Top & Best Schutz Scholarship Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Schutz Scholarship: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Schutz bag, an accessory that will guarantee even more personality to your looks, whether for work, study, sightseeing or traveling.

The Schutz bag is an iconic piece and is present in the wardrobe of any it-girl. The brand’s differential is to offer a variety of models, sizes, materials and prints. Do you want to know more about the current it-bag? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The Schutz bag can be made of leather, suede, fabric, leather / fur and other materials. You can find plain models – the Schutz color palette is huge – or printed.
  • You can find the Schutz bag in different sizes: Small, medium bag and the exclusive Mini Bag and Maxi Bag models.
  • Schutz is a  brand that brings to the market fashion trends from major international brands at attractive prices. A Schutz scholarship costs between R $ 500 and R $ 2,000.

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The best Schutz scholarships: The newsroom favorites

The Schutz bag conveys all the elegance of contemporary women. With a cosmopolitan aesthetic, the accessory brings colors and modern prints. To help you find the best Schutz bag at the moment, we have prepared some purchase suggestions. Check out!

  • The best option for those looking for versatility
  • The favorite of the modern woman


Buying Guide

Buying a good it-bag is a worthwhile fashion investment . However, the bag has to be classic, versatile and of good quality. A model that meets all these requirements is the Schutz bag.

In this Buying Guide we will talk about the different categories of Schutz bag, present the best models and bring some tips on how to choose the ideal Schutz bag. Good reading!

What are the classic Schutz bag models?

All Schutz handbag models are in trend, but two stand out as the brand’s most iconic handbags: Lorena and Triangle. Find out why you have to have one – or both – in this section.


Classic model of the brand, the Lorena bag is a structured accessory – it has internal divisions that facilitate organization – with striking design and synonymous with elegance for decades.

Versatile, it can be used in the office, Happy Hour and on weekends, whether in a more tidy look for dinner with your boyfriend or in a more relaxed look to go out with friends.

For you to understand the sizes, the Lorena Baby bag is small, can be carried by the larger handle or the hand strap. The Mini is the medium model that won the hearts of fashionistas. And Tote is the big size, ideal for everyday life.

The Schutz Lorena Bag is a classic model, however, it can come in fun colors, textures or prints, an alternative to add a fun touch to basic looks.


You know that bag that goes with everything? It’s Schutz’s Triangle model. With a modern design, this model appears in different formats, textures and shades. The Callies model is the face of summer, ideal for use as a beach bag.

The models of the Midium Triangle line are textured in high relief, ideal for wearing at night. Models from the Emma Triangle line are ideal for casual use, especially for women in Boho style.

What are the best Schutz bag models in Crossbody style ?

If you are looking for a bag to use in your daily life, a crossbody style model is the best choice, as it can be used day and night, in casual looks and special productions.Also known as bag bag, the Bucket model gained space in fashionistas combinations. You can wear it with both casual sneakers and high heels.

If you are a fashionista, invest in a model with the application of stones, for a rocker look choose a leather model, with buckles and fringes, and if you are romantic, invest in a delicate model.

When should I use a Schutz Classic Style bag ?

If you are classic or need to invest in clothes and accessories in this style to work, you cannot miss a Classic Style model in your closet , like the Tote bag, signed by Schutz.

This model is classic, timeless and versatile. Combines with neutral, modern, social or sophisticated looks. The piece gives an upgrade in any combination and will accompany it for several years.

This model can be defined as a comfort bag, either in the small or traditional version. The accessory has parallel handles and a firm structure. It can be carried by the smaller handles or the larger handle, in crossbody style.

Schutz offers several models of Tote bags. The colors, details and prints add a modern touch to the accessory. You can also find models that match the tones of the season.

Do I find Schutz bag options in Clutch style ?

The Clutch is a high fashion bag . Schutz models are the must-have for the coming seasons. Ideal for special occasions, it can be used by people of different styles.



Did you know that it is possible to find the Clutch Schutz in different sizes? The smaller model has a sophisticated look and is ideal for night use, while the larger model, with a straight and zipper design, is ideal for everyday use.


Schutz has two Clutch style handbag models: The Clutch Unicorn is a fashionista’s dream. This model has the compact size and sophisticated style, ideal for going clubbing.

The Valentina Clutch contemplates the classic and minimalist style. It is made of leather and has a metal buckle. It works as a wallet, when used in the hands, or as a crossbody bag, if carried by the cross handle.

When can I use a Maxi Bag style Schutz bag?

If you are looking for a Schutz bag with ample internal space and fashion design, opt for a shopping bag , a trend that emerged in streetstyle , but that was adopted by fashionistas.

If you need even more space, invest in a handbag, ideal for traveling by plane. This model is available in different colors and prints.

Which Schutz bag model is new in 2022?

The must have of the season is the Schutz mini bag. The miniature of the classic models is ideal for stylish or delicate combinations. The smaller size also creates harmony in the proportions, especially if you are a short and thin woman.

The bag is even more stylish with a high heel shoe and a ballad dress. In the bag put only the essential items like card, money, document and a lipstick.

How to customize a Schutz bag?

Did you know you can make your Schutz bag even more stylish? Just personalize the accessory – personalization is a fever in the fashion world. You can record your initials or put an exclusive print. There is no risk of damaging the bag, as the service is done by Schutz.

Is the price of the Schutz bag worth it?

When comparing the prices charged by other international brands with the same standard as Schutz, we can see that the brand has a reasonable price.

And although the Schutz bag is more expensive, the accessory is made with excellent quality materials, which guarantees superior durability. The Schutz bag does not go out of style, so you can use it for years.


Purchasing criteria: factors to compare Schutz bag models

Want to invest in a Schutz bag, but don’t know which model to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared some tips on what features you need to analyze at the time of purchase:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Material
  • Colors and prints

We will detail each of the features throughout this section.


Schutz is one of the brands with the greatest variety of handbag models. You can find options for everyday use – for work, study and sightseeing – for formal, informal and party situations. To find the ideal model, review the table below:


You can find the Schutz bag in different sizes: Small, medium and large. The choice must be made according to the context of use and personal preference.

  • Small Bag: It is ideal to use at night. It must be large enough to hold a smartphone, documents, keys, card and money. Suggestions: Crossbody Bag, Mini Tote, Clutch, Pouch and Mini Bag.
  • Medium Bag: Ideal for those working in formal environments, in this case choose a bag with short straps, or university students – give preference to a crossbody model. Suggestion: Tote bag.
  • Large Bag: Versatile, it is ideal for day to day, as you can put various items, without losing the charm in casual productions. Suggestions: Maxy Bag, Shopping Bag and Hand Bag (ideal for traveling).


You will find Schutz bag options of the following materials: Suede, leather, fabric, synthetic / multi-material fur / fur. Some models have the varnish glow finish .

If you are thinking of buying a bag to use on a daily basis, we recommend that you choose a model made in leather, because in addition to the material being classic, the durability is greater.

Colors and prints

You find the Schutz bag in neutral, classic and vibrant colors.

One of the differentials of Schutz bags is the variety of colors. You can find models in sober tones like nude, caramel, brown and black, classic like red and white, and models in fun colors: Orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, gray and wine.

If the idea is to buy a bag to use frequently, it is worth investing in a model in neutral color. If you already have one or more bags in this pattern, invest in a colorful model.

Each color has a wide variety of shades. You can also find the Schutz bag in a gradient style. The brand also offers printed models, animal print – zebra, jaguar and snake prints – and metallic models


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