Top & Best Shovel Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shovel: Which are the best of 2021?

It is always gratifying to have you here. Each visit motivates us to dig deeper for knowledge and information. And today we are going to talk about a very useful tool for those who want to dig, remove or add: the shovel.

You sure have seen her around. An iron plate (half rectangular, sometimes rounder at the end) attached to a wooden handle. They have a huge number of sizes, and slopes in the metal part. Everything to do the job better.

Shovels are not difficult to “operate”, but they can be very tiring hand tools to operate. Stay with us to continue deepening your knowledge. Models, uses, we will give you everything you need to know!

First, the most important

  • When we talk about shovels, we are referring to the millennial tool. Even with other definitions of the word, or homonymous acronym, understand that the subject here is shovel.
  • There are several types of shovel. Manual objects with handles and open bases for moving something are considered shovels. They can be gardening, garbage, construction, among other services.
  • For different activities, there may be different types of blades. Changes in the length of the rod, width of the metallic base and formed, make all the difference depending on the work.

Best shovels: Our favorites

Shovels have different sizes, models and purposes. We will address here three different models for different jobs, all of the best quality. With our tips there is no mistaking the choice.

  • The best spout in final nozzle shape
  • The best square shovel
  • An excellent Frankfurt shovel

Buying Guide

The shovels are not for the exclusive use of the works, there are also shovels or even small gardening tools. Not to mention pizza shovels, used in a wood oven. Did you notice how we said it was a broad tool?

We will pass everything to you, from prices to features that must be analyzed at the time of purchase. Just follow the reading.

What is a shovel and what is it for?

A simple tool has a related use. The shovel is used to transfer objects or materials from one place to another. For this reason, several utensils are also called shovels, inheriting their most basic characteristics.

Its constitution is also quite simple. A support cable (enough for one hand or even both arms), and a collection base. In “heavy duty” blades, this base is called a blade.
The need to dig or lift close, ends up favoring the presence of a blade, to make it easier to use.

But this base is different in other blades. Dustpans are usually plastic, although they sometimes have a rubber blade, and pizza shovels do not usually have a blade.

Even within the different models – we have already commented on civil construction, gardening, garbage and pizza – there are also different shapes and sizes. Shovels are extremely versatile, and their manufacture is quite simple.

Gardening shovel, cutting or collecting?

So that you really know how to choose the ideal shovel for your need, we will show you more about the versatility of this tool. We will present below the characteristics of each model, and of course, its advantages and disadvantages. Check out:

Digging Shovel

It is one of the most traditional, being almost a straight line between the blade and the wooden base. It can be found with a straight (square) or angled (arrow) tip.

Spade to join

As traditional as the first, this is a shovel in a very similar shape, but with a more inclined angle between the blade and the handle. The format allows you to easily collect materials from the ground, close or digging surfaces with low resistance

They are mainly used to join materials or objects. Its more inclined angle allows a more anatomical use by the worker. This measure helps in the movement of the spine, mainly.

The scoop can also be found in a rectangular shape, usually with the highest sides. This small adjustment ensures more material on the blade with less risk of falling during transport.

Gardening shovel

Both blades already mentioned can also be used for extensive gardening. However, when we talk about backyards and vases, these shovels change a lot, mainly in size.

Thinner, with longer blade and handles with support for one hand. These are the most common characteristics of garden shovels, which have precisely this purpose.

These shovels are used for small interventions in gardens. You can remove small plots of soil, create pits for seeds or seedlings, touch the soil to fill in spaces after digging.

They are very versatile tools, also found with colored paint on the blades. Therefore, they can also be accessories for the garden itself. It is not uncommon that, when buying a garden shovel, the person chooses the hoe and rastel kit too.

Other blades

In the broadest sense of the word, if we were to list all varieties of models, the list would be quite extensive. So we will emphasize the most common shovel after these, the dustpan.

Usually made of plastic, it is usually half moon with wide sides and a blade on the wide part. At the other end, a cable is made. Its objective is, by means of the cable, to be positioned where the subject is and to collect it.

Household tools are widely used and are found in many homes. Its use is practical, and it was derived from it with a handle similar to a broom. In this way, the user does not need to crouch, reducing the effort and risk of injury.

How much does a shovel cost?

Shovels are not expensive tools, nor do they have large variations capable of oscillating their price in large numbers.

You will find excellent shovels between R $ 30 and R $ 50 in the market, depending on the intended use. For garden shovels, this value is between R $ 15 and R $ 20.

Some specific variations, such as the wood of the handle or the width of the blade may slightly differentiate these values. Remember to weigh your need before choosing the product.

Where to buy a shovel?

Although they exist for millennia, shovels are more robust tools, found in stores with characteristics for their use. The best place to find them will be in construction materials. Department stores and hardware stores will also be able to reserve choices.

Now, taking advantage of the ease of the internet, and the possibility of receiving anything at home, this is a good option. You can do all your research in the comfort of home, choose and receive the product at home.

Online stores Amazon have a large number of products available for you to choose from.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Shovel Models

With all this knowledge, you are already starting to open search windows. Great! But we still have other details to pass on to you before your choice.

In order for you to define which tool is right for you, first identify:

  • Primary need
  • Blade measurements
  • Cable
  • Weight
  • Materials

Check below in detail the importance of each of these points.

Primary need

You have been introduced to the different blade models. And not just models, but tools with different advantages – and disadvantages.

Keep in mind what main use you want to give your shovel before purchasing. If the intention is to dig holes, an option is to dig the shovel. If you intend to transport, the collection option is the most viable.

If you plan to handle flowerbeds, check the small garden shovels.

And if you were in doubt, don’t worry. It is common for people to have at least two different tool models when it comes to digging and transporting. It’s up to you.

Blade measurements

We are talking about logic. Depending on the activity you are going to perform, the larger the blade, the greater the load or cutting capacity of the tool. Of course, this will require more strength from the user.

So, after defining your need, as we saw above, and the type of shovel you will need to buy, know that there are different sizes of the same model.

Blade measurements must be carefully analyzed, this is what will determine the material capacity that you will be able to handle. Which results in faster – or less – work.

Also notice the thickness of the metal, it says a lot about its quality.


Just as the blade is important, reflecting on the handle is also essential. Larger cables will allow you to work more with the lever effect. Just be careful not to break it due to excessive force.

Choose the ideal cable length for the type of work you want to do.

Another option is the blades with support for one of the arms, at the opposite end of the blade. They lose their leverage (because they are smaller cables), but they gain a lot in ergonomics.


Before choosing your shovel, read its weight in the product description on the sale websites. If you buy in a physical store, you can feel the weight of the product.

A cutting shovel, for example, too heavy, can make the job even harder. On the other hand, too light, can be very fragile. Try to find the balance between what you can handle and the quality of the shovel.


The materials used in the shovel are important for two factors: comfort and durability.

You must analyze the material of the blade and the handle. Check if the metal used in the shovel is resistant to the activity you want to perform, some fragile and thin metals can break or bend with use.

The handle must also be made of strong wood so that it does not break, especially in heavy work.Some shovels, especially garden ones, may have a rubberized coating, offering more comfort in use. Stay tuned to all these details to choose the best shovel for you.


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