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Top & Best Smart band Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Smartband: How to choose the best in 2022


Today we are going to talk about the smart bracelet, better known as smartband. This wearable is ideal for people who practice physical activities, as the smartband monitors heart rate, calculates lost calories, distance covered and time spent during exercise.

The benefits do not end there, the smartband helps you sleep better and be more productive at work. Want to know how? Read this article, with all the information you need to know about the gadget.


First, the most important

  • The main functions of a smartband are related to well-being and physical exercise.
  • With the popularization of the product, nowadays it is possible to find the smartband in several models, colors, brands and price ranges.
  • With the smartband, you can check notifications from social networks, receive email and call alerts.

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The best smart bands on the market: Our suggestions

If you are looking to have a healthier and more active life, it is worth having a smart band. The investment is relatively low for everything that the gadget offers.

Do you want to know the best smart bands on the market in 2022? Then check out our ranking with the best models and find the smart band that suits you best.

  • The most cost-effective model in its category
  • Great option with heart monitor and sedentary reminder
  • Model option with Activity tracking
  • Ideal for physical exercise

Buying Guide

If you set a goal in 2022 to be healthier, more active, organized and productive, you will love the benefits offered by a smartband, as the device is compatible with these needs.

But, if you don’t know how this wearable works, the functions of the device and the correct way to use it, read all the information we have prepared in this Buying Guide.

What is a smartband?

You have probably seen someone wearing a smartband, especially while they are exercising, in a gym or park.The accessory was developed for those who practice physical exercises, whether a professional athlete, sportsman or for those who practice physical activities only at leisure.


Did you know that with the accessory you can monitor your heart rate, calculate the calories lost, distance covered during walking or running, time spent exercising, among others.


The function of a smartband is to monitor and store the data generated during the practice of physical exercises so that you can follow them through applications.

It is very simple to use a smartband, just connect it to your smartphone, via Bluetooth, configure the gadget, put it on your wrist and start exercising.

You will no longer need to take your smartphone in your pocket every time a notification arrives, as the smartband sends alerts from social networks, emails, calls and even appointment reminders.


The gadget design is designed for those who practice physical activities. In addition to being anatomical, the device is made with light and resistant materials. You won’t even notice that you’re using the device.

The smartband is powered by a rechargeable battery (comes with a USB cable), which lasts a long time and must be recharged every six days, on average (depending on the model and brand, it can reach 20 days).


What are the benefits of a smartband?

The smartband is a very useful accessory for those who practice physical activities. It doesn’t matter if you already exercise regularly or if you’re starting now.The wearable provides a detailed overview of the physical activity that you performed in a given period, so that you can monitor your performance and set goals.

Take care of health

The smartband can also become a great ally in health care, especially for those who have heart problems, as one of the features of the device is cardiac monitoring.

You will be able to analyze how your heart is beating while walking, running or training, control the rhythm of the exercises and always keep the same frequency, so as not to harm your health.

The feature can also be used by athletes who want to establish a training rhythm based on heart rate and balance their beats per minute.

It is also great for those who practice HIT.

It is also great for those who practice HIT (high intensity interval training), an activity that consists of intense effort exercises in periods of short, medium or long duration, followed by short periods of recovery.

Sleep better

If your challenge is to sleep well and wake up, the smartband can be a great ally. Yes, you can and should sleep using your smartband.

The bracelet monitors your sleep quality, counts the hours you have slept, controls your movements during the night, identifies behavior patterns and reveals information about your nights, generating reports with analyzes of sleep quality.


You can also program it to wake up in a smoother way. The smartband has vibration sensors that emit silent alarms, so you don’t have to wake up startled by the noise of the alarm clock.

Be more organized and productive

You can also use the smartband to better organize your personal and professional life, just connect the gadget to your smartphone and synchronize some data such as messages, emails, whatsapp messages, calls, calendar and reminders.

It is worth remembering that unlike a smartwatch, you cannot interact with notifications, that is, you cannot answer calls, answer messages and emails, but at least you will be notified.

That way, you don’t have to pick up your smartphone all the time to check notifications. As a result, you will notice more focus and productivity in your activities at college or work.

Smartband or smartwatch: What is the best option?

The smartband is not the only wearable used to monitor your performance during physical activity. A similar gadget is the smartwatch, some people even confuse the two, but there are countless differences, which we will detail throughout this section.

Battery life

The first notable difference between a smartband and a smartwatch is the battery life. The smartband has a considerable advantage, as it works for days or weeks without recharging, while the smartwatch needs to be recharged daily.

The reason that battery consumption is so much higher in the smartwatch is that the gadget is capable of performing many functions and running applications without the need for integration with the smartphone.

Smartphone independence

The smartband depends entirely on the smartphone to perform all its functions, while the smartwatch works regardless of whether or not a cell phone is connected to the device.

With a smartwatch you will be able to take advantage of the wearable features even if you forget your smartphone at home. And in addition to apps, you can connect your smartwatch to your Bluetooth headset to listen to music while you exercise.

And if you have your smartphone in your pocket or armband, you can view and interact with the notifications, without having to unlock the device.


Although the smartband is visually similar to a smartwatch, these gadgets have marked differences: the smartband is smaller and lighter, as it was created exclusively for use in physical activities.

The smartwatch is heavier because of the hardware, necessary to run the applications independently (without the need to connect to the cell phone). The materials are also different, usually the piece is metal.

The price is one of the most significant differences between a smartband and a smartwatch. The independence of the smartphone, sophisticated design and extra features, make the smartwatch much more expensive than a smartband.


In short: if you want a device that works as a smartphone extension, replacing some of its functions so that you need to have the device in hand at all times, buy a smartwatch.

However, if you are going to use the wearable just to monitor physical activity, monitor health and improve sleep quality, opt for a smartband.

How much does a smartband cost?

To buy a smartband, you will not need to invest a lot of money, since it is possible to find some models of excellent quality with prices between R $ 100 and R $ 150. You can find more expensive models too, between R $ 250 and R $ 350.But if you are looking for a model with many features, some smartbands are very similar to smartwatches, even in price, they cost between R $ 900 and R $ 1,200.

Where to buy a smartband?

You can buy a smartband in sporting goods stores, in stores like Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different Smartband models

Just like any other electronic device, you will find models of smartbands with different features, designs and price ranges. When buying the wearable, assess your needs and buy a compatible device.

  • Screen
  • Water resistance
  • Design
  • Extra features

We will detail each of the items below.


The size of a smart band’s screen makes a big difference to the usability of the device. Usually, the accessory is a touchscreen, so you will find it difficult to handle it if the screen is too small.


The screen can be LCD, AMOLED, or OLED. The LCD screen has much higher power consumption, because of the backlight, which is always on.

Since OLED and AMOLED screens use organic diodes, they emit their own light. In addition, they reproduce more vivid colors and with a lot of contrast. These screens are also more sensitive to touch.

Water resistance

Some smart brands have water resistance. IP67 rated devices are protected against temporary immersion, up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

With an IP68 rating, the gadget is protected against submersion up to 1.5 m deep for 30 minutes.

You also find waterproof models with resistance up to 5 ATM (pressure atmospheres), that is, they support immersion up to 50 meters in depth. Ideal for those who swim.


To use the smart band in the water, you need to adjust some settings: go to the menu, start a swimming workout and wait a few seconds (informed on the screen), until the smart band pressurizes.

To use the smart band again, you need to get out of the water and press the button for 3 seconds until the screen depressurizes.


Regarding the design of the smart band, you also have a few choices. Starting with the shape of the display that can be straight or curved. The curved display is more anatomical, as it adapts well to the shape of the wrist.

Regarding the color of the smart band, rest assured that most models offer the exchange of bracelets, ideal if you prefer to wear a more sober model on a daily basis and a colorful bracelet during training.

Extra features

The smart band can have some extra features, which can be very efficient in your day to day. For those who usually hike, two functions can make a big difference: compass and GPS.

Although it is still not usual here in, you also find models with NPC payment function, which supports Alipay, that is, it allows you to make payments with the smart band.



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