Top & Best Refrigerator display Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Refrigerator display: What are the best models of 2021?

Good looks are the lifeblood of any business. It is essential to expose your products in an organized way that attracts customers. A good product to achieve this is the display refrigerator, which can be used to store drinks, cakes and more.

Found in several versions, the display refrigerator is a very common item in supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants. It allows consumers to view everything that is for sale. In this article we have collected everything that is most important about this type of refrigerator. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The display refrigerator is made with a glass door and allows you to see everything inside.
  • This product exists in different capacities and is ideal for storing drinks and food in stores of the most varied types.
  • There are display refrigerator models starting at R $ 1,300, on average, and the larger it is, the more expensive it will cost.

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Best display refrigerator models: Our choices

The display refrigerator allows the visualization of refrigerated items that are being sold in stores. It is very practical and keeps everything at the ideal temperature.

But there are many models of this product. For you to choose the best we have separated the best ones below, check it out.

  • The ideal medium-sized display refrigerator
  • A great option for those who want a large refrigerator
  • The most economical display refrigerator
  • The most compact model

Buying Guide

Just arrive at a store that sells drinks or food to find a display refrigerator. This product is widely used for commercial purposes and allows customers to view everything that is being marketed on the spot.

Made in a wide variety of sizes and models, the display refrigerator combines a series of advantages. It is possible to store various products and still keep them at the ideal temperature. In the buying guide below we will show you everything you need to know before buying one of these, come on?

What is a display refrigerator and what is it for?

The display refrigerator is the ideal item to store any food that needs to be kept cold. Thus, this product is indicated to freeze drinks, dairy products and various types of food.

Also known as a refrigerated display, it works like an ordinary refrigerator, with the difference that it works at lower temperatures.

Its composition is very simple, this type of refrigerator is composed only of shelves, which usually have adjustable height. There is also always a glass door, which allows customers to view all items for sale.

For which types of establishments is the display refrigerator indicated?

The display refrigerator is a very versatile product that can be used in several types of establishments.

This item is widely found in restaurants, bars, supermarkets and even pharmacies. This is mainly due to the fact that with it the customer is able to visualize what is being sold and choose what he wants without difficulties.



There are several brands that make their display refrigerators available to merchants.

This is a very common practice and companies like Coca-Cola usually work with this service.

In such cases, the merchant needs to contact the supplier and become an official seller of his products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a display refrigerator?

The display refrigerator is made with a series of features that make it an excellent option for the most varied types of commerce.

One of its biggest advantages is the glass door, which allows you to see everything inside.

This equipment also works with a low temperature range. That way, he can keep the items well refrigerated. In addition, the display refrigerator always has an adjustable thermostat.

It is also worth mentioning that this type of refrigerator has an LED lighting system, adjustable feet and some have frost free defrost. All of this makes it an excellent option for commercial establishments.

The adjustable shelves of the display refrigerator are another differential. With them it is possible to store products of different heights without difficulties.

The disadvantage is that this equipment has a high value.

Where to place a display refrigerator?

The display refrigerator is a very efficient product that must be strategically positioned within the establishment.

It is essential to place it in a covered place and away from the sun. In this way, the durability and proper functioning of this item is maintained. In addition, it is essential that the refrigerator is close to the outlet to avoid any accident.

If the refrigerator is freely accessible to customers, then it should be positioned so that they can easily see it. So, the probability of making the purchase is greater.

How to clean a display refrigerator?

When talking about places that sell food and drinks, hygiene is one of the most important points. Therefore, it is essential to keep the display refrigerator always clean and in good condition.

And you’re wrong if you think this product is difficult to clean. In fact, this is a very simple process to perform.


The first step in cleaning the display refrigerator is to unplug it.

The first step in cleaning the display refrigerator is to unplug it. The next step is to remove the products that are inside it, including the shelves.

Once this is done, it is recommended to pass a damp cloth with warm water or a soft sponge with neutral detergent over the entire interior of the refrigerator.

After removing the dirt, wipe with a clean damp cloth to remove the soap. Then, dry the refrigerator with a paper towel.

It is also essential to clean the shelves. To do this, just wash them with a soft sponge and neutral detergent, remove the soap under running water and dry. After replacing the shelves, simply plug the display refrigerator back into the outlet and put it to use.

But remember, cleaning the display refrigerator should always be done every two weeks or monthly.

How much does it cost and where to buy a display refrigerator?

The value of a display refrigerator is relatively high and is directly related to the capacity of that product. In this way, larger models cost more than smaller ones.

Thus, the price of one of these is between R $ 1,300 and R $ 3,500, on average.

Anyone who wants to purchase this type of refrigerator should look for it in stores that sell equipment for businesses. Online it is also possible to make this purchase and good sites are Amazon, Dufrio and Mercado Livre.


Purchasing criteria: Comparing the display refrigerator models

Now is the time to help you choose the best display refrigerator model. For that we separate below everything that must be analyzed before the purchase.

  • Capacity
  • Voltage
  • Design
  • Temperature range

Below we explain each of these topics.


The display refrigerator is made in different sizes and this allows it to adapt to all needs.

The capacity of this product is determined in liters and the smallest models on the market start at 100 liters, while the larger versions exceed 400 liters.

When deciding between one of these options, it is essential to check your need. The more items you need to store in the refrigerator the bigger it should be. However, large models are the most expensive, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

To get a notion it is worth analyzing that models with about 400 liters can hold 384 350ml cans, 224 long necks or 168 600ml PET bottles.


There are practically no bivolt display refrigerator models. This is an important feature of this product, as it directly affects its operation.

Options are easily found in versions 110 and 220 volts, including most brands make the same models in two different voltages.

Therefore, when buying this product always check which outlet it will be connected to. When you are sure about the voltage of the place choose the option that works with it.


As much as there is no great variation in the design of a display refrigerator, some details can make a difference. If this equipment is to be located in a kitchen, this characteristic is not so relevant, but if it becomes evident in the establishment then it is important.

With that, know that there are models with more modern or more traditional design. There are also options that have more striking and different details. One must then analyze which one best matches the decoration of your store.

In addition, the display refrigerators have a variable number of shelves, with options with 2, 3 and even more than 4. This is not always related to the capacity of this product and allows it to be more or less organized.

It is also worth noting if these shelves have height adjustment, a very positive feature.

Temperature range

The temperature range with which the display refrigerator works must also be taken into account. It determines the maximum and minimum temperature that this product will reach.

It is worth knowing that no display refrigerator model works with negative temperatures and the minimum it reaches is 0ºC. Regarding the maximum temperature, it is common for this product to reach 10ºC, but this is not a rule.

Thus, each item that needs to be kept refrigerated has a manufacturer’s temperature recommendation. For this reason, products of the same category are often stored in the refrigerator.

Who needs a lower temperature, should always pay attention to the minimum that the refrigerator reaches. This minimum will not always reach 0ºC and there are options that start at 2ºC and even 4ºC. So analyze this.


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