Top & Best Sierra saber Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sierra saber: How to choose the best one in 2021?

If you usually make straight or angled cuts in materials like wood and metals, today we are going to talk about the tool that is of paramount importance in your life: The saber saw!

Capable of making different types of cuts in different materials, the saber saw is very efficient with its blade sets. But if you have doubts about the advantages of purchasing one, what is the best model for your work or how to deal with all the features it offers, stay tuned in our article!

First, the most important

  • The saber saw is a very versatile cutting tool, capable of working on various materials and cutting both in depth and in an angled way.
  • From the manufacture of furniture to civil construction, from gardening to home repairs, it is possible to find interesting uses for a saber saw. It can be important to many people.
  • For a saber saw to work properly, you need to have the right blades. Most of the time, they are purchased separately from the tool.

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The best saber saw models: Our recommendations

The best tool manufacturer and in the world produce great saber saw models. We have already selected some that may please you a lot to help you choose:

  • The complete saber saw
  • For those who want comfort
  • The best cost-benefit

Buying Guide

The saber saw is a tool used only in some niches. So it is common that there are many doubts about what it is really capable of and how to handle it correctly.

We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions about the tool and answered them in our buying guide!

What is a saber saw and what is it for?

If you’ve tried to make angled cuts in materials like wood or metal, you know how difficult it can be without having the right tool. The effort to produce them with a saw , for example, can be Herculean.

And the ideal tool is the saber saw! With electrical operation, it has a set of blades that are capable of making a series of cuts in the most diverse materials, not only straight, but also in the formats that the user desires!

The tool itself is quite simple: it has a housing, a motor and a tip on which the blades are placed. But recent models are increasingly technological, with some having LED lights, speed indicators and strokes per minute and a quick blade change system.

We can say that the saber saw is a niche tool, but there is no doubt that it is very useful!

Did you know that, although technology has only recently arrived, the saber saw is a very old tool?

Before, however, it was manual. Each blade was a different tool, with its uses needing to be perfectly mastered by woodworkers and carpenters. It was only in 1947 that the first electric model appeared, revolutionizing this field of work.

What are the advantages of a saber saw?

Among the cutting tools most used by a joiner, the saber saw is one of the main ones. It is very similar to the circular saw and the jigsaw in some ways, but it has its advantages over them.

This is because the circular saw only makes straight cuts and the jigsaw does not have the power necessary to work in great depth. The saber saw is the tool that combines the characteristic of working in an angled way and going much deeper into the wood.

In addition, it is very versatile and can easily be used in other materials such as metals and plastics, and even in activities such as gardening.

The only disadvantage of the saber saw is that its blades, because they look a little bit like a saw, do not give great finishing to the cuts, requiring extra work with the finishing afterwards. We can also quote the price a little high.

Check a table with the advantages and disadvantages of the saber saw:

For which activities is Saber Saber indicated?

The main line of activity in which the marble saw is used is carpentry.

It is possible to use a saber saw in the production of furniture, in civil construction, in wooden beams or logs, in repairs and repairs and in all other areas that deal with wood cutting.


The saber saw is excellent for trimming or cutting tree branches.

Also in gardening and cleaning cities, the saber saw is used, as it is excellent for cutting or trimming tree branches. It is not uncommon for the fire department to have one for eventual rescues.

And the versatility means that even in the steel industry, production of tubes, pipes and smaller works with metals, the saber saw can also be used.

It is not an everyday tool, but it is useful for many professions!

What are the main blades for saber saw?

The ideal use of your saber saw depends on the correct choice of blade. It must be compatible with the material to be cut and with the desired angles.

You will find special sheets for wood, for metal and multipurpose, which can also be applied to materials such as plaster and ceramics. It is often possible to buy a kit that has parts for all applications.

The main differences are in the dentition and the material. Check the comparison in the table below:

How to use a saber saw?

The use of a saber saw is not very complicated. It is only necessary to take some care with the cutting area and with changing blades.

For you to quickly learn to use your saber saw, we have selected an excellent video from the Mundo da Elétrica channel that teaches handling in a very didactic way:

How much does it cost and where to buy a saber saw?

The value of a saber saw varies according to the power and the technologies used. We found models between R $ 500 and R $ 1500. Although simple, the cheapest ones are already of high quality.

Hardware stores and building materials are the best options for finding a good saber saw. We also recommend purchasing over the internet, mainly on Amazon. Be sure to also visit Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying a saber saw

Understanding the full operation and uses of a saber saw helps a lot, but we still need to discuss some technical issues that may be important at the time of purchase. We selected four:

  • Cutting depth
  • Stroke rate per minute
  • Ergonomics
  • Extra items

Below, we explain a little about each one!

Cutting depth

Different activities require deeper or shallow cuts. For this reason, it is important to note how far a saber saw can go deeper into the parts to be worked.

The values ​​are not usually very low, always staying at least above 20 cm. From there, there are some variations, with very good machines getting closer to 30 cm. This is the great advantage of the saber saw over the jigsaw, which rarely exceeds 10 cm.

Stroke rate per minute

The rate of blows per minute of a saber saw is related to two things: The cutting speed and the ability to reach different angles and curvatures. The bigger, the better the tool will be in these two aspects.

If you do not need to saw wood, metal or any other material at a very high speed, or reach very sharp angles, there is no need to have a saw with a high rate of blows per minute. Otherwise, choose one that stands out in the criteria.


Prefer a thinner saber saw with a prominent space for placing your hands.

Any tool that is used repeatedly needs to be ergonomic. This not only helps to give speed and agility to its handling, but mainly gives greater comfort to the user, preventing the appearance of pain or injury.

Some saber saw models are quite ergonomic. For repeated use, prefer the thinnest tools and with a prominent space for the placement of hands, with rubber coating or other protective material.

Extra items

We know that the saber saw is not a cheap tool. That way, if it is possible to save money by purchasing one, we will have a great advantage. Look for models that already come with some accessories, so you do not need to pay extra values ​​later.

The most important accessory for a saber saw is a blade kit. But be sure to also check if there is a carrying case or bag or maybe even some special accessories for cleaning and maintenance!


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