Top & Best Suitcase Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Suitcase: What are the best models of 2021?

Traveling has never been easier and cheaper than it is today for  With this increase in demand for airline tickets, the search for a good suitcase also grew.

With so much information on the internet, many people plan a trip on their own, without depending on a travel agency and cheapening the budget. This justifies the increase in travelers.

In this article, we at Review Box Brasil want to help you find the perfect travel bag, taking into account mainly the safety and durability of these luggage.

First, the most important

  • A good travel bag can last for many years, so you need to choose a quality model.
  • Be aware of the rules for taking suitcases on flights, especially on flights operated by low cost airlines.
  • Learn how to buy the perfect bag for your reality through the Purchase Criteria.

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The best suitcases: Our choices

Who doesn’t like to travel? Plan the itinerary, count the days, pack your bags … Oops, but when it comes to the suitcase, a wrong choice can bring a headache. So, get to know some of the best models on the market in the list below.

  • Great bag kit option
  • A very spacious option
  • To take inside the plane
  • The adaptable option
  • For shorter trips

Great bag kit option




Swiss Gosuper Polycarbonate Suitcase Set with 360º Rotating Wheels 2 Pieces – SilverRead user reviews



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For those looking for a travel bag – or rather two bags – at a more affordable price, this GoSuper set is an excellent option.

Despite being smaller, the two luggage hold a lot for your trip. The largest suitcase is 65 centimeters high and the smallest has the ideal dimensions to be carried on board the plane.

They also have double wheels with 360 degree rotation. They are made of polycarbonate and are part of the premium line of the brand for having high quality and resistance.


A very spacious option



American Tourister Tropical Large Coral SuitcaseRead user reviews


Buy on Amazon

The American Tourister brand could not be left out of this selection. The Tropical model, in large size, is 79 centimeters high and 54 centimeters wide. It is a very spacious suitcase. It is made of polyester, so it is not as rigid as the previous ones.

Inside, it has elastic straps and three different zippered compartments, one to prevent liquid products – such as shampoo – from leaking into the suitcase. This compartment is detachable. In addition, it also has some external pockets.

It has 360 degree swivel wheels, zipper closure and integrated lock. Both the top and side handles are padded and the metal handle is adjustable.


To take inside the plane



Samsonite Fiero Small Blue Travel BagRead user reviews


Buy on Amazon

If you are looking for an even smaller model to take on board inside the plane, but you would still like a very high quality suitcase, this Samsonite Fiero model may be what you are looking for.

More than 580 people rated this suitcase on Amazon and the product remains 4.5 stars. It is 49.5 centimeters high, but has an expander. It has a 4-wheel system with 360 degree rotation and a padlock attached to the suitcase.

It has top handle, side and adjustable handle. Inside, it also has elastic straps and three zippered compartments to separate belongings and organize them better. It is approved by 90% of users, as indicated by the evaluation.

The adaptable option



Medium White ABS Travel Case w / Trolley 360 ° Essence 2T SestiniRead user reviews

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This Sestini model is an economical version of medium luggage. It is 67 centimeters high and has a total capacity of 83 liters, 15 of which are for expansion. This means that the bag can increase or decrease 6 centimeters in width.

Produced in ABS, with built-in padlock and four double wheels with 360 degree swivel, the Essence suitcase is a safe, quality and stylish option in white and brown colors.

The built-in aluminum cart has an adjustable handle. Inside, it is all lined, has elastic straps and several dividers with zipper closure. A suitcase for those who like to keep everything organized.

For shorter trips



Small 360 ° Giro Primicia Polyester Travel Bag – BlueRead user reviews

R $ 419.90


Buy on Amazon

This navy blue suitcase from Primicia, made of polyester, is an onboard option to be taken inside the plane, 58 cm high and 36 cm wide.

Ideal for short trips and perfect for those who like easy access compartments for documents and wallets. In addition to the strap and internal pocket, this bag has two external pockets.

Still, it has several features described in the other models, such as built-in padlock, adjustable handle, expansion zipper, four double wheels with 360 degree swivel and padded side and top handles.

Buying Guide

Traveling is something more and more accessible for any type of person. Whether by bus, car or plane, the ease that technology and the internet have brought allows more and more people to pack and leave home in search of new destinations.

But do you know how to choose your ideal travel bag? In this Buying Guide, we want to help you with this task. Come on?

Each type of suitcase is ideal for a different situation. (Source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)

Why do I need a suitcase?

If traveling in the past was only possible for the upper class in nowadays crossing the skies is definitely easier in our country.

It is getting cheaper and easier to travel inside and outside.

It is getting cheaper – and easier – to buy an airline ticket either inside or outside. It is possible to research, plan, parcel and pay for your entire trip in advance, with or without a travel agency.

Easy access to information through the internet and technology has increased the number travelers. And with vacation planning, it comes with choosing an ideal travel bag.

And if traveling more and more is in the plans, whether by car, work or leisure, it is worth investing in a good suitcase, and you will already understand why.

Whether on board or larger, the suitcase is the transport of all your belongings. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, documents, this is where you will take everything you need for your long-planned vacation.

Nothing is more fair than all this being taken in a safe place. And this is one of the biggest advantages of investing in a quality suitcase. All suitcases described in our selection have a built-in lock approved by TSA, which offers more security for your belongings.

TSA is an acronym for Transport Security Administration , which is a body – created after the September 11 attack in the United States – responsible for the security of airports in that country. So if you want to travel there and avoid headaches, choose these bags.

What are the advantages of a good travel bag?

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “What would a good suitcase be?” Well, a good start is the question of security and padlocks mentioned above.

If, at the airport, agents suspect anything inside your luggage, they have a master key that opens your suitcase without damaging it. If you use another padlock, they may need to break it.

But do not worry. This is indeed a great advantage and does not mean that any airport employee can open your luggage. Only those who work in this sector. Other than that, it is only possible to open this lock with the numerical sequence you created.

Now, have you ever thought of reaching your final destination and seeing that some objects were stolen from inside your luggage by employees during the journey? It would be a big headache.

Know that this has happened many times between airports around the world. That is why security is a fundamental feature

In addition to safety, a good travel bag is also made of sturdy material. (Source: Nuttapon Khewprasert / 123RF)

In addition, good bags are highly resistant. Consequently they last longer. Do you know someone who has had their suitcase damaged by carelessness in the transfer?

It is important to have a quality suitcase, so as not to damage your belongings.

Lower quality bags arrive with a broken handle, missing a wheel, with the zipper popped and even unstitched in some places. The material used in the manufacture is very important for the bags to be more resistant and durable. But not just that.

The finish that the brand offers can be the differential, such as reinforced stitching. Polyester, for example, is a material of excellent quality, but it can have a loose or strong seam depending on the manufacturer. In the same way that the inside of a good suitcase ends up having that same differential.

So this ends up being a big advantage. The investment may be higher, but your bag will not be discarded on the first trip. It is the guarantee of being able to travel many times without having to buy a new suitcase each time. Another thing that good bags have differently compared to lower bags, is mobility.

Precisely because of the very high quality of the materials used, they are light and work perfectly. Think what details make all the difference.


When opening the hand puller, it slides easily, without jamming. The wheels, some even double, with 360 degree rotation give more freedom to move. It can be carried on the side of the body, or pull with the arm back.

These advantages are already worth the investment, in view of the cost benefit they offer. Although you pay a little more expensive than in a lower quality suitcase, it ends up becoming cheaper in the long run, since you will be using the same suitcase for many years.

It is even difficult to talk about disadvantages. But there is one that unfortunately ends up getting out of user control.

The loss of luggage. Although in the vast majority of cases the bags are located, it has already happened that the airline cannot find out where the suitcase ended up.

This ends up being a headache. Investing more expensive in a suitcase and having it lost is a inconvenience, not only for the suitcase but for the items themselves.

Mas considerando que a empresa tem que reembolsar o passageiro, você teria seu investimento de volta. Ainda assim podemos destacar o extravio como um fator de desvantagem.


  • Cadeado TSA que oferece segurança e evita arrombamento
  • Altamente resistentes
  • Maior durabilidade
  • São muito funcionais e oferecem mobilidade ao usuário


  • O extravio de uma mala mais cara será mais prejudicial
  • Malas de qualidade exigem mais cuidado

No que prestar atenção na hora do despacho nacional e internacional?

Em abril de 2017, entraram em vigor as novas regras para bagagens determinadas pela Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (Anac). Então vale a pena relembrar esses detalhes para que você faça sua compra pensando na realidade dos voos domésticos, ou seja, no nosso país.

A partir daquele dia, mudou de 5 para 10 kg o peso permitido para levar como bagagem de mão. Isso deu uma liberdade maior para os passageiros que levam uma bagagem pequena a bordo.

Fique atento as dimensões da mala. A soma da altura, largura e profundidade não podem ultrapassar 115 centímetros. Qualquer dimensão e peso acima desses, pode ser cobrado pelas companhias aéreas para despacho.

As empresas já têm praticado essa cobrança e você pode pagar entre R$ 40 e R$ 150 para despachar uma mala de até 23 kg, dependendo da companhia aérea.

Confira as medidas na descrição dos produtos antes de comprar.

Voos internacionais

Já para os voos internacionais, as especificações podem variar de acordo com cada empresa. De modo geral, considerando as passagens econômicas, é permitido despachar até duas malas de 23 kg.

Some companies even allow only a 23 kg suitcase. Others continue to allow two of 32 kg. It all depends on the company and also the type of ticket you have.

It is also necessary to clarify that, if you are making a connection on a national flight, for an international flight that will follow, your baggage limit will be the one related to the international flight.

Low Cost Companies

Another important point to be taken into account are flights operated by companies called low cost, mainly in Europe. Generally, these flights allow each passenger to carry a 10 kg baggage, with a maximum dimension of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

In these cases, as tickets are very cheap, the need to pay for the dispatch of a suitcase larger than allowed may cause an expense greater than the value of the ticket itself.

So in order not to be surprised before boarding, you need to consult the airline’s website.

Domestic flights International flights Low Cost Companies
One suitcase up to 10 kg and total dimensions of 115 cm One or two 23 kg suitcases, depending on the company Generally, a 10 kg suitcase and dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

Rigid suitcase or not?

Among some materials, most bags are made of plastic or polyester. This makes them rigid or not.

    • Rigid suitcases are those that are hard, of solid material that do not crumple or deform. Usually they are a little more expensive because they are more resistant. Although they can scratch or crack – if handled without any care – they are designed to protect your belongings in the best possible way.
    • The malleable bags are made of some fabric. They are cheaper, but know that it does not compromise your quality. There are bags that are even very expensive. Their advantage is that they can have more external compartments. If you invest in a quality suitcase, you will hardly have a problem with damage. The disadvantage is that they can get dirty more easily.


  Rigid travel bag Soft travel bag
Material Most are made of ABS plastic, very resistant Most are made of polyester, a very resistant material
Advantage They are highly resistant and easy to clean They have more external compartments and can be very resistant, depending on the seam finish
Disadvantage Can scratch easily Can get dirty easily

How much does a suitcase cost?

Obviously the price of a suitcase depends on a number of factors. If you search for “travel bag” on Google, you’ll find bags starting at R $ 50.

As we are talking about the best suitcases considering safety, resistance and mobility – which were the highlighted advantages – let’s talk about the average price of this type of product.

A great travel bag can be purchased from R $ 350, but there are models that cost up to R $ 1,500.

The good thing is that in online stores it is possible to find easy payment terms, up to 12x and many of these stores do not put interest. Then it is possible to buy a great suitcase by paying small installments per month.

Where to buy a travel bag?

You can find bags at specialized physical stores or specific brands. Usually in large malls it is possible to find such a store.

The problem is that many of these physical stores end up not offering brand and variety options. In online stores, you are guaranteed to find more models at a better price.

Some options are: Amazon.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more sorry for the things you didn’t do than for the things you did. So loosen your bonds. Get away from the safe haven. Grab the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing suitcase models

It is impossible to have all the benefits and still find a low price. The two do not go together. You can find many offers and great discounts at online stores, which is very good for you to buy a good suitcase.

In case you are still in doubt, some criteria can help you analyze that investing in a good bag ends up being a savings in the long run.

So that you can analyze what is most important to have in your suitcase, within your real needs and conditions, let’s talk in detail about:

  • Strength and durability
  • Safety
  • Size and weight
  • Compartments

Check below how each of these items can – and should – influence the choice of your new travel bag.

Strength and durability

You may choose a lower quality suitcase because of the lower price. But it is important to keep in mind that they are hardly resistant and highly durable.

Realize that a suitcase is not just for air travel. Spending a weekend with friends or family in a different city is a reason to take your suitcase with you.

A good quality travel bag can accompany you for many years.

It is very common to see children who live far from their parents today, because they have moved to large cities or even another state. Do you have relatives or friends in other cities? how often do you travel? Ponder these questions.

The strength and durability of a suitcase can be fundamental criteria if you don’t want to leave it forgotten on top of the wardrobe.

So investing in a high quality product, is to make sure that this new acquisition will be your great companion in the next leisure moments of your life, without easily damaging or even becoming disposable after a plane trip.


Air travel often requires that your bags be checked. Once you are no longer in control of it, anything can happen.

Although the company is responsible for the arrival of your belongings to their final destination, as we mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon for people to have their belongings stolen.

Many suitcases with simple seals are broken into. And until you prove it, it can give you a big headache, or even you can’t even get it.

To avoid this type of inconvenience, suitcases with built-in padlocks are practical and safe options. You don’t need extra padlocks. You program your number combination yourself and your belongings will not be stolen.

Not to mention that these bags have TSA security system. Which is the best way to protect your suitcase on a trip to the United States and not have problems with the Transport Security Administration, as explained.

Size and weight

How often do you travel? Better yet, how many days do you usually stay away from home? Want a bag exclusively for long trips? Or a medium suitcase that is compatible with shorter trips?

Reflect on these issues. In addition to being ideal for trips abroad, a large suitcase can be used by even more family members on short leisure trips, for example.


A large suitcase can be used for individual international trips or to put the whole family’s clothes on shorter trips. (Source: Bob_Dmyt / Pixabay)

The mother can put the children’s clothes with hers and thus carry only one piece of luggage to spend the weekend in nearby places.

For one who travels a lot, even for work, a small suitcase that is compatible with the measurements on board can be interesting. Or maybe you really need an average suitcase. So try to think about the reality of your travels.

But pay attention, always check the dimensions in the product description so as not to confuse the sizes. An image can give the false impression of being larger or smaller.

As with size, weight is also important. Opt for lighter bags, it is easier to handle and of course, you can take more things without exceeding the permitted weight.


Bags do not usually have many compartments, especially on the outside. But the options we brought in the Ranking have different pockets and dividers. Some more, some less.

Try to see pictures of the interior of each product if this criterion is important to you. The compartments are important because they reduce the use of necessaire and other bags to separate each belonging.

Shoes, for example, can be placed on the panel with a zipper closure. The underwear can also be inserted in exclusive pockets. This all saves space in your luggage.

If you like organization, this criterion may be essential for your suitcase to be perfect.


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