Top & Best supplements for hypertrophy Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best What are the best supplements for hypertrophy in 2022

Many people want to increase volume and muscle definition, whether to practice bodybuilding, increase performance in sports or even for aesthetic reasons.

To achieve these goals, you must practice weight training, follow a high calorie diet and introduce supplementation. But do you know which is the best supplement for hypertrophy? Continue reading and find out.

First, the most important

  • A supplement for hypertrophy can be a source of calories (Hypercaloric or Mass), proteins (Whey Protein or Albumin), carbohydrates (Maltodextrin or Dextrose) or amino acids (BCAA and Creatine).
  • When a person trains regularly, follows a high-calorie diet and uses a supplement, the hypertrophy process happens quickly. The diet and supplement must be indicated by a nutrologist or nutritionist.
  • To boost muscle hypertrophy, maintain proper training and good load distribution. The exercises should be performed slowly and maintaining good posture.

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The best supplements for hypertrophy: Our recommendations

Want to know what are the best supplements for hypertrophy? These supplements can provide carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids or calories. We have selected the best products below:

  • The best protein supplement
  • The best hypercaloric supplement
  • The best amino acid supplement


Buying Guide

The hypertrophy process requires effort and dedication. To gain muscle mass it is necessary to train regularly, maintain a reinforced diet and rest properly.

But there is a way to achieve this goal quickly, using a supplement for hypertrophy, the subject of this Buying Guide.


What is muscle hypertrophy?

When a person performs weight training exercises, muscle fibers break, causing minor injuries. When these injuries are repaired, muscle volume increases.

But other factors influence the gain of muscle mass, one of them is the diet. Feeding provides energy to train and replenishes energy after training. But to consume all the necessary nutrients, it is important to take a hypertrophy supplement.

And for muscle cells to be regenerated it is important to rest – never train the same muscle groups every day to avoid getting hurt.

The hypertrophy process takes time. Mass gain occurs after weeks or months of strength training. And the hypertrophy process is reversible, that is, when the stimulus is interrupted, the muscles regain their natural appearance.



What to eat before and after training?

An hour or half an hour before training, eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, wholegrain pasta, sweet potato, cassava or yam, as these foods provide the energy needed to perform the exercises.

After training, it is important to eat again, as the food or supplement will assist in muscle recovery and growth. We recommend fast-absorbing carbohydrates and proteins.

If you choose a supplement, it is interesting to have a solid meal 40 minutes later.


What are the best supplements for hypertrophy?

The hypertrophy supplement is indicated both for those who are able to eat properly, and for those who are unable to eat solid foods, in adequate portions and at appropriate intervals. Know the best supplements for hypertrophy below:

Protein supplement

The protein supplement provides an adequate portion of proteins and amino acids used in the process of muscle recovery and growth. The supplement should be consumed after training.

    • Whey Protein is extracted from whey protein. Provides proteins and amino acids essential for muscle growth. It can be found in concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed versions. Compare the differences in the table below:


whey protein Special features Protein concentration Absorption
Focused Contains lactose and fat Between 60% and 80% Slow absorption
Isolated Pure protein Concentration from 90 to 97% Rapid absorption
Hydrolyzed Isolated and broken proteins Uninformed Rapid absorption
  • Albumin : This supplement is extracted from egg white protein – as it is not extracted from milk, it can be used by those who have lactose intolerance. Another advantage of albumin is the more affordable price.


The hypercaloric supplement combines simple and complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats that serve to provide energy, essential for long and intense workouts.

Although it contributes to hypertrophy, it should be consumed only by those who train intensely and will burn excess calories. As it represents a meal, it is an excellent option for those who want to gain weight.


The carbohydrate supplement is versatile as it can be used before or after training. Before training, it provides energy, after training, it recovers energy reserve.

Some carbohydrate supplements have a faster release like Dextrose and Palatinose, others have a slower release, like Waxy Maize. Choose the product according to the objective.


Diogo CíricoNutritionist

“There are approximately 42 nutrients necessary for the body to be able to carry out the hypertrophy process. There is no rule in supplementation, but rather, a scientific diagnosis that points out the need for each person.


The thermogenic supplement uses body fat as an energy source. This supplement is ideal for those who want to burn localized fat and seek muscle definition.

Amino Acids

The amino acid supplement is responsible for protein synthesis, which helps in the recovery of muscle fibers after training. The main supplements in this category are listed below:

  • Glutamine is the amino acid in greater quantity in the body. It is responsible for the integrity of muscle tissue, protein synthesis and energy metabolism.
  • BCAA consists of a set of essential amino acids, that is, not produced by the body. It is important in building muscle structures and protein synthesis. Increases performance in training.
  • Creatine is used by the body to increase energy levels and stimulate protein synthesis, that is, it helps in increasing strength and resistance to train and in gaining lean mass.



The most recommended is that you work the upper limbs in one workout and the lower limbs in the other, ensuring the time needed for the muscles to rest, regenerate and grow.

It is important to perform the movements slowly so that all fibers are activated during the exercises. Aerobic training must be performed sporadically. There are two types of training for hypertrophy:

  • Metabolic training: Greater number of sets and less rest time.
  • Tension training: High loads, fewer repetitions and longer recovery times between sets.

Why is it important to rest after a hypertrophy workout?

One of the stages of the hypertrophy process is rest. During rest, oxygenation of muscle cells increases and this speeds up the recovery of injuries in muscle fibers.

In addition, while you sleep, growth hormone is released which optimizes muscle regeneration, growth and definition.

Is it true that women take longer to gain muscle?

The hypertrophy process is a little slower for women than for men. This is because of the lower production of endogenous testosterone, an essential hormone for muscle mass gain.

But that does not mean that women do not achieve good results. With the right training, proper diet and supplementation, muscle mass gain will occur.



How and when to take the hypertrophy supplements?

To learn how to take the hypertrophy supplement, follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer and the tips we have prepared below:

    • The supplement can replace one of the meals. But do not overdo the substitution so as not to lose weight instead of gaining muscle mass;
    • You can dissolve the supplement in skim milk or some quality protein source;
    • You can take the supplement when you wake up, to minimize the catabolism caused by the hours of sleep.
    • Another option is to take 30 minutes before training to increase energy and performance.
    • In the post-workout, the supplement acts as an energy replenisher;
    • Before going to sleep, the supplement slows gastric emptying and reduces catabolism.

Purchase criteria: How to find the best supplement for hypertrophy

The supplement contributes to muscle hypertrophy, as it provides the carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and calories needed to increase energy, strength, and endurance during workouts.

The product also serves to regenerate injuries and stimulate muscle volume gain. To find the best supplement for hypertrophy, review the purchase criteria listed and detailed below:

  • Supplement
  • Presentation
  • Flavor
  • Weight


As we mentioned earlier, different supplements can be used in the hypertrophy process. The choice depends on numerous factors such as biotype, nutritional needs, training characteristics, objectives, among others. We compare the options in the table below:

  Action When should it be ingested Best options
Protein supplement Acts in the process of recovery and muscle growth After training Whey Protein and Albumin
Carbohydrate supplement Provides power Pre-workout or post-workout Dextrose, Maltodextrose, Palatinose and Waxy Maize
Hypercaloric Provides power Pre-workout or post-workout Pasta
Thermogenic Uses body fat as an energy source Pre workout Thermogenic
Amino Acids It acts in protein synthesis After training Glutamine, BCAA and Creatine


Hypercaloric supplements can be found in different presentations. Thermogenic supplements and amino acids are marketed only in the capsule version.

Protein, carbohydrate and hypercaloric supplements are sold in powder form. This is the most common version and also the easiest to consume, as just add a glass of filtered water or chilled semi-skimmed milk to the cocktail shaker, a measure of the supplement and shake.


If you choose to buy a supplement for powdered hypertrophy, you must choose the flavor of the product. In addition to the neutral version, you will find conventional options like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

If you want to taste a different flavor, other options are red fruits, cookies ‘n’ cream, dulce de leche, açaí, banana, passion fruit, grape, churros, lemon pie, coffee, cappuccino and others.


You can find supplement options in different flavors. (Source: CTRL- A Meal Replacement /


Another feature that deserves your attention is the weight of the product. You can find protein supplements in packages of 500 to 1,000g (Albumin) or 900g to 2,000g (Whey Protein).

Hypercaloric is found in larger packages with 1,500g, 3,000g, 4,500g or 6,000g, as the supplement dose varies from 120g to 160g. The carbohydrate is sold in packs of 1000g (Dextrose and Maltodextrin) or 1000g to 1500g (Waxy Maize).

The thermogenic is sold in bottles with 60 to 120 capsules. Finally, the amino acids are sold in powder or capsule versions. You can find options in pots with 150g and 300g (BCAA and Glutamine) or 1000g (Creatine) or bottles with 120 to 480 capsules (Creatine and BCAA, respectively).

We recommend that you evaluate the volume of the package, the recommended daily dose and the cost per dose to find the most cost-effective option.






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