Top & Best PS4 Car Games Review 2020 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best PS4 Car Games: How to find the best in 2020?


Hello, welcome to! Today we’ll talk all about car games for PS4, one of the most traditional and popular segments of a heavyweight in the console market.

From ultra-realistic simulations to frantic racing, PS4 car games guarantee hours and hours of fun for the car fan – and games too. In this Guide, we will help you find the game that best suits your taste, your accessories and, why not, your class. So take your control and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • There are more than 150 PS4 games that have cars as their theme and / or main gameplay.
  • Some of them – including the main ones – are series, such as Gran Turismo, Dirt, Need for Speed, among others.
  • There are also exclusive titles for PS4, such as Gran Turismo Sport.

The Best PS4 Car Games: Team Choices

Below, we have selected the best car games for PS4, carefully analyzing their graphics, gameplay, customization, cars and tracks available, among other objective indicators.

  • The most complete car game
  • The best simulator
  • The most competitive racing game

Buying Guide

For the fan of speed, watching is not enough, it is necessary to feel. And there is no more realistic experience than a good car game for PS4, with several cars to drive, tracks to accelerate and a lot, a lot of speed.

With all the power of the Playstation 4, the possibilities of car games are endless. We will explore them in this Buying Guide, showing the different modalities, accessories and gameplay, so that you find your ideal car game.

What are the best PS4 car games of 2019?

There are plenty of PS4 car games on the market, and defining the best titles is not just a matter of quality and attributes. It is also a question of segmentation, that is, what are the best car games for each type?

Among simulators, for example, that invest heavily in the realism of the controls, in the appearance and physics of the game, we can mention the Assetto Corsa , which focuses on the simulation of races, but without a great multiplayer mode.

In the most immersive games, Gran Turismo stands out for its beautiful graphics and countless modalities, while the titles of the F1 franchise make you feel like a true Formula 1 driver.

There are also the most adventurous car games, with greater exploration of narrative, a segment in which the Need for Speed series reigns supreme. Among the action titles, DriveClub has exciting gameplay, and a full- featured online mode, just like Burnout Paradise: Remastered .


Where to find free PS4 car games?

One of the great advantages of consoles of the so-called eighth generation was the use of the internet to make the offer of games bigger and more accessible, although not necessarily cheaper. In Playstation 4, the responsible for this sector is the Playstation Network – PSN, for the intimate -, and the subscription service PSN Plus .

Due to its size and driven by competitiveness with Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold, PSN offers a number of free downloadable titles, which are installed directly into your Play 4’s memory.

In this group, of course, car games could not be missing, grouped in the “Racing” segment of PSN. Most are older games, such as Grid 2, and alternative, independent games, in addition to the free demos, which offer a limited piece of gameplay for some title.


How are the PS4 rally car games?

Rally is a very interesting and exciting sport, but not very popular. This is reflected in the offer of games for Play 4, which is a little lower when compared to other types of racing.

We can highlight here: Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, V-Rally 4 and the World Rally Championship 5. The best, however, and with some distance from competitors, are the Dirt series games, especially Dirt 4, Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0. 

Did you know? Sébastien Loeb, who gives the game its name, is one of the greatest rally drivers of all time, having won nine world championships, all in a row, from 2004 to 2012.


The latter are games that, due to the intuitiveness of the controls and the graphic levels, do not owe to any other in the racing segment, besides the customizations and soundtracks.

The biggest differences are in some details of the gameplay, such as the curve mechanics, which is in fact different on dirt tracks, and in the use of features such as the vibration of the control to set the player up.

The following video, with Portuguese subtitles, shows a trailer for Dirt Rally 2.0:


What are the best car games to play with steering wheel on PS4?

First of all, know that the steering wheel is like any video game accessory, and depends on the compatibility with the game. Still, games that do not develop gameplay for the steering wheel are rare.

The point is that not every game is good to play with the wheel. Most of the time, this is because the game does not offer support for all possible steering wheel features, such as specific gear commands, corner angles, and so on.

In this sense, the best car games for PS4 to use the steering wheel are the most simulators and most realistic possible in driving the car. We highlight here the Project Car franchise and the previously mentioned F1, Gran Turismo and Assetto Corsa.

How are PS4 car games for two players?

The question may seem obvious, but nothing is so trivial when it comes to PlayStation 4 games. Of course, the most common – and classic – multiplayer car game mode is the famous Split Screen , in the best Mario Kart style , with players competing against each other, and against avatars controlled by the game as well.

The novelty is due to the Co-op modes , short for Cooperative Gameplay (“cooperative game”, in English), present in two prominent games: Need for Speed ​​and F1. In them, both are in the race, but behind a common goal.

In Need for Speed, the cooperation is to evade the police and gain reputation for your gang, and in F1, the traditional team game of the automakers (which Rubens Barrichello did with Ferrari). In both, the mode is only possible online.

Purchasing Criteria: choosing the best PS4 car games

Now let’s go with another list, this time of purchase criteria, the strength of so that you can find the ideal car game for your Play 4. Your items are characteristic elements of the segment, and that you can leave the store with. best title.

  • Online
  • Modalities
  • Open map
  • Tracks
  • Series


If you are in doubt between some games, the first point that should help your selection is to note the online modes of the titles. First, of course, if there is indeed an online mode; then, how is your gameplay.

Obviously, choose what you like best, but if we can give you a hint, go for the most complete ones, which differentiate levels of players and mainly that allow the creation of customizable modes, for you to organize a game with your friends.


The idea here is to look for the most complete game, that is, to entertain in more ways for a longer time. After all, what hype can be repetitive now, isn’t it? Thus, give preference to titles with a greater number of game modes.

This means a game that differentiates simple races from campaign races (or careers), customizable races, mini-games, training and even customizations – the famous “tuning” of cars.

Open map

In the same logic of the modalities, look carefully at the PS4 car games with an open map, GTA style, as it happens in some editions of Need for Speed. Although it is a matter of taste, it is undeniable that the open map offers greater possibilities.

In this style (or modality), you will discover the game, you can choose your missions, hunt for small prizes and other hidden challenges, and, often, just wave the map, with a good background soundtrack and a lot of speed (and maneuvers) ) on the track.


Tracks, by the way, should also be your focus, regardless of the style or modality of the car game in question. The idea remains simple: more leads, more possibilities.

In car games, the tracks are, in a way, stages, which can be beaten, revisited and explored to your liking. Even better if the tracks are customizable, with different weather conditions, or even if there is a tool for creating tracks.



Now, the safest way to choose a good PS4 car game is to go after the big series, also called franchises. Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Dirt, F1, among others, are sure bets for your entertainment.

After all, they are games made with millionaire budgets, with licensing contracts with the biggest brands and automakers, pilots, even the soundtrack is superior. They may not be the perfect titles for you, but they will certainly have great quality.

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