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Top & Best Refresqueira Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Refresqueira: Como escolher a melhor em 2021?

If you need a container to put juices, soft drinks or other liquids in your food establishment or even in your home, there is no better option than a cooler! In addition to the large storage capacity, some models even help with cooling!

There are coolers capable of meeting the most diverse needs, with many variations of characteristics. But how to choose yours? We have prepared a complete article with all the information you need to know everything about these utensils. Stay with us!

First, the most important

  • A cooler helps a lot in agility and hygiene to serve juices in both domestic and industrial environments.
  • There are small models with beautiful designs that serve for home, and others with large capacities and extra features that help in various establishments.
  • In industrial coolers there are some important features, such as agitation and cooling systems, that need to be present.

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The best refreshments: Our opinion

There are many interesting models of coolers on the market. To help you with your choice, we’ve made a very versatile selection of some of the best:

  • For those who need a large capacity
  • A very nice refreshment
  • The cooler that offers economy and durability

Buying Guide

Do you have questions about the use of coolers? Do you want to know more about them and their different types before hitting the hammer on a purchase?

Do not worry: We are in the shopping guide, the text section that will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about refreshments

What is a cooler and what is it for?

We often need containers capable of storing large quantities of liquids. If this already happens in our homes, it is even more frequent in establishments that deal with a large number of customers.

Refreshers are the tools that solve this problem. They can store various types of liquids, such as juices, soft drinks, water, coconut water and chocolate. They have wide variations in capacity, good durability and can even offer a good cooling system.

When you buy a cooler you will have no more problems with storing liquids. It doesn’t matter if a simple model, with only two or three liters, or a very complex one, with a capacity of thirty liters or more, it will be of great use for a domestic or commercial environment.

Did you know that a very primitive version of refreshment was invented by Heron of Alexandria, still around 100 BC? It was a machine capable of serving a little holy water after being fed a coin.

Only many years after the mechanism was developed again: Slightly more modern versions were common in English taverns in the 17th century.

What are the advantages of a cooler?

The cooler is the ideal accessory for those who need to serve large quantities of liquid in a commercial establishment. It not only stands out for its large capacity, but also for the possibility of cooling, the rotating blades and the ease of self-service.Thus, it is a very versatile accessory, which can be used in several types of establishments: From company cafeterias or self-service restaurants, to food stores that work in the traditional way.

This versatility even allows it to be used at home, in its smaller versions. Stores liquids safely, keeps them at a pleasant temperature and is easy to clean and serve.

The taps prevent dirt and make using by children easier. There is also a good variation in the materials of the coolers, prioritizing both those who prefer a beautiful design, and those looking for more robustness.

The price of a cooler can be quite high, and larger industrial models still need power.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of coolers:

Where is the use of a cooler recommended?

There are many places that can benefit from the presence of a cooler. After all, the use of an accessory like this speeds up the act of serving juices and allows people to do it on their own.

    • Home environment: A small cooler can be great in a home environment. It helps to reduce dirt and perhaps even to cool juices, in addition to the ease of serving even for children.
    • Restaurants: Many restaurants work with large quantities of juices and the like and have nowhere to store them. The presence of the cooler makes the distribution of liquids much faster.
    • Small cafeterias: In small cafeterias, with a large output of juices and foods such as snacks and the like, the refreshment makes the service to the public very fast. Just go to the accessory, get the juice and deliver!
    • Refectories : In schools, industries and large companies that serve meals to a large number of people, the search for liquids is common. In these situations, the coolers help too much to give agility and security to the process.


Domestic or industrial cooler?

One question you may have is whether to buy a domestic or industrial cooler. To answer this question, you must understand mainly how many people will be served with the accessory and what types of liquids will be served.

Household coolers are ideal for the use of a few people, with liquids such as natural juices and water. At home or in places with little flow of people, such as offices, offices and small cafeterias, they may be ideal.

If you serve a large number of people, the ideal is to look for an industrial model. This is because it will have a much greater capacity, making constant refueling unnecessary. In addition, a cooling system is more likely to exist.

Another issue is that some types of liquids, such as powdered juices and soft drinks, need constant stirring. In that case, you will need a cooler with rotating blades. Models that rely on this feature are almost always industrial.

We have prepared a table comparing the two types:

How to keep a cooler always clean?

Because it is always full of liquids that will be ingested by humans, the cooler needs to undergo quality cleaning. You should clean it whenever it is empty, thus ensuring that there is no proliferation of any type of bacteria.


Whenever the cooler is empty, clean it with soap and water.

Whenever the cooler is empty, you can clean it well with soap and water. That way, it will be ready for the next batch of liquid. In addition to hygiene, this will also ensure that there is no mixing between different flavors.

In the case of industrial models, you should do a more complex cleaning at the end of the day. It is possible to disassemble it, separating parts such as vats and rotating blades, and to sanitize each part. Only use soap and water. Allow to dry thoroughly before reassembling.

Remember to take care not to damage the engine of models that have one.

How much does it cost and where to buy a cooler?

There is a wide variation in domestic and industrial refreshment prices. The former vary between R $ 40 and R $ 300, depending on the material and design, while the latter can be found from R $ 1,000 to R $ 3,500, varying by capacity and extra resources.

Decoration and kitchenware stores sell good models of household refreshments, while trades specializing in professional cooking are the best physical places to find an industrial.

We recommend that, regardless of your choice, make your purchase over the internet. Amazon offers excellent models, as well as international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a cooler

Now that you know the reasons for having a cooler, how about understanding how to choose yours? We selected four criteria for discussion:

  • Capacity
  • Shaking system
  • Cooling system
  • Material

Below, you can find out more about each one!


Most of the glasses available on the market have a capacity of 300 ml. So you can come to the conclusion that 3-liter coolers serve ten full glasses, while the 30-liter bowls fill one hundred.

Based on this account and how many people you need to supply, it is possible to find an answer for which cooling capacity you need. It is possible to find small models and others that serve an enormous amount of glasses. Everything is a matter of what is most suitable for your need!

Shaking system

There are liquids, such as powdered juices, soft drinks and some types of milk, which need constant agitation to remain ideal for consumption. In such cases, it is essential that the cooler has a system that does it.

The most common agitation system is by rotating blades.

The most common is that the agitation system happens through rotating blades, which, moved by a motor, are in constant movement. Another possibility is the generation of pressure jets that also cause the liquid to be always moving.

One way or another, coolers with a stirring system need an engine, which will cause them to use electricity. If you only serve natural juice or another type of liquid, this function may not be necessary.

Cooling system

In a country like keeping liquids always cold is essential. Thus, it is much easier to quench your thirst! Good coolers, especially when industrial, need to facilitate the cooling system.

This is often done through the engine, but on some models there is also the possibility of thermal insulation from the material itself. When the cooler is not as advanced, it is necessary to resort to the good old method of ice stones.


It is very common to find refreshments made of glass or plastic on the market. These are good options and they can certainly help you. However, there are some others that must also be taken into account.

Stainless steel coolers have greater durability, since they do not rust. Even the need for maintenance becomes less. On the other hand, polycarbonate, also very durable, are better for producing natural cooling, or at least thermal insulation.


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