Top & Best Pyrograph Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pyrograph: Know how to choose the best in 2022

Are you interested in buying a pyrograph? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will teach you all the important questions to acquire this small device that can help you, among other things, with the wonderful art of pyrography!

Ideal for artists, artisans, carpenters, freelance leather workers or even for those who have pyrography as a hobby, the pyrograph allows the execution of a very beautiful art, but not so well known. It’s time to get to know more details about the device and explain what it is capable of and how to differentiate models.

First, the most important

  • With the pyrograph you will be able to practice the art of pyrography, which consists of drawing on surfaces such as wood and glass from very high temperatures.
  • There are several different types of tips for pyrographs and you will need to have a kit with the most important ones. They wear out over time and need to be renewed.
  • The practice of pyrography requires experience and training, but with a good pyrograph you can master it and have it as an art, hobby or complement to your service.

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The best pyrograph models: The opinion of the newsroom

If you want to practice pyrography, you need to choose your pyrograph carefully. We tested some models available on the market and made a selection with those that are sure to satisfy you!

  • The beginner pyrograph
  • A great model for professionals
  • A pyrograph with storage

Buying Guide

Do you know exactly everything that a pyrograph allows you to do? And why should you have one for your workshop or studio?

We come to our shopping guide, the sector in which the most frequent questions about pyrographs will be answered!

What is a pyrograph and what is it for?

Pyrography is a centuries-old art that consists of decorating wood and other materials such as leather, plastic or glass with burn marks. It can generate very beautiful and pleasing eyes.

These burns are done through an extremely heated material that comes in contact with the surface. After several techniques were tried to achieve beautiful and safe results, the pyrograph was invented.

A pyrograph is a pen-shaped instrument that uses different tips that, overheated, are used on the surface that will be burned for artistic purposes. It allows the perfect execution of the pyrography.

You can work with a pyrograph on a variety of surfaces. We highlight wood, leather, velvet, acrylic, styrofoam, plastic, glass and PVC.



Did you know that, before the invention of the pyrograph in 1916, pyrography was made with incandescent pieces of coal wrapped in cloth or paper? From the 19th century on, rubber hoses filled with benzene were also an option.

Which professionals use a pyrograph?

Although not well known to the general public, pyrographs are used by various types of professionals. We will now quote the main ones:

    • Artists and craftsmen: Pyrography itself is an art. With a lot of talent and work, it can be displayed in galleries or sold at high prices. There are many artists and artisans who dedicate themselves exclusively to it.
    • Manufacturers of wooden objects: People who work with wooden objects can use pyrographs. Among them, we can mention toys, furniture, trinkets, fridge magnets, decoration pieces and kitchen utensils.
    • Electronics manufacturers: Because it also writes on various types of plastic, the pyrograph allows personalized work to be done on the housing of various electronics. It is used in computers, notebooks, radio, telephony and others.


In addition to these, professionals such as joiners, glaziers, shoemakers and leather workers also make great use of the pyrograph!

What are the advantages of a pyrograph?

The pyrograph is an instrument that helps in the execution of a unique and beautiful art. As much as it takes time and practice to fully master it, only your practice can bring many benefits to a person’s life.

Having an art as a hobby allows calm and peace of mind in many moments. It also improves concentration and fills time usefully.

If you engage in any paid activity with the pyrograph, you have a great advantage for your business. Not everyone knows pyrography, so you will be able to insert a unique brand capable of pleasing many customers in every job you do.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of a pyrograph:

What are the essential tips for a pyrograph?

When you buy a pyrograph, you will notice that a set of tips will accompany the device. Each of them has a specific function that can help you to perform different types of pyrographic art.

It is worth mentioning that the tips wear out over time and need to be changed. When you realize that they no longer produce good results, you will need to purchase a new kit. If you have nickel wire and experience in the subject, you can manufacture yours.

At least six tips are common and need to be mentioned: Thin, thick, chisel, knife, soldering and transfer.

The first two are for drawing and leave the desired shape on the surface, as if they were brushes. The following are for carving, widely used in styrofoam or similar. Finally, the last two have much more specific functions.

In the table below, we mention the most common tips in Brazil and what are their main functions:

How to use a pyrograph?

The basic use of a pyrogafo is not complicated: you must put the tip you want before starting the process, then connect the pen to the transformer and plug it in. Then wait for the appropriate warm-up to begin service.


Whenever changing the tip, turn off the pyrograph.

Whenever changing the tip, turn off the pyrograph. There is a special plier that helps you with this. Note that there are always some technical specifications that need to be followed, such as the maximum time the device can stay on and the maximum temperature it can withstand.

Knowing how to make the basic use, you will have time to learn to master the art of pyrography. Some courses can help you to become expert in handling the pen. If you are already a good designer, the road to excellence will be even shorter!

How much does it cost and where to buy a pyrograph?

You will find pyrographs for sale at prices ranging from R $ 40 to R $ 250. The cheapest ones are quite simple, used mainly by beginners. Professionals should seek the highest ranges.

You will enter pyrographs in stores specializing in handicraft products and in some gift shops and articles in general. We recommend buying over the internet: Amazon has some great models, while Amazon international is also option.


Purchasing criteria: Important factors for choosing a pyrograph

Now we just need to know important technical criteria to choose the best pyrograph for you! We have selected four items that can help you a lot:

  • Maximum usage time
  • Extra items
  • Ergonomics
  • Supported temperature

In the next few paragraphs, we talk a little more about each one!

Maximum usage time

Professionals in high demand may need to use a pyrograph for a long time. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical specifications, since there is always a limit on how much it is possible to keep the device on.

When buying a pyrograph, read how long it can be used without rest. If you believe that it is not enough for your demand, you will need to choose another more advanced model.

For those just starting out or looking to do pyrography just for a hobby, this probably won’t be an important issue.

Extra items

The pyrograph does not depend only on itself to function. There are several accessories that are important for this, mainly the transformer to which it connects and the tips that do the job on the desired surface.

Choose a pyrograph that has many accessories to offer.

The more of these accessories the chosen model offers, the better the purchase. You can require at least the transformer, a good number of tips, pliers for replacement and a screwdriver.

It is even common for some models to offer nickel wires, used by professionals to make their own tips. If you really want to specialize in pyrography, also look for this option, but remember that common wires can burn your device.

Finally, some pyrographs come with cases that help to store and transport the device. It is a great option for those looking for greater durability!


The process of working with a pyrograph is time consuming. You will need to pay attention to several details in order to perform accurate and beautiful strokes while holding the pen. With that, it becomes important that the chosen model is quite ergonomic!

Some pyrographs have a more padded body, others have an anatomical shape for the footprint. They make working for long hours comfortable. If your idea is to use the device for a long period of time, be sure to observe these characteristics!

Supported temperature

Among the skills you will need to develop to handle the pyrograph is controlling temperatures and understanding the effects they have on each of the possible work materials.

A technical specification relates to this is the maximum temperature supported, which can be 400 degrees Celsius or even higher. The higher that number, the greater your freedom to work. This is also an important factor for those who want to use the pyrograph in a professional manner.


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