Top & Best Snorkel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Snorkel: How to choose the best in 2022?

The act of diving has the greatest advantage of being able to visualize underwater life and discover the beauty that exists under the waters of rivers and seas. For this practice, some equipment is essential and among them is the snorkel, a product that will be the theme of today here!

Snorkeling is an excellent tool for swimming without the need to hold your breath. Having a very simple composition and very easy to use, this is one of the best products, whether for beginners or for those who already practice this sport.

This equipment has numerous advantages and can be used in the most different environments and if you are interested in knowing more about it just continue with us. In this review we will talk about everything that is most important about snorkeling, come on?

First, the most important

  • The snorkel consists of a mouthpiece and a pipe that serves as an air passage for the diver, however it does not supply oxygen and must always stay with the tip out of the water to function.
  • Combined with a diving mask, just know a few basic steps to start using a snorkel without any difficulty.
  • The price of this product varies a lot, but it is possible to find options for about R $ 20 and for those who are starting it it is also sold in kits with all the other equipment for diving and swimming.

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Ranking: The 5 best snorkels

Buying a quality snorkel is extremely important to guarantee a profitable dive and it is to show you which are the five best options available in the market that we created this ranking, check out what they are:

Buying Guide

Having as main function to allow the diver a comfortable swim and without the need to hold his breath, the snorkel is one of the main tools for those who enjoy watching underwater animals.

However, those who are starting in this sport may have doubts about this equipment and it is to gather all the information about it that we have prepared this Buying Guide. Just read until the end to stay on the subject.

What is a snorkel and what is it for?

The snorkel is a simple-looking piece of equipment, but it has the important function of assisting the swimmer’s breathing while he swims. It is important to know that it does not cause anyone to breathe underwater, but should be above the height of the water, functioning as an air passage.

It has a teether or nipple, which must be soft and placed inside the mouth, and a pipe with a length that usually varies between 36 and 40 centimeters on average.

There are snorkel models that contain a discharge valve, which serves to eliminate the water that may be located in the pipe, thus depleting the product.

There are also options equipped with breakwaters, which act literally by breaking waves that may come over the top, preventing water from entering the product and impairing the breathing of those who are swimming.

The most modern snorkels have gained an extra facility. At the end of the pipe, a valve is placed that acts as a lock and prevents water from entering the equipment at the time of immersion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of snorkeling?

The snorkel is a device that allows a safer diving practice, without the need to hold your breath for that.

This is a very simple tool to be used and it works by facilitating hydrodynamics, since breathing work becomes simpler, and with that the swimmer can focus more on submerged movements, such as body alignment, decreased head oscillations and the like .

Precisely for this reason that it helps in improving the user’s performance is used in technical training. However, as already explained, it does not function as an oxygen reserve for the diver and in the case of deeper swimming, such as free diving, it becomes necessary to return to the surface if the swimmer does not have an oxygen cylinder.

Furthermore, in the simplest practice, it is not possible to get to know marine life in more depth.


  • Allows dives without holding your breath
  • Facilitates hydrodynamics making swimming easier
  • Improves swimmer performance
  • It’s easy to use


  • Does not aid breathing during deep dives

What are the differences between snorkeling for free diving, scuba diving and hake?

Basically when it comes to snorkeling for swimming and diving it is seen that both equipment have no difference in its design but in the way of use.

The scuba diving snorkel is placed in a position called the pavilion, in which it is located in the head region, attached to the side strip of the mask, taking part of the temples and cheeks.

In the case of free diving, the snorkel is in the neck position, that is, stuck in the back of the diving mask, behind the head.

Talking now specifically about the hake snorkel or seasub it brings some subtle differences. The main one is related to the pipe, which is much more flexible. This was created in case the diver who practices hunting and fishing has his equipment stuck in some stone, branches and the like. In addition, this type of snorkel has no extra valve or tool.

Another variation of this equipment is the frontal, which already comes with straps to be attached to the back of the head, and is suitable for all types of diving.

Snorkels for free diving can be used on either side of the head, while scuba diving is always used on the right side.

How to properly use a snorkel?

Those who are starting in the art of diving may have some doubts about the correct use of the snorkel and so we have prepared a small step by step that can help beginners.

  1. The first step is to choose a diving mask that has the correct size for the face and a snorkel that fits it, remembering that it will be stuck on the mask strap.
  2. Then you should put the equipment and go to a place with shallow water. At this point, you will put the snorkel in your mouth and start the breathing process. The tip is to breathe slowly and deeply.
  3. After getting the hang of the breath, go to the place where the snorkel will actually be used and go into the water.
  4. The moment water enters the equipment, it is necessary to blow hard on the tube so that it comes out and it is possible to breathe with it.

What are the best places to swim with the snorkel?

The practice of snorkeling, which is free diving performed with a snorkel, can be done in rivers, lakes, pools or in the sea.

However, it is more common in beach regions and rivers to observe underwater life. It is very common to find companies on famous beaches that promote this type of activity.

Did you know that there is a legend that says around 3000 BC men used pierced reeds to breathe under water?

There are also stories that say that during the fighting the Italians used this tool to hide from Roman troops under water. It is believed that this is where the snorkel and the practice of snorkeling came from.

How much?

There are two ways to purchase a snorkel, which can be purchased individually or in kits that contain a mask and a fin.

Regardless of the format chosen, there is a relatively large price variation and there are cheaper options for around R $ 20 and more expensive ones costing R $ 250 on average.

Where to buy?

Stores selling sports products are good options for places to buy a snorkel, in addition to those specializing in water sports equipment.

On the internet this product is sold on the most diverse sites and some that have a good range of products are Amazon.

There is also the option to purchase the models that we list in our Ranking and if you are interested in any of them just click on the product and you will be directed to the website where it is for sale.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing snorkel models

Existing in several models, who is not a recurring user of the snorkel can be confused with so many possibilities and not be able to define which is the ideal for you.

To help those who are going through this moment we show below what are the main points that should be taken into account when choosing a snorkel and this way it will be easier to make a good purchase.

  • Type of snorkel
  • Age range
  • Presence of additional valves
  • Barrel length
  • Nozzle size and softness

Now see all the criteria in detail, that way you will know how to make the best choice.

Type of snorkel

An issue that must be taken into account when buying a snorkel is the type of activity and location where you intend to use it.

Anyone who practices fishing or hunting with this equipment should choose a specific model for this. Those who like to dive in the sea can think of an option that has a wave break, since it facilitates diving. In rivers and pools the simplest models may be sufficient.

In this regard, it is also worth thinking that anyone who uses the tool in different places can invest in a snorkel, because it has the possibility of being used on both sides of the head.

Age range

Some snorkel models have a pre-defined age group and others that are suitable for divers of all ages.

With that, there are options that are geared towards children, younger people and also adults. This is important because the mouthpiece that is comfortable for a 30 year old can not always be for an 8 year old child.

In addition, when they come in kits the mask is also suitable for the person of the preset age and using large diving equipment can end up allowing water to seep where it shouldn’t or small ones can hurt.

Presence of additional valves

There are snorkels that have additional tools that bring more comfort and quality of swimming to the diver.

One of them is the discharge valve, present mainly in thicker pipe models. They work by eliminating the water that may be contained within the snorkel and assist not only during the swim but also at the time of exhausting it for the climb, making this process simpler.

Currently, there are also valves that block the entry of water into the pipe, especially at the time of the first dive. This facilitates use for swimmers with little experience.

In the case of opting for a model without a valve, you should prefer those with pipes with smaller diameters that end up being more comfortable during use.

Barrel length

On average a snorkel has a pipe with a length between 36 and 40 centimeters, but this is not a rule or standard and there are different measures.

For those who practice diving in shallower places this may not really make a difference, however those who like to go a little deeper can opt for equipment with a longer barrel that will give greater autonomy.

Nozzle size and softness

Having a snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece is one of the best ways to ensure a more profitable dive. It is not difficult to see users of some models complain that the nozzle is too big or too small and that this hinders the practice.

So, when in doubt, it is worth trying the product and touching it to check how malleable it is and if it has no edge that can hurt your mouth. For those who make the purchase online, there is nothing to worry about, and if the product you have purchased is not ideal just ask for the exchange or its return.


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