, you can choose them without any fear! However, if you want cutting edge technology, there are better options.

In addition, another disadvantage reported by pilots is in terms of durability: The service life of a Pro Tork helmet is below that of other brands. This is offset by the price.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of Pro Tork helmets below:


  • Prices well below average
  • They offer safety for pilots and follow the rules of Inmetro
  • There are features for comfort, ventilation and protection against bacteria
  • Designs are great for those who like to be in urban fashion
  • Do not offer the same technologies as rival brands
  • Not the most durable helmets on the market

What materials does Pro Tork use in their helmets?

When we talk about helmet materials, we have to make a division between the two main parts of these fundamental accessories: the visor and the hull.

In the visors of their helmets, Pro Tork uses almost always the same material: 2 mm thick polycarbonate. It is able to bring a lot of peace and security to the user and offer the necessary protection for face and eyes.

The hull of Pro Tork helmets, in turn, is made of injected ABS. We need to talk about them now.

More expensive helmets from other brands can be made of metal fibers, using materials such as carbon or glass. ABS is a very resistant plastic resin that leaves the final product very light.

We prepared a table comparing the injected ABS, used by Pro Tork, with the glass or carbon fibers. Check out:


Injected ABS is more than enough for everyday motorcycle use. You should think about a fiberglass especially if you practice motocross, racing or other activities that are beyond simple urban driving.

Are Pro Tork helmets comfortable?

One of Pro Tork’s main concerns is with the satisfaction of its users. When we talk about helmets, this is directly related to comfort during use.


Antiallergic liners are among the main highlights of Pro Tork helmets.

Pro Tork helmets offer functions such as micrometric closure, which allows the accessory to be completely adapted to the head, linings in anti-allergenic materials, which help with sweat, prevent the heat from being unbearable and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, and a mobile visor that, in some cases, it can be activated with just a button.

Thus, when wearing a Pro Tork helmet, the user will never be bound by unpleasant sensations (such as extreme heat) or uncomfortable. He will be able to make the necessary adjustments to have the best experience possible without losing the protection that the accessory offers.

We mentioned that comfort is one of the main advantages of Pro Tork helmets and, without a doubt, the brand works hard to continue evolving in this regard.


Did you know that, according to the traffic code, driving a motorcycle or transporting a passenger without a helmet is a very serious infraction?

The helmet must not only cover the skull, but also have a visor or at least allow the fitting of goggles. Therefore, models developed for bicycles or similar are prohibited. Following the law is important, but being protected is even more!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Pro Tork helmet?

Pro Tork helmets are among the cheapest on the market. The simplest models can be purchased for around R $ 60, while the more advanced ones rarely exceed R $ 200. The initial range concentrates the largest number of copies.

To buy a Pro Tork helmet, you can go to a motorcycle shop. However, a great option is to purchase online: Amazon has excellent models, as well as international Amazon.

Purchase criteria: Important factors when choosing a Pro Tork helmet

Now that you have decided to buy a Pro Tork helmet, you just need to know a few important technical criteria for choosing the perfect model. We selected four to discuss.

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Ventilation system
  • Design

Below, we go into more detail about each of them:


As with clothing, shoes or caps, motorcycle helmets have sizes that need to fit your head. The table is universal, not restricted to Pro Tork.

The measurement of the circumference of your head should be done a finger above the eyebrows.

To find the ideal helmet size for you, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head, one finger above your eyebrow. You should have a result between approximately 56 and 64.

The number of motorcycle helmets goes up two by two: 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64. The ideal is to always buy the one closest to your head size. If the number is intermediate, choose the smaller one.


The weight of a helmet does not interfere with its safety or resistance. However, it has some importance when it comes to comfort or even transportation.

Pro Tork helmets, as we said, are made of injected ABS, a lighter material than carbon and glass fibers. This makes them not too heavy, which prevents discomfort in the head or difficulty taking it to the motorcycle or other necessary place.

If you want a very light helmet model, pay attention to the technical specifications of each model!


Ventilation system

When you wear a helmet, you cover much of the surface of the face, preventing air from entering and making sweating difficult. To prevent intense heat from proliferating across your face, in addition to moisture and other discomfort, a helmet needs to have an excellent ventilation system.

As comfort is a priority of Pro Tork, the brand’s models are concerned with allowing free air circulation. In some cases, it is possible to open and close the visor with just one hand, but there is much more than that.

Air inlets and outlets, antiperspirant linings and openings in the chin region are some of the best options offered by the  brand. Check out what the model of your choice has to help with ventilation!


The main feature of Pro Tork is the design of their helmets: They marry urban fashion and allow you to maintain your style even while riding.

There are some more discreet Pro Tork helmets and others that are very striking, with special arts and designs. It’s up to you to choose the type of message you want to carry with your accessory, so you can make a perfect purchase for your style!




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