Top & Best Side brush cutter Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Side brush cutter: How to choose the best one in 2021?

Do you work with maintenance of green areas or have gardening as a hobby? Then you arrived at the ideal article! Let’s talk about the side brush cutter, a tool that certainly helps your life!

The side brushcutter is an important tool for cutting and maintaining lawns or extensive areas with plantations that need cleaning. Do you know how to choose the best one for your need? Stay with us in this article! We will discuss all the details for you to make the ideal purchase!

First, the most important

  • The side brushcutter is a gardening and maintenance tool that works with a lot of power and offers great versatility for its users.
  • Like a lawn mower, the side mower can be used at home or in business. Compared to it, it wins by being more powerful and working on rugged surfaces
  • Side brush cutters can be gasoline, battery or via electricity. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the others.

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The best side brushcutters: Our recommendations

Some of the major brands in the gardening and home repair sectors produce exceptional models of side trimmers. The first step to help you choose the ideal tool is the presentation of our favorites!

  • The best cost-benefit
  • The safest brush cutter
  • The greenest model

Buying Guide

We know that choosing a side brushcutter is not easy and that you may have a lot of questions. Therefore, we have prepared a special sector, with only answers to those questions that may be bothering you at the moment.

Stay tuned in our buying guide and get to know a lot more about the side brushcutter!

What is a side brushcutter and what is it for?

The side brushcutter is equipment used in gardening or cleaning and maintaining plantations and green areas. It has a long handle with a blade at the end. It can run on gasoline, battery or electricity.

You can use a side brush cutter both in your home, for simple jobs such as maintenance of a bed or weeding, or professionally, if your job is gardening or urban cleaning.

Among the main functions of the side brushcutter, we highlight the possibilities of mowing grass, removing unwanted herbs, cleaning large areas and extracting unwanted species from plantations.

So, whether you handle gardening professionally or as a hobby, the side trimmer can be very useful!

Did you know that most side brushcutters run on gasoline? And that the burning of fuel is very polluting, mainly combined with that of other gardening equipment, such as the leaf blower?

The main brushcutter manufacturers are already trying to produce engines with better filters and that release less pollutants, but electric models and, especially, the battery, tend to grow in the market.

What are the advantages of the side brushcutter?

The side brushcutter has a function very similar to that of other gardening equipment, mainly that of the famous lawn mower. So, why choose it?The main reason is the power. The side brushcutter is stronger and performs heavier jobs than other similar equipment. In addition, it is recommended for more varied services: A lawn mower is not a good idea in rough terrain, for example.

This versatility comes from the fact that the side brushcutter blade is exchangeable, almost like a drill bit. So, you can always put the one that will be most useful for the service at the moment!

It is even possible to attach the side brushcutter to a tractor or agricultural vehicle to work in very large areas. Saving time is essential in these moments!

As disadvantages, we can mention the high value in relation to similar equipment, the obligation of individual protection equipment during its handling and the pollution generated by gasoline models.

Check out a table with advantages and disadvantages of the side brushcutter:

Gasoline, electric or battery side brush cutter?

In order to know what type of side trimmer you should choose, the key question is: What type of service will be performed with it?

If you need to use the tool in large outdoor areas, away from an outlet, the choice must be between a gasoline or battery model. The former are more powerful and capable of carrying out heavier jobs.


For home gardening, the electric side trimmer works very well.

In the case of domestic use, the electric side brushcutter works very well. In addition to not generating air pollution, it has the ideal power for gardening in homes or condominiums. All you need is sockets within reach!

In a large field, where work will last for hours and there will be no outlets nearby, there is no escaping the gasoline brush cutter, despite the air problems this may cause.

In order to help you compare the models, we set up a table:

How to use a side brushcutter?

The first fundamental point in handling the side brushcutter is the requirement for protective equipment. Goggles, ear protectors and gloves are indispensable!Then, you must choose the correct blade for the type of work to be performed. To help you better understand the differences between types, we’ve selected a video from the Silver Box channel:With the ideal blade in position, just position the brushcutter correctly next to your side, secure it with the protective belt and turn it on. You will handle the blade next to the vegetation to be cut at the height you want!

Using the right protective equipment, the side brush is very simple to use!

How to replace the nylon wire of a brushcutter?

In models with a nylon spool, an important part of the process is to change the nylon thread when it is already worn. This is not a very difficult task. However, as each brand has different reels, it is almost impossible to set up a general step by step for this exchange.

However, so that you can see that, in fact, this is not such a complicated process, we will show below a video from Loja do Mecânico, which teaches how to change the nylon of a Husqvarna brushcutter. See how easy it is and consult your brushcutter manual to check your model’s specific step by step.

How much does it cost and where to buy a side brushcutter?

The values ​​of the side trimmers vary according to the type, power and brand. The cheapest ones cost around R $ 500. The average is between R $ 600 and R $ 800: There are very good models in this range! Professional tools, in turn, cost between R $ 1,000 and R $ 2,000.

Stores specializing in household items or gardening should have great options for side trimmers. However, we recommend that you purchase online. Amazon offers a huge range of models! Also check out Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to pay attention to when choosing a side brush cutter

Decided to purchase the side brushcutter? Have you made your choice between a gasoline, electric or battery model? Stay with us, as it’s time to talk about some important technical criteria for acquiring the best possible tool! We selected four:

  • Wattage
  • Weight-power ratio
  • Set of blades
  • Extra items

Below, we go into more detail about each of them.


The power measures used in brush cutters are different according to the type: in the case of gasoline models, it is made in horses (HP), when we talk about battery tools, the unit is the Volt (V), and for electric ones , the notation is Watt (W).

The higher the power, the more heavy work with the tool is possible. Those that reach higher numbers are able to cut even small tree trunks. If you are just going to practice gardening at home, however, this is not such an important criterion.

Weight-power ratio

The side brushcutter is a tool that you carry. And sometimes it is necessary to travel great distances with it attached to the body. Therefore, an important point to be noted is the weight it has.

However, the more powerful the trimmers are, the heavier they tend to be. And from there comes a very important technical specification: the power-to-weight ratio.

Prefer brushcutter models that have a low weight-to-power ratio, which means that you will have a more effective tool that is capable of doing difficult jobs even without causing so much inconvenience because it is heavy!

Set of blades

We have already mentioned that the side brush cutter blades have different functions and can be changed frequently. If you make a professional use of the tool or need it to be versatile, it is necessary to have a good amount of these accessories.

Check which blade set your side brushcutter offers.

So, when choosing your side brush cutter, check which blade set it offers. Knowing the function of each accessory, you will know which ones you need. Be careful to purchase the model that already meets your needs, thus avoiding the need to make extra purchases and disburse unplanned amounts.

Extra items

The side brushcutter needs blades to function, but these are not the only extra items that can accompany the tool. Among the others, we can highlight:

  • Battery / Electric Cable / Gasoline: Amazingly, not all electric brush cutters accompany the essential items for its operation. Especially, it is very common that there is no battery in models that need it. Demand that your tool comes complete at the factory!
  • Seat belt : The brush cutter belt is important for attaching the tool to your body, transferring the weight that would remain on the arms to the back and chest. Thus, there will be more comfort and safety in use.
  • Personal protective equipment: As it is a cutting tool and produces a high level of noise, the side brush cutter requires the use of personal protective equipment. If the chosen model accompanies any, you will certainly win!



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