Top & Best strategy games Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best strategy games in 2021

Strategy games are quite popular. This type of game – which can be board or electronic – encourages players to devise a strategy to defeat opponents and win the game.

These games can have different themes, structures and levels of complexity, that is, you can find options for children, teenagers and adults. We have prepared an article with all the information on the subject!

First, the most important

  • You find card strategy games, board, cell phone, video game or computer. Matches can be played by two to eight players.
  • Electronic strategy games are categorized into “turn-based strategy” or “real-time strategy”. Although the way of playing is different, the objective of the game is the same.
  • Strategy games have different themes and levels of complexity and can be aimed at children, teenagers and adults.

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The best strategy games: Our recommendations

Beating opponents based on observation, planning and smart decisions is the purpose of the strategy game. We have prepared a list of the best strategy board games.

  • A cooperation-based strategy game
  • The best war-themed strategy game
  • The best strategy and mystery game
  • The best strategy game for those who enjoy adventure


Buying Guide

The best way to spend an afternoon in the company of friends is with a game of strategy. Board games are a great choice, as they bring together two to eight friends for each game.

Another option is electronic games, which can be played individually, in pairs or groups. To learn more about strategy games, continue reading this Buying Guide!


What is a strategy game?

Strategy game is a category of games that requires competitors to devise a strategy based on the objective of the game and the movements of opponents in order to defeat opponents and win the match.


Strategy games can be electronic.

Strategy games can be electronic or board games. The theme, level of complexity, duration of matches and number of players varies from game to game.

What are the benefits of strategy games?

Strategy games stimulate the simultaneous use of two cerebral hemispheres, developing countless skills such as intelligence, agility of reasoning, observation skills, critical and strategic thinking.

These games also develop the capacity for conflict resolution, help to form habits of cooperation and competition at a healthy level.

When interacting with fictional characters, complex narratives and fantastic scenarios, there is the development of imagination and the use of mental, sensory, affective and physical skills. Check out more benefits of strategy games in the table below:



  • Games at different levels of complexity
  • Compatible with people in different age groups
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Games with two to eight players
  • Board or electronic games
  • Different themes


  • Matches are longer
  • Can only be played by at least two players

What are the types of strategy games?

Strategy games can be divided into two categories. Physical games are card and board games and electronic games are played on a smartphone, tablet, computer or video game.

Each board strategy game is unique. This genre of games covers a wide variety of themes, dynamics and levels of complexity. It gathers from two to eight players for matches with a minimum duration of 45 to 120 minutes.

The computer is an excellent platform for strategy games, as the mouse and keyboard facilitate gameplay and allow full control of the avatar. The same goes for the video game console. Mobile strategy games are a little less complex, but just as fun.

What are the different segments of electronic strategy games?

Electronic strategy games are divided into two categories: “real-time game” and “turn-based game”. In real time games, all the action happens simultaneously, prioritizing the players’ speed of thinking.

In the turn-based strategy game, each player has their turn to play, meaning you will have time to think about what to do. With each new shift, circumstances are different from the previous one.

Strategy games are intended for which audience?

Strategy games are intended for audiences of different age groups. Generally, these games are designed for older children, between 8 and 10 years old.

You also find options for pre-teens between 11 and 13 years old, and options for teens over 13 years old – these are also good options for game nights between adults.

Purchasing criteria: How to find the best strategy games

The category of strategy games is one of the most extensive and diverse. Each strategy game, regardless of whether it is a board game or a computer game, has special characteristics such as different themes, game dynamics and levels of complexity. When looking for a strategy game, we recommend that you adhere to the following purchase criteria:

  • Age range of players
  • Number of players
  • Game theme
  • Skills required
  • Complexity and duration of matches
  • Special Features

We will detail each of the topics throughout this section. For questions or suggestions, leave a comment below:

Age range of players

When analyzing a strategy game, it is essential to consider the age range of the players and buy a game compatible with the age of the competitors.

Strategy games developed for children from six years of age have a children’s theme, an easy level of complexity and the duration of the game is less than one hour.

For teenagers and adults, choose strategy games with a complex theme, which have more difficult rules and provide matches lasting more than an hour.

Number of players

A strategy game is much more interesting when played by a group of friends. In this sense, it is important to evaluate the minimum and maximum number of players per game – minimum of two and maximum of eight players.

But be aware, games that require at least four participants to participate can be less versatile if you live alone, with your partner or in a small family.

Game theme

The variety of themes used in building strategy games allows you to find the perfect game for you and your friends. The most interesting are games inspired by popular books, movies and series.

Among the most popular themes are territorial conquest, wars, solving crimes, discovering mysteries, building the infrastructure of cities, controlling the contagion of lethal diseases, among others.

Skills required

Another buying criterion that deserves your attention is the mechanics of the strategy game. Some games require the cooperation of teamwork, while others encourage rivalry between competitors.

The strategy game can be based on fulfilling a challenge, on deciphering a puzzle, confusing your opponents, among other proposals. The variety of themes allows you to assemble a wide selection of board or computer games.

Complexity and duration of matches

Strategy games are more complex than board games or electronic games from other segments.

Strategy game can be easy, intermediate or difficult.

The matches are longer – depending on the level of complexity of the game, which can be easy, intermediate or difficult – as players need to define a strategy, put together an action plan and restructure it whenever necessary.

In this sense, evaluate the level of complexity of the game and the average duration of the game before choosing the strategy game in the store. This information can be found on the product packaging.

Special Features

Some strategy games provide access to a free application that can be used to interact with avatars on the board, receive tips or even make fictitious financial transactions, making games much more interesting and dynamic.

Generally, board games that work with mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS systems, so check the operating system on your phone and your friends before purchasing the game.

If you prefer the traditional board game, some come with different features like tokens for individual use, simple and special cards, electronic mechanisms and other features.

The more special features offered by the strategy game, the more expensive the toy is. Evaluate the cost-benefit of the product and choose the one you like best.


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