Top & Best Set of suitcases Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Set of suitcases: What’s the best of 2021?

This article is for you who are looking for the ideal bags for your next trip. If you want to save money and still have options for all occasions, your best bet is to invest in a set of bags.

Next, we’ll show you why the suitcase kit is more advantageous than buying a spare piece and what you should consider to choose the most functional, long-lasting and safe set of suitcases.

First, the most important

  • Buying a set of bags, besides being more economical, ensures that you will have options for all types of trips.
  • Several brands make sets of suitcases, but there are some factors to note if you want to invest your money well.
  • The fact is that it is not enough to just consider the design and color of the bag to ensure durability and safety.

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Buying Guide

Anyone who travels a lot knows the importance of having sturdy, safe bags of varying sizes. And as a travel bag is not always a cheap item, most people choose to buy the set of bags. In this Buying Guide we will show you the advantages, how much it costs and where to buy the best kit.


Why should you invest in a set of bags?

When it comes time to buy new bags you will have two options: Buy the spare bag or a set of bags.

The set of bags, as the name says, is a kit that comes with more than one suitcase with different sizes.

That is, one of the main advantages of investing in a suitcase kit is that you acquire suitcases that will serve for different types of trips, from short to longest.


In addition, the bags in the set are standardized with regard to the material of manufacture, design, color and print.

And the fact is that this makes it easier and a lot of time to identify your suitcase on the airport conveyor belt, for example.

But the great attraction of a set of bags is still the price. It is cheaper to buy the kit than a spare part.

To summarize, check below why it is worth buying the set of bags:

  • It is cheaper ;
  • It has bags of different sizes ;
  • Bags are standardized .

Set of bags or loose bag: What is the best option?

As we have seen, the big difference between buying a set of bags and a spare bag is, in fact, the price.

But the fact of purchasing suitcases of various sizes in a kit is also another great differentiator. Since, with this, you will have appropriate bags for each situation and for everyone in the family.


You must have at least one small suitcase and one medium.

No wonder experts recommend that, regardless of whether you travel a lot or not, you should have at least one small and one medium bag.

For example, when you need to travel for a few days, such as on a weekend trip, the small suitcase is ideal. When the trip is longer, a medium suitcase may be more appropriate.

But if the stay is even longer, as in the case of an exchange, the large suitcase is necessary. And maybe even a travel bag is needed.

Therefore, there are kits with different quantities and types of suitcases. To give you a general idea, check below the main differences between buying a spare bag and a set of bags:

What are the types of bags that make up the kit?

You will find different types of suitcase sets for sale. But, in general, manufacturers provide kits that meet the demands of all travelers.

Therefore, you will easily find sets with 2 or 3 bags. Among the pieces are those aimed at short, medium and long trips, and this is defined by both the size and the weight capacity that each can carry.

To give you a general idea, check out the main parts of a set of bags below:

    • Small suitcase: Known as “on-board suitcase” or “carry-on baggage”, it can be carried with you in the airplane cabin. These bags usually have a maximum weight of 10kg.
    • Medium suitcase: Usually weighs 23kg, which is usually the weight defined by companies to check bags on national and international flights.
    • Large suitcase: The large luggage that is part of the set of suitcases has an average capacity to carry 32kg.
    • Frasqueira: This piece is like a handbag, only with adequate space for you to store beauty and health articles.


Set of suitcases: What are the dimensions of the pieces?

The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) determines that hand luggage, for example, must weigh a maximum of 10 kg on any flight. But the fact is that the dimensions of the bags that are allowed vary depending on the airline.

So, in addition to the weight that each suitcase can carry, you also need to keep an eye on the size of each piece in the suitcase set.

In general, larger bags have a height ranging between 65 cm and 77 cm. The small bag usually has a height of 55 cm. But this is not a rule.

Therefore, we recommend that you check the dimensions before purchasing the set of bags.


How much does the set of bags cost and where to buy?

The price of a set of bags can vary depending on the brand, the number of pieces, the material of manufacture, among other factors. In general, the kits will cost between R $ 150 and R $ 7 thousand.

And you will find sets of bags in specialized stores, department stores.

But if you choose to buy in online stores, such as Amazon, you will have more advantages, among them, the promotional prices and more options to choose from.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Suitcase Sets

You have seen that the first step in buying the best set of bags is to consider the size, dimension and weight of the pieces. But you must go further if you want to buy durable and resistant bags.

For this, we have listed below the criteria that you must analyze when buying the set of bags:

  • Hard or woven material
  • Number of pieces
  • Partitions
  • 360 degrees
  • Built-in padlock

Next, we’ll show you how to check each of these topics.

Hard or woven material

You should evaluate which option is best for you: Buy a set of bags made of hard or malleable material.

Hard cases are made of polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS or plastic. Fabric bags can be made of microfiber, leather, nylon, PVC or polyester.

There are pros and cons to both. In fact, rigid bags last longer and are waterproof.

But the hard material is less malleable, which makes it difficult when you want to overfill the suitcase. In addition, the rigid suitcase weighs more and can break.

The set of fabric bags is more resistant to impacts and allows you to better fit your belongings. However, it suffers more wear and is not waterproof.

Number of pieces

Another factor that you should analyze when buying the set of bags is the number of pieces that make up the kit.

As we have seen, the most common is to find kits with 2 or 3 bags. But you can find sets of suitcases with 4 pieces and even 5 pieces.


Did you know that there are suitcase kits that fit inside each other?

That is, the small suitcase fits inside the average, and the medium suitcase fits inside the large suitcase. With that, three suitcases occupy the space of a large suitcase when not in use.



Also evaluate the internal configuration of the bags. In general, suitcases have compartments such as pockets, canvas and belts, which help in organizing and protecting your belongings.

Although, in general, most of the bags have similar dividers, nowadays the sets of bags have invested in novelties.

So it is worth putting your attention on this aspect before buying the best set of bags. It is also worth noting the external compartments, especially when considering handbags and flasks.

360 degrees

Another factor that you should consider when buying the best set of bags is the type and quantity of wheels.

If you want practicality and ease, the ideal is to buy the set with suitcases whose pieces have four wheels that rotate in 360º.

With these wheels, you don’t have to tilt your bags, which makes it easy to transport. In addition, the effort you will have to pull the luggage and take it in any direction will be reduced with the 360 ​​degree caster.

Another option is in fact the suitcases that have two wheels. But it is worth noting that this type of suitcase is already outdated. That’s because the suitcase with two wheels is more difficult to handle and pull the suitcase compared to the one with four wheels.

The material of the wheels also makes a difference, because some are more resistant than others. This is the case with polyurethane, which is more difficult to break than plastic and rubber.

Built-in padlock

Finally, take into account the safety factor of the suitcase. The most recommended is that the parts have built-in and lockable padlocks.

One tip is to look for airplane suitcase models with a built-in TSA lock, which can be opened with a master key. This type of suitcase lock may be especially suitable if you are traveling to the United States.

That’s because customs agents in the USA often need to open tourists’ bags for inquiries. With a TSA lock your bag will be preserved.



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