Top & Best Shipping box Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shipping box: How to choose the best one in 2021?

In today’s article we will talk about an item that is essential to ensure your Pet’s comfort and safety: the transport box.

If you like to keep your pet close at hand, even on walks and trips, the transport box is an essential item. Practical and functional, they allow you to take your pet safely also in the most common activities of daily life, such as visits to the vet or pet shop.

In this text, we will introduce you to the best product options, in addition to the features that you must pay attention to in order to make the best choice at the time of purchase.

First, the most important

  • Available in versions for cats and dogs, the transport boxes accommodate and keep pets safe for walks and trips, whether by car, train, bus or plane. The market offers a multitude of product versions, in different colors, formats and materials.
  • Material, size, model and accessories are some of the main characteristics to be evaluated when purchasing the shipping box.
  • Prices are quite varied. Fluctuations occur mainly according to the chosen size, capacity, material and model. You can find simpler boxes from R $ 30. The most sophisticated ones can cost more than R $ 1,000.

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Ranking: The 4 best transport boxes

If your pet is like a member of the family for you, he deserves to be treated equally. For that, we will help you in choosing the ideal transport box for your needs and your pet.

In this section we will present the 4 most interesting models of transport box available. Check the list:


Buying Guide

So, what did you think of our Ranking? Now that you’ve checked out our shipping box suggestions, it’s time to move on and follow the Buying Guide.

In this session you will have access to the most relevant information about these boxes, such as models and indications of use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

But remember: the best and most expensive product on the market is not always the most suitable for you and your needs. That is why we will present you with topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose a shipping box that best meets your needs.

What is the shipping box?

The transport box is a product intended for domestic animals, which consist of a plastic, metal or fabric box or bag with a transport handle, a door for entering and leaving the animal and openings for ventilation.

It is intended to keep pets confined, comfortable and safe during trips and trips by car, bicycle, plane, bus or train. When purchased in the appropriate proportions, the transport boxes can be enjoyed by the animals.

To dogs, she can remember the environment of their houses, bringing them comfort and tranquility. Most cats, on the other hand, love boxes of any kind, so they will happily nestle in the transport box.


What are the advantages of using a shipping box?

In addition to being a practical and functional product to keep your pet during any type of journey, the transport box can also be used as a bed for pets during trips and stays away from home.

They can come equipped with accessories such as feeders and drinkers, padded floors, and hygienic carpet, which considerably improve the animal’s experience during transport.

You can find shipping boxes in all price ranges, which will fluctuate according to the size, model and material of the piece. In addition, it is clear that larger models, with various accessories or made in special materials and designs will have a higher price.



  • There are versions for all types of Pet
  • Accessories improve animal welfare
  • Can be used as a bed or doghouse when traveling
  • It’s the safest way to transport your pet


  • Models for large animals can be expensive

Rigid or malleable transport box?

In trips and outings, there is a change of routine for the pet, where he will be in different environments, exposed to people and strange sounds. This can be stressful for the animal, but a good choice of transport box can alleviate the situation, providing safety and comfort to the pet.

To ensure that it is safe and comfortable in its shipping box, the size and capacity of the box are one of the main factors to pay attention to when purchasing. Check that the maximum weight and size indications match the animal’s characteristics.

If the purpose of the transport box is for use in aircraft, make sure that it meets the prerequisites of length and standard, and is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). A non-standard box may prevent the pet from boarding.

Remember: shipping box patterns differ for use in the cabin and in the luggage compartment. In the cabin, boxes are accepted in rigid or malleable material, while in the luggage compartment the box must be rigid.

Compare the two types of shipping box:


Make sure that the box allows identification fixation. If the box is to be used in automobiles, check that it has mechanisms for fastening the seat belt.

Regardless of the material chosen for the shipping box, make sure that the bottom of the product is made of waterproof material. This will ensure that no mess leaks out of the box if the animal needs its needs inside the product.


If the box is for cats, also check if the bottom material is reinforced, as cats like to sharpen their nails in the region, which can damage the product.

If your pet is large, make sure that the model you choose has handles or wheels to facilitate transport. Removable wheels are the best option, since airlines do not accept models with this accessory.

Last but not least, make sure the shipping box has safety mechanisms to prevent accidental opening both inside and out.

How much?

The price of the shipping box varies a lot according to the size, model, brand, material and product details. It is possible to find basic pieces from R $ 30.

More sophisticated models, with internal padding and special locks, can have much higher prices. After choosing the desired model, use price comparison sites to choose the best offer. Many online stores offer the same product at different prices.

In this ranking, the models range from R $ 130 to R $ 300.

It is also worth paying attention to the freight charges charged by online sales platforms. They can vary a lot according to the shipping region, size and weight of the product. That is why good research is essential.

Where to buy?

The shipping boxes can be found on sale in the most varied models and sizes without much difficulty. You can buy your transport box at physical stores specializing in pet products among others.

It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

In addition to finding various models, you also access the best offers.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the different shipping box models

Now that you have a lot of general information about the shipping box, let’s list some of the features that you can compare to recognize the best box option to meet the needs and expectations of the pet and its owner. Are they:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Ventilation
  • Extra accessories



The decision for the model of the transport box must take into account the characteristics of the animal and the objectives of use of the product. Malleable models, for example, are great to place in any corner when not in use. On the other hand, they cannot be used in the aircraft luggage compartment.

Choose according to the use that will be given to the product, as well as the characteristics of the pet. There is no point in buying a super sophisticated model if the pet does not feel comfortable in it, right?


The type of material in the transport box will be decisive for its strength and durability. In addition, some materials are more suitable for some animal profiles and purposes than others, for example. Models in malleable material are more suitable for small animals.

Large animals can only use rigid boxes, as transportation logistics would be impossible with another type of material, considering the weight and size of this type of pet.

The type of material will also determine how to clean and sanitize the box. It is imperative that the material at the bottom of the transport box is waterproof, which will prevent accidents involving your pet’s physiological needs.


The size of the box is one of the most important features at the time of purchase. The ideal size will be defined based on the measurements of the dog or cat that will use the product.

In order not to be mistaken, the ideal is to take the measurements of the pet before going shopping. Consider:

  • Height: The ideal box needs to be at least 2 centimeters beyond the measurement of your cat or dog standing, with its head held high.
  • Length: Consider the length of the lying animal. A good tip is to measure the snout at the beginning of the tail, adding another span to accommodate the folded legs.
  • Width: The width of the box should be at least twice the size of the animal’s back, enough for the pet to be able to go around itself inside the product.

Remember that cats give more importance to the feeling of freedom than dogs, so if you choose a box for cats, a few inches of clearance are always welcome.


As well as the size of the animal, the weight is also decisive for the choice of the box. Each box model comes with an indication of the supported weight limit.

Under no circumstances exceed the weight limit indicated by the manufacturer. This will put at risk not only the integrity of the product – which will be subject to overload, breakage and cracking – but also the safety of your pet.



The ventilation of the transport box is another key point for the safety and comfort of the animal. It will allow fresh air to circulate well inside the box, preventing malaise in your pet.

Ventilation usually occurs through openings with bars or small holes in the side of the box.

There are models that also have openings in the upper part, which can give the pet a feeling of greater freedom thanks to the increased entry of light and air.

Extra accessories

Casters, locks, safety locks, handles for transport, feeder, drinking fountain, padded floor, hygienic mat, compartment for snacks and objects, etc. The list of “options” that the transport box can offer is long.

All these accessories can be very useful and provide an extra level of tranquility for owners and comfort for pets when transporting. But remember: accessories can make the product more expensive.

Therefore, before buying a fully equipped transport box, consider whether extras are really necessary and useful, and if they are really worth the investment.


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