Top & Best Thermal backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Thermal backpack: What are the best 2022 models?

The act of taking lunch to work is increasingly common. Several people adhered to this practice, either to eat better or even to save the value of the meal. To keep food at the ideal temperature, there is a thermal backpack.

Made with the appearance of a regular backpack, the thermal models keep food warm for longer. Thanks to this, those who do not have a microwave in the workspace can eat warm food. In this article we will show you all about the thermal backpack, to learn more just read until the end.

First, the most important

  • The thermal backpack consists of several compartments and can keep food warm or refrigerated for hours.
  • It is possible to store various foods in a thermal backpack. It is ideal for lunchboxes, fruits, drinks and even yogurt.
  • The value of this product is quite variable, but you can find options to buy from R $ 60.

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Best thermal backpack models: The ideal for every style

The thermal backpack is a relatively new product, but it is quite successful. Because of this, there are several models that can adapt to all styles. Below we show you the best, check it out.

  • The readers’ preferred model
  • The ideal option for those who like printed backpacks
  • The most basic and versatile thermal backpack
  • The best backpack model for babies

Buying Guide

Those who like to maintain a more regulated diet usually have the habit of taking their food everywhere. However, it is not just any space that has places to heat food. To solve this problem there is a thermal backpack.

The thermal backpack can be used with hot or cold foods and can keep them at the ideal temperature for hours. It is made in different models and colors. In this buying guide we will show you its advantages, price, ways of use and much more. So continue with us and let’s go!

What is a thermal backpack and what is it for?

In the last few years the number of people who started to take lunch boxes to work has increased a lot. There are those who do this to maintain a balanced diet and others who prefer to save the value of the food voucher.

Regardless of the reason, it is essential to pack this food in a suitable container. One of the best products for this is the thermal backpack. This accessory can keep food warm or cold for a few hours and is very useful.

Thus, the thermal backpack is ideal for those who do not have a suitable place to warm up their lunch and do not want to eat cold food. This bag can also be used by parents who need to carry their baby’s bottle.

There are some theories regarding the emergence of backpacks. According to records, it is believed that this product appeared in the middle of 1906.

Everything happened from an edition of the American magazine Outing Magazine. In a report she taught how to fold a cover so that it would become a package to carry on her back.

After that the backpacks evolved and today they are found in several models, including thermal ones.

On what occasions can the thermal backpack be used?

The thermal backpack is a very versatile item and can be used on several occasions. It is very common for people to use it to get to and from work, but it is not only in these cases that this accessory is useful.

The thermal backpack can be a good choice for picnics and not too long trips. It is also indicated for gym, swimming pool and even the beach.

For those who sell sweets or snacks this model of backpack can also be used and in these cases is great for making deliveries.

What is and is not advisable to take in a thermal backpack?

The thermal backpack can be used to store the most diverse types of food and even for cosmetics and medicines it is useful.

Thus, in this product you can transport complete meals, fruits, yogurts and sweets. In the thermal backpack it is still possible to store drinks, be they sodas, juices or even dairy products.

However, the only caution with regard to this is that it is not indicated to store foods with different temperatures in the same place. This will ensure that none of them are kept correctly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the thermal backpack?

The thermal backpack combines a number of advantages, so it is the choice of so many people.

Its main differential is to keep food cool or warm for longer. Thanks to this, meals are consumed at the correct temperature.

This product is also made in several models. This makes it able to adapt to all styles and tastes.

Another positive aspect of the thermal backpack is that it can be used to store other personal items. Thus, in addition to food, it is possible to store notebooks, wallets, notebooks, necessaries and much more.

The only disadvantage is that some models of this type of bag have a high value.



  • Keeps food warm or chilled for hours
  • It is made in several models
  • Fits all styles
  • Can be used to store multiple items


  • Some models have high value

What are the differences between the thermal backpack and the thermal bag?

The thermal bag was one of the first products developed with the purpose of storing food at the appropriate temperature for longer. After that, the thermal backpacks appeared and the difference between these two items is in their conformation.

The backpack version can be considered more complete because it consists of several pockets and compartments.

In addition, its thermal capacity is an additional. This is because there are spaces with temperature insulation and others in which it is possible to store various belongings from day to day.

This does not usually happen with thermal bags. This product is not normally made with several compartments and does not have areas without thermal capacity.

Does the thermal backpack cost more than the average one?

The value of a thermal backpack is very variable. Thus, there are models that are more expensive than ordinary backpacks and others that have very similar value.

With that, it is possible to find options costing from R $ 60. The most expensive ones can reach up to around R $ 700.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare thermal backpack models

The thermal backpack can be the solution for you who takes lunchbox and has nowhere to heat it. However, when choosing one of these it is essential to pay attention to some details. We show you each of them below.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Number of compartments
  • Thermal capacity

Now we will explain these criteria in detail.


The thermal backpack is made in several models and sizes. There are smaller and more compact options, which are ideal for those who don’t need a lot of space.

There are also versions that are larger and a great option for people who store large lunch boxes, notebooks and more.

When choosing such a backpack it is important to analyze your needs. There is no point in purchasing a more compact version if it is not possible to store everything you need.

On the other hand, if you choose a large backpack and you have nothing to put in it, it can end up getting in the way. So choose carefully.


A very positive point about the thermal backpack is that it is found to buy in different colors.

The most common models are made in solid and darker tones such as black, gray and navy blue. However, there are more colorful options in colors like red, green, pink and more. In addition, there are also stamped versions, which are the most differentiated.

If you are the type who likes a more versatile bag, then invest in a more basic model.

Those who like to create colorful and different compositions should bet on the most striking and printed backpacks.

Number of compartments

Another issue that deserves special attention about the thermal backpack concerns the number of compartments that this item has.

These compartments can be the thermal compartments, in which the food will be stored, or non-thermal, which serve to store other objects.

This characteristic is important considering the organization of the backpack. There are models that have spaces to store lunch boxes and others that focus on items such as notebooks, wallets and the like.

Larger options are equipped with more than one compartment for food. These are great for those who sell lunchboxes or else usually take different foods with them.

The front pockets of a thermal backpack are also welcome. This is because they usually store items that need to be always at hand, such as cell phones and keys, for example.

Therefore, take into account that the more compartments this product has, the more organized your belongings will be inside it.

Thermal capacity

Last but not least, the thermal capacity of this type of backpack must be analyzed.

The thermal capacity is related to the time that this product keeps food hot or cold. There are options that can keep the food warm for about 3 hours, while others go beyond that period.

The same goes for drinks and frozen foods. Usually the time that thermal packs keep products cold is longer than heated, but this is not a rule.

Therefore, check the specifications of the chosen model for this information and check if it adapts to what you need.



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