Top & Best Toy horse Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toy horse: See how to choose the best for your kids in 2021

Children are increasingly attuned to new technologies, but to ensure their development, especially in the early years of life, a good toy horse can help.

Whether in models to assemble, miniatures or even plush, these toys help to stimulate motor coordination and stimulate the fantasy and the more playful side of the little ones.

With that in mind, this special analysis so that you can learn a little more about the iconic toy horses and how to choose the best model for your children.

First, the most important

  • Always check that the toys are certified by Inmetro to ensure the safety of children.
  • Some miniatures have small parts that children can swallow, so check the age recommended in the toy’s specifications.
  • On models where it is possible to mount the horse, check the weight supported to avoid accidents.

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Best Toy Horses: Our Favorites

With the market full of increasingly modern and technological options, it can be difficult to remember simpler days, especially for parents who grew up with traditional wooden toys.

To help you on this mission and choose the best option for your child, check out our ranking with some of the best toy horses on the market.

  • Playmobil’s toy horse
  • An excellent rocking horse
  • Toy horse for those who love Barbie

Buying Guide

Horses are magnificent animals, so it is natural to understand why they arouse the passion of adults and children. So, it is natural that they have been transformed into a wide variety of toys.

And when it comes to children, in addition to ensuring fun, you need to take a lot of care to make sure the product is safe for them. See our shopping guide with more information to avoid accidents.

What is a toy horse?

A toy horse is nothing more than a miniature animal that can be incorporated into a wide variety of games. Certainly, the most emblematic are the swings, found in parks with springs or wooden bases.

In addition, many brands develop games, miniatures, and even plush toys to suit every type of child. With so much variety, it is not difficult to find which one most catches your children’s attention.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of toy horses?

Although children spend more and more time playing with tablets, they are not a substitute for real play, so toy horses offer numerous advantages.

They help to develop cognitive skills, assist in the development of the imagination and, in balance models, allow children to master balance.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. Especially in miniatures or games that have very small pieces. In addition, some models require adult supervision to prevent falls and other accidents.

Horse to ride or miniatures? What is the best for your child?

As with all toys, you need to make some considerations before choosing the ideal product for your children. Riding horses are suitable for children from one and a half years old and it is essential that it is well secured and secure. For their size, they are among the most expensive models on the market.

In the case of miniatures, they are recommended for children from 3 to 5 years old. Supervision is necessary so that they do not put the parts in their mouths and the price varies according to the size and complexity of the kit.

How much does a toy horse cost?

The price can vary a lot according to the model, size and material used in the making. Riding horses, which are larger and have a wooden base, can be found in a range of R $ 200 to R $ 500.

Plushies and miniatures are cheaper, with toys ranging from very low prices, for about R $ 5 to R $ 15, to the most expensive ones, which can be found in a range of R $ 50 to R $ 200.

Where to buy toy horses?

You can find them mainly in toy stores or in large department stores and even supermarkets with sections specially designed for children.

But, in case you have not been able to find a model that pleases your child in your city, the internet is also always a good option. Distributors like Amazon have a wide variety of options and you can still get a good discount or wait for a promotion.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a toy horse

Now that you know a little more about toy horses and how to incorporate them into your children’s play to help their development, you still need to consider some criteria to help you choose the ideal model.

Check below some topics that are essential to ensure safety and promote a healthy play environment for the little ones.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Supported weight
  • Recommended age

After carefully reading each of these items, you will be ready to choose which type of toy horse will be engraved in your children’s memories as they grow up.


When buying a toy, safety should always be a fundamental factor to be considered, which is why the material is so important. Currently, in addition to the traditional wooden rocking horses, we also have foam models and plastic miniatures.

In all of them, it is important to check if the materials used are atopic, to avoid diseases, allergies and irritations, after all, children love to put toys in their mouths.

It is also worth remembering that each material requires special maintenance and cleaning to ensure a longer life and prevent breakage.


Another important factor to consider is the size of the toy, especially in miniatures or those with moving parts or accessories. So, check the recommended age indication before making the purchase.

In the case of rocking horses, it is important to consider that size can influence not only safety in general, but also the weight supported. Always be aware of these details and choose according to your children’s age.

Supported weight

As well as size, the weight supported is a decisive factor in riding models or rocking horses to prevent it from breaking or being damaged during play.

Furthermore, it is well known that children love to play together and will certainly try to climb on the toy together. So choose more resistant models.

Recommended age

Finally, every toy has an indication of the recommended age. This is especially important for miniatures, models with moving parts and those kits filled with small accessories that are easy to lose, or worse, that can be swallowed.

Thinking about it, always check the product specifications, check if it has Inmetro certification and remember, it is vital to supervise children during games so that they do not get hurt.


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