Top & Best Samsung electronic lock Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Samsung electronic lock: How to choose the best one in 2022

By combining technology and security, solutions emerge to further protect your assets. The digital lock is a modern, efficient solution with numerous advantages. But do you know what the differentials of the Samsung electronic lock are?

With the Samsung digital lock, access can be done in different ways, there is the option of access code, biometrics and use of RFID device – access card, key ring or Tag. Want to know which is the ideal model for your home or office? Read on!

First, the most important

  • The Samsung electronic lock is powered by batteries that last approximately 12 months, estimating that about 10 openings are made per day. It is not necessary to note the date on which the batteries were changed, as the smartlock emits an indicator when the battery is running out.
  • The Samsung electronic lock can be installed on a wooden or metal door that measures 30 to 50mm thick. The Samsung smartlock allows you to completely replace or overlap the door handle.
  • The price of the product must also be taken into account when purchasing an electronic lock from Samsung. You can find models from R $ 900 to R $ 2600.

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Samsung’s best electronic locks: Our recommendations

Using a digital lock in the home or office is a trend. With the advantages mentioned above, the search for a smartlock is not surprising. Discover the best Samsung electronic lock models and enjoy the benefits of this technology:

  • The economical Samsung electronic lock
  • The best Samsung built-in electronic lock
  • The most complete Samsung electronic lock

Buying Guide

The Samsung electronic lock is ideal for those who want to keep their home or office protected from malicious people. You can leave the room without questioning whether you forgot the unlocked door or where you left the keys.

With different models and features, there are benefits that only a quality smartlock, such as the Samsung electronic lock, can offer. Read this Buying Guide to learn more about the product.

What is an electronic lock?

The electronic lock allows you to control access to your home or home office using a password, fingerprint or some RFID devices (card, keychain or TAG), offering much more security to residents or employees.

The digital lock is the most important gadget in the smart home, because in addition to allowing you to move freely, without having to unlock and lock the lock countless times, it also controls who enters and leaves your home while you are on site.

What are the benefits of the Samsung electronic lock?

Buying an electronic lock from Samsung is an investment. Therefore, you need to know all the benefits of smartlock to decide if it is worth spending your money on the equipment:

    • Keyless entry : With the Samsung electronic lock you will no longer need a key, as the gadget offers other ways to lock and unlock the door as a password, fingerprint or access card.
    • Security : The digital lock has no mechanical structure that can be manipulated with the use of tools, therefore, an attacker will find a major obstacle to invade your home or office. Digital tampering also does not work with the Samsung electronic lock, as the device has advanced encryption that inhibits the interception of data by a hacker.
    • Smart home : The electronic lock is a very important device when it comes to smart home. You can use the equipment yourself or combine it with a complete home automation system. Example: Whenever the door is unlocked, certain lamps will be activated or the air conditioning will be turned on at the desired temperature. Another possibility is to connect the smartlock to an intercom to check who the visitor is before unlocking the door.


You can add permanent and temporary users – in the case of visitors, you can define an access schedule with specific days and times that these people can enter your home or office.

Learn about the main features of a Samsung electronic lock in the table below:

A negative point of the Samsung electronic lock is that you must make the purchase in  and request the installation of a technician to enjoy the benefits of the product warranty.

Another disadvantage is the high value of the product. With prices starting at R $ 900, not everyone can buy an electronic lock from Samsung, especially if we consider that other major brands offer similar products at lower prices.

In contrast, with the amount of unique features of the Samsung electronic lock, we understand why the device is so expensive. Discover the exclusive differentials present in all models of the brand below:

  • Anti-spy is a feature that helps to maintain your security and privacy. It consists of two random numbers that appear on the display and must be entered before entering the password chosen to open the door.
  • “Do not disturb” function prevents access to the site, even if the user has the access password. An application example is in a commercial room when a business meeting is taking place and participants do not want to be disturbed.
  • Automatic locking system is activated automatically as soon as the door is touched, ensuring protection and eventual correction of user failure.
  • Absence function serves to prevent theft and theft. It is activated when the door is opened from the inside without having been opened from the outside – in this case the attacker entered through another door or window in the house or office.
  • Anti-fire system : Whenever the anti-flame sensor detects a temperature equal to or higher than 60ºC, the lock will automatically open to facilitate the exit of people from the home or office.

How is the Samsung electronic lock powered?

The Samsung electronic lock is powered by four or eight AA batteries – depending on the smartlock model – and these batteries are included in the product packaging.

The battery life is approximately 12 months, for an average of 10 daily accesses. About 30 days before the batteries run out, an audible warning sounds on the digital panel of the electronic lock.

Can the Samsung electronic lock be installed outdoors?

We do not recommend that you install a Samsung electronic lock outside the home or business office, as the Samsung smartlock does not have an IP degree of protection, so it is susceptible to wear and tear caused by contact with rain, wind, extreme temperatures and other weather conditions – damage is not covered by the warranty.

Purchase criteria: Find the best Samsung electronic lock for your home

Some factors must be taken into account before purchasing a Samsung electronic lock. We have listed the main criteria used to decide which digital lock is best for your home or business office below:

  • Unlock mode
  • Lock Type
  • Other resources
  • Model

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. If you like the tips on choosing a Samsung electronic lock, share this content with your friends.

Unlock mode

When purchasing a Samsung electronic lock, consider how to lock and unlock the door, which can be by electronic password, RFID device or biometrics.

  • Access password : You can register passwords from 4 to 12 digits – from 1 to 30 passwords, depending on the smartlock model. Some models allow you to register temporary passwords for family, friends and employees.
  • Biometrics : You can register fingerprints of up to 100 people.
  • RFID device : The Samsung electronic lock can be unlocked by different RFID devices such as cards, key chains or tags. When you buy a Samsung smartlock, you receive two access keys, but you can purchase others separately.

In the most modern models, you can combine different locking modes to reinforce the security and usability of the digital lock.

Remember that the master password is used to register passwords, fingerprints and remote access devices. We recommend that the master password is different from other passwords.

Lock Type

Not all Samsung electronic locks are installed in the same way. The overlap lock allows you to keep the traditional lock. Installation is much simpler and can be performed by the user himself.

The built-in lock must be installed inside the door, replacing the conventional lock. This type of lock requires the door to be 35 to 50mm thick.

Other resources

Check if the Samsung electronic lock you intend to buy has other interesting technological features such as fire detector, alarm for incorrect passwords or attempted break-in, double authentication and automatic locking.

Evaluate the features in the technical sheet.

The greater the number of security-related features, the more robust the Samsung electronic lock chosen. Evaluate the features in the product’s technical sheet.


To help you find the Samsung electronic lock that best meets your expectations and needs, we have prepared a comparison table with all models of the brand below:



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