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Top & Best Quad Skates Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Quad Skates: How to choose the best model in 2022

Also known as traditional, four-wheel, retro or vintage skates, quad skates are ideal for people of different skill levels.

In addition to the fun guaranteed for people of different ages, skating brings many health benefits such as strengthening muscles, burning calories, improving posture and gaining balance.

To choose a good pair of skates, you just need to analyze the sport you want to practice and the intensity you want to use. In this article we will cover these and other topics to help you choose the best model.

First, the most important

  • You can find quad skates in the following versions: traditional, recreational, radical, artistic, suitable for roller derby and hockey.
  • This is the ideal model for anyone who is a beginner or has difficulty balancing on wheels, as the base is wider and the wheels are parallel, offering stability and safety.
  • The best national brand of quad skates is Traxart. If you prefer an imported model, you will find more options: Fila, Rye, Edea, Roller Derby, Powerslide and Rollerblade.

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Ranking: The 5 best models of quad skates

Are you going to buy a pair of skates? Congratulations on your choice! But we must warn you, you will find a wide variety of models in physical and virtual stores, which can leave you in doubt about which is the best option.

With that in mind, in addition to a complete shopping guide (you can see below), with information on which model is ideal according to the sport, we have prepared this ranking with some purchase suggestions.

Buying Guide

Skating is for everyone: children, youth and adults, female or male and at different skill levels. The best thing is that, despite being an individual sport, you can practice it together with your friends or family.

But to start skating, you’ll need to invest in a good pair of quad skates. With that in mind, we have prepared this Buying Guide, with all the information you need to know about this product. Good reading!

What are the characteristics of quad skates?

Also known as traditional, four-wheel or roller skates, quad skates have four wheels: two parallel wheels at the rear (next to the brake) and two at the bottom of the skates.

Because of the arrangement of the wheels, this model is more stable and easier to balance. However, these skates are heavier, less fast and are not suitable for those who want to do radical maneuvers.

Since the base of quad skates is slightly smaller and wider, you have less front and rear support and more lateral support. The front brake also serves to boost some movements.



  • It’s easy to balance
  • Ankles are in a comfortable position
  • The brake is at the rear of the skids
  • Has retro design
  • Can be used for leisure, figure skating and sports
  • Some models come with a carrying case and safety equipment


  • It’s less fast
  • Can only be used on smooth surfaces, so as not to wear the wheels
  • Not suitable for maneuvers, jumps and pirouettes
  • You need to be aware of the shoelaces
  • Less variety of models and national brands
  • If the model does not come with safety equipment, this is an extra expense

What are the benefits of rollerblading?

Rollerblading is an excellent activity for those who want to burn calories and lose weight. As or more effective than running, skating for about an hour will help you lose between 500 and 800 calories (if the exercise is done in an intense and constant manner).

In addition to the loss of calories, this activity helps to strengthen and define the muscles of the legs, glutes and abdomen, in addition to increasing physical conditioning and muscular endurance throughout the body, benefiting the lungs and heart.

Anyone who suffers from back problems, such as deviations (lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis) or pain, will also benefit from roller skating, as skating forces the person to maintain an upright posture.

Other benefits are improved balance, increased concentration, stimulating quick thinking and a feeling of well-being and pleasure.

Finally, skating requires a learning curve. When developing the ability to skate, your sense of balance, flexibility, control and reflexes will improve significantly.

How to start rollerblading?


    • Wear socks : it is essential that you wear socks when rollerblading. Give preference to the cotton ones, with thick fabric and high barrel (four fingers above the barrel of the skates), as they help to make the skates more comfortable and reduce friction.
    • Use safety equipment : helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist protectors and wristbands are essential for those who are learning to skate, as falls are common and you can be seriously injured.
    • Stretch : before you start skating, stretch the muscles of the whole body, this way you avoid possible injuries and muscle pain after the activity.
    • Go little by little : start skating for short periods and gradually increase, as you acquire more skill and confidence to skate.
    • Ask for help : if you are a beginner, seek help from a professional or someone who already knows how to ride roller skates, this way you can learn techniques of how to walk, maneuver, brake, among other skills, with those who know the subject.
    • Learn how to fall : it is inevitable, you will fall a few times when you are learning to skate, so it is important to learn how to “fall the right way” to avoid accidents.




What size skates should I buy?

Opinions differ widely as to the ideal size of a pair of skates. Some people suggest that skates should be the same size as shoes, others argue that skates should be one or two larger numbers.

When in doubt, we suggest that you visit a store and try the skates (even if you go to buy them later on the internet), because that way you can test what works for you.

The ideal is that the skates are neither too tight nor loose, they should fit perfectly.


I am obese, can I buy quad skates?

If you are overweight, know that this is no excuse for not skating, as you find models of quad skates that support people up to 100 kg. The secret is to choose a model made of good quality materials.

The boot must be leather and the base of aluminum or titanium, as these materials are more resistant. The adjustment by laces allows you to leave the skates according to the shape of your feet.

Quad or Inline Skates: What is the best model for me?

The Inline skates , as the name implies, have the wheels (three to five) arranged in line. This model is ideal for those who want to skate on smooth and uneven surfaces, such as paved streets or parks.

These skates are light and comfortable, but require some effort and motor skills so that you can balance yourself (especially for beginners), as the base is long and narrow and the supports are front and rear, not lateral as in the quad.

But with a little training, you can perform some maneuvers such as spins, jumps and pirouettes and skate at high speed, as this model offers flexibility, fluidity and agility.


But after all, which is the best? This depends on your goals, if you want an easier model to walk and balance, go quad quad skating, if you want to skate at high speed and perform radical maneuvers, bet on the inline skates.

How much?

The simplest adult models start at R $ 200, but most cost between R $ 500 and R $ 700. Children’s models cost between R $ 180 and R $ 500, depending on the model’s characteristics.

Where to buy?

Buy your skates at stores specializing in sporting goods If you prefer, you can buy online and receive the product by mail, in addition to the ease, you can find a wide variety of models and brands on the same website.

Our recommendation is that you take a look at Amazon, which in addition to offering a wide variety of quad and inline skates, also offers free shipping and allows skates to be exchanged if the size is not correct (within seven calendar days after receipt).


Purchase criteria: factors to compare the different models of quad skates

Those who have been rollerblading for some time know that they do not last forever. Since the acquisition, many things change: the skater’s skill improves, the equipment wears out, new technologies emerge, among other reasons.

When changing, it is normal for even the most experienced skaters to have some doubts about choosing the ideal pair of skates. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips on what you should analyze and compare at the time of purchase:

  • Model
  • Wheels
  • Boots
  • Design
  • Other features
  • Bearings

Are you interested? Then check out the explanation of each of the items listed above throughout this section. If you still have any questions, leave a comment and we will answer you.


The first step in getting the skates right is to establish the purpose of using the equipment. Most people start to skate with recreational skates.

With the experience, some preferences start to emerge and the skater can evaluate if he prefers a model focused on running, sports, artistic, dance etc.

We list the main models of quad skates and the modalities they are aimed at below:

Traditional Quad

It can be a low or high boot, with or without heel (the heel serves to improve the position of the body and prevent falls from the back). The brake is at the front, for easy use by beginners and to boost skates. They are commonly used and the best choice for dancing in clubs.


Artistic Quad

It has high heel and heel, to make the posture erect and elegant. It is the ideal model for artistic presentations, in which music, dance and technical elements such as jumps, turns and pirouettes are combined. These skates are for indoor use.

Sports Quad

The differential of this model is the absence of brakes at the front of the skates. They are used in competition sports, in which athletes must work with the axes of the skates to travel circular lines drawn on the floor.

Quad Street

Quad street skates are indicated for those who want to practice extreme sports, as they have a resistant plastic plate called a grind block, which can be used to slide the skates over handrails.


The barrel is shorter (to give mobility to the ankles), can come with or without heel, the wheels are indoor or hybrid and are more resistant. This is the ideal model to practice the sport of the same name.


When choosing a pair of quad skates, analyze the material, thickness and hardness of the wheels, as these parts can positively or negatively influence your experience with the skates.

Regarding the material, the wheels can be made of urethane, polyurethane, rubberized (similar to silicone) or plastic.

Escape plastic wheels and brakes, as these parts do not help to pick up speed, hinder the development of the technique, skid easily, cause falls due to lack of control, can create injuries due to excessive effort and spoil easily.

Regarding the diameter, measured in millimeters, there is a variation according to the model in question, but in general the quad skates do not have very large or very wide wheels.

  • Artistic skates : the measure varies from 49 to 63 mm.
  • Leisure skates : about 32 mm.

The degree of hardness works as follows: harder wheels are better for flat floors, because the grip is less, while softer wheels have more grip, ideal for rough soils (but the durability is less).

The degree of hardness varies from 78A to 103A, and the higher the graduation, the greater the level of hardness, the lower the adhesion and the greater the speed. Analyze and compare the information in the table below:

The size and degree of hardness are indicated by printing on the wheels themselves. Although all models of skates come with wheels, you can purchase these accessories separately, the price varies according to the quality of the parts.


Ideally, boots should be rigid on the outside and comfortable on the inside. Prefer the most rigid for street, the lightest and most comfortable for walking and the extremely light for speed.

These materials can be leather, synthetic leather or plastic alloys. The pipe can be low, medium or high, but this variation is more related to the model in question (as described in the first item).

The padded inner lining will greatly reduce the friction of the boot with the feet during the journey, decreasing the chances of some injuries to the feet like the terrible blisters.


Tip: choose a model with a breathable, removable and washable inner boot, as the skates may have a bad odor as you use the skates.



Another feature that you need to analyze and compare before buying a pair of skates is the design of the model. You find more basic versions, in sober colors like black, cream or nude.

Most models are colorful, you can find anything from pastel tones to models in vibrant tones like purple, blue, pink, green, red, among others. An alternative is to choose a printed model.


Other features

  • Ventilation system : compare which is the best among the available options, but the ideal is that the internal boots are breathable, to inhibit the formation of bad odors.
  • Impact absorption system : it is important to choose a pair of skates with a good damping system, as this feature offers comfort and safety for the skater.
  • Liner : it is very important that the boots of the skates are lined and with foam, because the padded inner lining offers comfort to the skater.
  • Base : The base can be made of PVC plastic, aluminum, titanium, steel, among other metallic materials. Look for a model with a sturdy, durable and light base (to facilitate movements).
  • Bearings : the bearings must be of excellent quality, as these parts are responsible for the wheels sliding and gaining speed. Check the ABEC classification according to your skating needs.


There is no point in having excellent quality wheels if the bearings are bad, after all, they are responsible for the movement of the wheels and speed gain, that is, they are directly linked to the performance of the equipment.

Bearings are classified using the international acronym ABEC, according to some criteria such as accuracy, tolerance, dimensions and noise levels, in degrees ranging from 1 to 15, the closer to 15, the better the performance.

The simplest models are classified between ABEC 1 and 5, while the intermediate models are between ABEC 5, 7 and 9 and the advanced models reach ABEC 15 (they are usually professional models).

Did you know that some modifications can transform a pair of skates into leisure skates? Just change the wheels and bearings. As we already talked about the wheels, now we are going to go deeper into the bearings.

First of all, choose shielded bearings, they don’t take much work, as they don’t require deep cleaning or constant lubrication. You will need 16 bearings per pair, as each boot uses eight bearings (quad skids).

Leisure bearings can be 7 or 8 mm in internal diameter (also referred to as bearings 627 and 608 respectively), 7 mm in height and 22 mm in external diameter (these last two values ​​are standard, do not change).

If buying online, choose these patterns: for professional skates: 22x7x8 mm and for leisure skates: 22x8x7 mm.


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