Top & Best Skil Screwdriver Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Skil Screwdriver: How to choose the best in 2021

Are you looking for cheap and quality solutions to help you with your daily household tasks? So it’s definitely worth looking for a Skil screwdriver. The brand’s tools are able to combine technology and durability at an incredible cost-benefit.

Skil is responsible for the “entry” tools from Bosch, the leading German brand on the market. That’s what makes it so respected and always a great option. But how to choose the best screwdriver for your home? Stay with us in the next lines of this article and learn how to make the ideal purchase!

First, the most important

  • Skil screwdrivers have the best value for money on the market: They are excellent for those who want quality home tools.
  • Even though they are not professional tools, Skil screwdrivers have resources that help a lot in the execution of services. An example is the LED light to guide the screwing.
  • There are Skil battery-powered or electric screwdrivers, simple or impact and also models that work mixed with drills.

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The best Skil screwdrivers: Our opinion

Skil manufactures both simple screwdrivers, impact models or mixed with drill machines. After several tests, we selected some of the most interesting ones to present you:

  • A simple and efficient Skil screwdriver
  • For more complex services
  • The most complete Skil screwdriver

Buying Guide

The purchase guide is the section of the article in which we present you with valuable information about Skil screwdrivers.

Do you want to understand the advantages of the brand, know how to differentiate models and find out what features exist in Skil screwdrivers? So this is the time!

What differentiates Skil screwdrivers from other brands?

As a sub-division of Bosch, Skil immediately guarantees a quality seal even if it makes only simpler tools. For the domestic screwdriver market niche, it has very attractive features.In addition to the technology being quite high for simpler tools, Skil also offers the entire Bosch structure for technical assistance and customer relations. Brand screwdrivers will always have parts that are easy to find and repair in an acceptable time.

Skil’s great differential is everything that the brand’s screwdrivers can offer in relation to the low price they cost. In the Brazilian market, it is almost impossible to find tools with so many resources and so much ergonomics without the value being much higher.

Did you know that Skil is a company that arrived in Brazil only through Bosch? Despite being super old, founded in 1924, it already had a great reputation in the tool market, but it expanded its horizons around the world only when it merged with the German brand in 1996.

What are the advantages of Skil screwdrivers?

The main advantage of Skil screwdrivers is cost-effectiveness. The quality of the tools, even though they are “entry level”, is very high for the price range in which they can be found.


Skil screwdrivers are not intended for constant professional use.

Of course, you will not buy a Skil screwdriver for constant professional use: It does not have the power or the strength to do so. This is one of its major disadvantages, but it was already announced initially.

The features presented by Skil screwdrivers are great, such as the LED light for aiming or battery level indication, position switching, speed control and brake. Some advanced specimens from other brands do not offer so many good solutions.

Skil screwdrivers are very durable and ergonomic. They are the perfect example of what to expect from a domestic tool, developed for simple uses, but which leaves something to be desired in what it offers to the user.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of Skil screwdrivers in the table below:

What are the types of Skil screwdrivers?

Skil produces several types of screwdrivers. There are both electric models, such as the battery (although the second group is the majority), there are tools that only serve to tighten and loosen screws, there are the mixed ones with screwdrivers.Another difference is between simple models, which work only for work on simple surfaces such as wood, or impact, already indicated for concrete and some types of metals.

To make a more detailed comparison, we have separated three types of screwdrivers widely manufactured by Skil: Simple, impact and mixed with drill. We have prepared a table that presents the main characteristics of each of them:

What are the features offered by Skil screwdrivers?

We already mentioned that Skil screwdrivers offer a great amount of features for the price range they are in. But, after all, what are these features? We’ll talk more about them below!

    • LED lights: Many Skil screwdrivers have LED lights that serve to illuminate the path and help to find the screw. This feature is very good for dark places and can also bring information such as the percentage of battery charge.
    • Speed ​​and brake control: These features are important for the tightening work to be perfect. Often, doing everything at just one speed may not be recommended. The control helps to adapt the service to the surface and the screw.
    • Soft grip: Ergonomics is always one of Skil’s main concerns. The soft grip makes handling the screwdriver much easier and more comfortable. Even if the work is long, there will be no discomfort for the hands.


Skil screwdrivers also offer other important functions such as reversible swing, vibration control and battery temperature sensor. With them, it is possible to do an excellent job using the tool!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Skil screwdriver?

The prices of Skil screwdrivers vary mainly according to the power and type of tool. The cheapest models can be found for around R $ 100, while the most expensive are close to R $ 600.

Shops specializing in tools or building materials are the best places to find Skil screwdrivers. You can also make your purchase over the internet: Brazilian Amazon is a great option. Also check out Amazon international and Mercado Livre.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a Skil screwdriver

If you already think that Skil is the ideal brand for your screwdriver, there is only one step in the process of choosing the tool: Decide the model! We have selected four technical criteria to assist you in this mission:

  • Wattage
  • Torque
  • Storage and transport
  • Extra items

In the lines below, we talk in more detail about each one!


The power of the screwdrivers is measured in volts (V) in the battery models and in watts (W) in the electric ones. The higher the numbers, the more suitable for heavy or large-scale work the tool is.

Skil is a brand that mainly manufactures entry models and, therefore, its screwdrivers do not usually have very high power. As already mentioned, they are recommended mainly for home repairs and for everyday use.

If you just want to carry out such repairs, even the simplest models, with very low power, can already help you. To handle more difficult materials, you may need a more powerful screwdriver.


A good advantage of Skil screwdrivers is torque control. That is, the force that is applied by the tool on the screw and on the surface.

Always using maximum torque can lead to unwanted results.

There are Skil screwdrivers that are capable of achieving a very satisfactory torque number, however, it is not recommended to always use the maximum. This can damage the screw, cause it to reseal the surface or, worse, create blunt holes that are difficult to fix.

It is great to have a tool with torque control and, even better, to learn how to use this function. If this happens, you will always have full control over the screwing you do!

Storage and transport

It is never a good idea to leave your tools lying around, or carry them around anyway. When purchasing your Skil screwdriver, pay attention to whether it offers something like a case or briefcase to help with these issues.

If there is a case or briefcase, the tool will gain in durability: It will always be protected from unwanted actions, such as contact with elements of nature or falls and knocks, and will have a well-protected surface to stay in when not in use.

Extra items

Screwdrivers do not work alone: ​​They need small accessories called bits, which fit into the screw head and make the thread. They are similar to drills, used in drills.

To avoid headaches after purchase, make sure your Skil screwdriver has a good number of bits (and drills, if it is also a drill). Other important items are battery chargers, chuck keys and magnetic adapters.


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