Top & Best Thermal blower Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Thermal blower: How to choose the best in 2021?

Thinking of buying a thermal blower? Without a doubt, it is a good idea to have this tool that is so versatile. In this text, we will talk more about it and present everything that is important when making your choice of model.

The use of thermal blowers is becoming increasingly common. This is because this tool, which looks so much like a hairdryer, has incredible versatility. It has several uses in several areas.

But after all, is he what you are looking for? Among so many uses, are any what you need in your professional area? We will talk about all these possible uses, we will present some quality models and we will answer all your questions!

First, the most important

  • The thermal blower is a very efficient and versatile tool. It can be used in the areas of automotive, plumbing, handicrafts, domestic services, among many others. You just need to have the proper nozzles.
  • For dealing with very high temperatures, almost always above 300 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to always follow the safety rules. Wear protective clothing when handling it and avoid proximity to flammable materials.
  • The value can vary from R $ 70 and R $ 600, but almost all models can exercise the features offered by the tool. Issues such as extra items, power and brand allow for this difference.

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Best thermal blower models: Our recommendations

Many famous tool brands produce thermal dryers. Thus, we have models of incredible quality in the market. We chose the ones that stand out to present. In the list below, we demonstrate which models you should keep an eye on:

  • Gamma Thermal Blower Tools
  • Black & Decker 1500 W thermal blower
  • DeWalt 2000 W thermal blower
  • Vonder STV 1500N thermal blower

Buying Guide

We have already mentioned many times that the thermal blower is incredibly versatile. But what are all these jobs that can be done with it? And how is the ideal handling? It’s time to get to know this useful tool better!

What is a thermal blower?

We have already mentioned that the thermal blower looks very physically like a hair dryer. But it doesn’t stop there: the operation is also similar. A thermal blower is a tool that expels hot air at very high temperatures to be able to do its job.

This temperature can vary between something like 300 and 500 degrees Celsius. There will normally be a button to adjust this value. Another adjustable factor is the speed, or airflow, which is measured in liters per second. This variation will also depend on the type of service being performed.

Obviously, due to this very high temperature, it will never be used on your hair, skin, or any other part of the human body. It also requires some safety measures, such as gloves and protective clothing, in addition to being kept away from flammable materials.

Remember to never touch the nozzle of the dryer in operation and wait for about 20 minutes for it to cool before storing it after use.

The Portuguese name, thermal blower, seems a little generic. It is quite different from what this tool is called in English: heat gun.

This name makes sense because of the shape of the thermal blower that, in fact, resembles a pistol. And in other languages, even a mixture of these nomenclatures can happen, as in the case of Italian: “thermal pistol”.

What are the uses of a thermal blower?

In order for you to understand all the versatility of this tool, we have made a list with the areas in which it can be used and their respective applications:

  • Automotive area : Fast drying of paint, application of sulfur;
  • Electronic area : Removal of circuits, removal of welded parts, application of shrink sleeves;
  • Office area : Application and removal of adhesives and plastics;
  • Plumbing area : Thawing of water inside pipes, molding pipes, preheating parts;
  • Domestic area : Removing paint on walls, doors, windows, removing rusty screws and nuts, among others;
  • Craftsmanship : Glue removal, plastic craftwork, plastic welding.

These are the most common uses of a thermal blower. Did you realize how versatile he really is? In any of these areas that you need to service, it will be a hand in the wheel.

What are the differences in thermal blower nozzles?

To perform so many different jobs, you need to make some adaptations to your thermal blower. The most important of these is changing the nozzle.

There are five basic types of nozzles for thermal blowers: round, flat, claw-shaped, spatula and welder. Each has its own specialties.

Some blower models already come with a nozzle kit, others the purchase must be made separately. This can be an important factor at the time of purchase, if you want to give him more than one type of service and make a little savings.

In the table below, we show the services of each type of nozzle:

It is also worth remembering that there may be variation in the sizes of the nozzles according to the service. For example, in the spatula type, the removal of paints requires a smaller one, but to remove more complex materials, such as floors or carpets, a larger one will be necessary.

How much?

There are some factors that influence the value of a thermal blower. The brand, the power, the temperatures reached and the extra items are the main ones.

It is possible to find models that are just under R $ 100. If they are from trusted brands, it can be an excellent deal for simpler uses. On the other hand, some much more complex and full of features can reach almost R $ 600.

Where to buy?

The large chains of building materials stores are the best options. They will offer a large number of models and prices for all budgets. We can mention stores.

If you prefer to buy over the Internet, our recommendation is  Amazon. Then the websites of those stores mentioned above are not far behind, as well as e-commerce specialized in tools.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying your thermal blower

There are some other features that are important when buying your electric blower. Here are some of them:

  • Wattage
  • Air flow
  • Safety
  • Voltage
  • Extra items

Let’s explain why each is important:


The power of the main models of thermal blower in the market varies between 1500 W and 2200 W. As you can imagine, the higher, the more efficiency in certain services.

When usage is more about precision than speed and strength, that number won’t make much of a difference. Higher power also has its disadvantage, which is the greater consumption of electricity. Therefore, the choice depends on the application of the tool.

Air flow

There is a very close relationship between the power and the air flow of the blowers. It is usually adjustable, and that is the difference. You can usually opt for numbers between 250 and 500 liters per minute.

The question here is the same as that mentioned in power: do you want greater speed or greater precision and care in what you are doing? If it is the second option, it will not be necessary to acquire a tool capable of reaching very high numbers in this regard.


As we have already mentioned, the thermal blower is a tool that requires a lot of care. As it handles very high temperatures, it can cause serious accidents if used incorrectly or if it is not particularly safe.

Pay attention if the chosen model complies with all safety regulations. In addition, there are some that bring additional features, such as automatic shutdown in case of overheating. This can prove to be quite useful.


The existence of bivolt thermal blowers is very rare. It is important that you know what voltage is used in your city, whether 110 or 220 volts, to choose the correct model.

If you use a 110 volt tool in a city with a voltage of 220, it will burn. If the error is the other way around, the situation is much less drastic: it will just not be possible to make the blower work.

Extra items

We have already mentioned that some blowers bring a set of nozzles that generate savings in the long run. But that’s not all: there are some other things that can come with the tool that will make your life easier.

The main example is the protective case. It will help a lot in the protection and durability of your tool, which will not catch dust, will have less chance of falling and, in addition, will be stored and transported in a safe way.



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