Top & Best Toy organizer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toy organizer: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to deal with an item that facilitates the routine of dads and moms: the toy organizer.

Whether in the shape of a box, chest or bag, the organizer is ideal for those who can not stand so much toy scattered around the house. It also motivates children to organize their belongings in a fun way.

In this article, we will show you the options available on the market and what you should consider before purchasing the most suitable toy organizer.

First, the most important

  • The toy organizer helps keep the house in order and even becomes a decoration item.
  • Today there are several models for large and small spaces, with different designers and manufacturing material.
  • To choose the most suitable toy organizer you need to know your needs and what differentiates one model from another.

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Best Toy Organizer Models

The ideal toy organizer should be practical, functional and attractive, either to match the decor or to attract children. Knowing this, manufacturers invest in different solutions.

Below we will present the best toy organizer models available on the market today.

  • To store toys in a few seconds
  • The organizer who is also a stool
  • Bookcase type toy organizer

Buying Guide

Buying a functional, attractive toy organizer that fits in the room is not a simple task. You need to take several factors into account before making the decision.

To help you, we have created this Buying Guide. Here you will have all the information to acquire the ideal organizer for you and your children.

What is a toy organizer?

Who has a child at home knows that mess is a word that is already part of the routine. After all, it is common to find toys, clothes and other objects scattered around the house.

But, to facilitate the routine of dads and moms, and still include the child in the game of tidying up the mess, there is the toy organizer, an item where you keep all the toys, leaving them within sight and reach of the child.

It is possible to find several models of organizer: bookcase, box, chest, basket, among others.

As the material of manufacture, as well as the colors of the organizer, also vary a lot, you can combine it with the rest of the furniture in any room of the house.

The fact is that even in the living room it is possible to include an organizer. The best part is that the toy organizer can and should be playful and attractive for children. In this way, she is also encouraged to clean up after the play period.

How can children help with the toy organizer?

Experts recommend that you avoid tidying up or letting an adult tidy up your children’s toys. It is recommended that the child be included in this process.

According to the coordinator of the Center for Culture and Research at Playing at PUC in São Paulo, Maria Angela Carneiro, the child can help, in a light and playful way, in the organization of toys from the age of two.

From the age of five, the child can start to pack and organize their own toys, but always with supervision and encouragement.

For this, it is important that you explain the importance of storing toys when the child is no longer playing.

Don’t forget to make this moment fun for the child, for that you can create games, games, sing the favorite song. When the child is more confident and motivated he can store the toys on his own.

But don’t rush things. Each child has their time. The important thing is that you encourage it by setting an example and showing how fun it is to store toys.

In this video of the Casa GNT channel you can check some tips:

How to store toys inside the organizer?

You can just throw all the toys into the boxes or chests. But that way, your child will most likely end up not playing with the toys at the bottom.

And little will be taught to him about organization, isn’t it? Therefore, we recommend that you and the child separate the toys either by categories or by sizes.

For example: a small box for strollers, one for dolls and another large for balls. This division can also be done according to the color of the toy organizer, or you can use labels with design, letters and words to identify.

Where should you use the toy organizer?

As we have seen, the organizer can be placed in any room in the house. But the ideal, according to experts, is that you set aside a corner of play for the child.

It can be a part of the bedroom or the living room. The important thing is that it is the space where she feels free to play and, of course, to mess up!

Experts also recommend that it is essential to use the organizer in a place accessible to the child. The fact is that it is useless to have shelves with organizing boxes that are placed in very high places and impossible for the child to reach.

It is important that children have freedom when playing, which will also reflect in the initiative to clean up the mess.

With toys at hand, children can choose what they want most, play and then return it to the organizer.

Another factor that reinforces the importance of placing the toy organizer at the child’s height is safety. The intention is to prevent the child from climbing or climbing on benches and shelves to try to get a toy.

Experts also remember that you should avoid stacking too many organizing boxes. This is because, if the child wants to take one of them below, without first removing the top one, this can cause an accident with boxes falling on him.

What are the advantages of a toy organizer?

As we have seen, the advantages of the toy organizer are immense. Both for dads and moms and for children. With the toy organizer it is possible to keep the house in order even with children and many toys.

Thus, the child can have the freedom to play and spread the toys in the play area and, afterwards, all objects go into the organizer.

Another advantage is that, with the existing model options, it became easier to combine the toy organizer with the decoration of the bedroom or living room. But the big advantage is in fact the learning benefits that the organizer brings to the child.

As they are playful, colorful and easily accessible items, the child is free to choose and pick up the toys they want, and is motivated to keep them at the end. But, despite all these advantages, the toy organizer has a disadvantage.

The fact is that if you choose a large, more durable and resistant toy organizer, you will probably pay a higher price.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of having a toy organizer in your home.

How much?

The toy organizer varies widely in price depending on the shape, size and material of manufacture. Therefore, you can find the organizer costing between R $ 30 and R $ 1,000.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive of all. However, in general, they are the most durable and resistant.

Where to buy?

You will find the toy organizer for sale in department stores and hypermarkets, we recommend that you purchase your organizer from online stores Amazon.

Thus, you will have more options of models and sizes to choose from and still make your purchase from the comfort of your home.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing toy organizer models

As we have seen, the toy organizer is a practical, versatile and functional item for both parents and children.

But, to choose the ideal for your day-to-day you need to consider the space you have available, the existing decoration and the amount of toys.

By doing this, you will be ready to choose the best among the various models of toy organizer available. And for that, you need to know the technical specifications that differentiate one model from another.

To help you, we have listed below the factors that you should consider before purchasing the toy organizer. Are they:

  • Format
  • Size
  • Manufacturing material
  • Colors and Theme

Next, we’ll detail each of these factors so you can make the best decision and buy the most useful toy organizer.


The first factor to be aware of before buying the toy organizer is its shape. And it will depend, mainly, on the space that you have available to place it.

Nowadays, there are the most diverse options. If you have more space in the room, you can choose the bookcase organizer.

In this version, there are wide or narrow models that come with organizers in the form of open boxes, which are within reach of the child.

On the other hand, if you have a small space in the room, it is recommended to invest in chests, benches with trunks, baskets, organizing bags and boxes with or without wheels.

In general, these items can even be stored on shelves, inside the closet, under the TV hacker or under the bed. Either way, it is possible to combine the toy organizer with the decoration of the room.


After choosing the most suitable format, you need to take into account the dimensions of the toy organizer.

Not only to make sure the furniture fits in the room, but also to ensure that all toys will fit in the organizer.

In general, a bookshelf-shaped toy organizer can measure 88 cm high, 30 cm wide and 80 cm long.

But this same organizer format can have smaller dimensions, for example, 78 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm.

In addition to the size of the toy organizer, also check the size of the organizer boxes that are included.

In general, manufacturers offer two different sizes: a larger one for more robust toys; and a smaller one for miniature strollers, dolls and assemblies.

The dimensions of the toy organizer, such as a chest, box and bag, also vary considerably. You will find both large and small and medium sized ones.

Manufacturing material

Then note the type of material the toy organizer is made of. It is this factor that will guarantee the durability and resistance of the item.

In addition, you must also take into account the decor of the environment. For example, if the decor is more modern, invest in colors and plastic.

If the room decor is more classic, wood and even leather can compose better. For more rustic decorations, craft organizers and straw can have the desired effect.

For you to have a broader idea, it is possible to find the toy organizer made from other manufacturing materials, among them we list the most common ones:

  • wood
  • MDF
  • Plastic
  • Canvas
  • Knitting
  • Metal

Plastic, wood and MDF are the most resistant and durable materials and also the most common in the manufacture of toy organizers.

The fabric, in general linen or canvas, is generally used in the making of organizer baskets of the box type. This model can either be sold as a unit or can be included in the bookcase type organizer.

The fabric organizer can also come with handles that help with transport, either to suspend or drag across the floor. The only disadvantage of the fabric is that cleaning becomes more limited and difficult.

You can also find the toy organizer made with knitting or crochet. These are more playful and handmade models, found in different shapes and sizes.

Colors and Theme

It is important to consider the colors and the theme of the toy organizer if you want to attract even more attention from your children and include them in the storage routine.

As we have seen, it is essential that children participate in the process of storing their own toys.

Knowing this, manufacturers invest in super colorful and child-themed organizers, usually with cartoon characters. In addition, there is also the option of transparent toy organizers.

They have the advantage of letting toys on display for easy identification. And they can also come with fun themed stickers to decorate the boxes.

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