Top & Best Toys for six-month-old babies Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toys for six-month-old babies: Which are the best of 2021?

By the age of six months, babies have developed the ability to pick up objects, have hand control and can already hear and see very well. At this stage, stimuli are essential and great products for this are toys for six-month-old babies and that’s what we’ll talk about today!

Interactive books, docking cubes, products with lights, sound effects and mirrors, bath toys and many others are perfect for this phase of the child and besides amusing them, they are responsible for developing the senses, motor coordination and many others skills.

But mainly thinking about babies, it is essential to make a good choice and in this article you will find all the information about toys for babies of six months and at the end of reading you will feel ready to buy an excellent one for your child. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Toys for six-month-old babies should be colorful and have different textures.
  • There are several options and it is always important to check if the product has the Inmetro seal to guarantee the quality and safety of the toy.
  • Electronic toys, with lights and sounds, tend to be more expensive, but the simplest ones start at R $ 10.

Best toys for babies of six months: Our favorites

Have you thought about buying a toy that not only amuses your baby but also helps him to develop? Because many have these characteristics and it is to help you in choosing that we list below some of the best.

  • Baby’s first book
  • The most fun rug
  • To stimulate the touch of the little ones

Buying Guide

Seeing each child’s developmental stage is magical. Every day they learn something new and stimuli are essential for development. Toys play an important role in this and, therefore, exist for the most diverse age groups.

But which ones are best for six month old babies? What does a toy for a child this age need to have to help it develop? Several questions like these pass through the heads of parents and it is to answer all of them that we have prepared this shopping guide. To know everything just keep reading.

What are six month old baby toys and what are their advantages?

Toys for six-month-old babies come in many shapes and types. With this, simpler options can be found and the electronic ones, which emit lights and sounds.

For children of this age, the most recommended toys are those that stimulate motor coordination, touch and hearing, with which items such as activity mats, rattles, riding cubes, books and other products are the most common.

All these toys are usually very colorful and have different textures and formats, precisely to help the baby’s development. In addition, they do not have very small parts, as they represent a risk.

The great advantage of these toys is precisely to entertain and work on the baby skills that must be developed at this stage.

Another positive point is that they distract the child, which is essential at this stage when they want so much attention. That way they get off their parents’ laps a little bit, giving them more freedom.

The negative point is that some are not developed according to the rules of Inmetro, which is the body responsible for certifying whether a certain item is safe for that age group, and with that they can end up being harmful to the baby.

There is also the question that children get bored with their toys over time and that is why it is necessary to have more than one to keep her always entertained.

What skills are being developed in a six-month-old baby?

The baby’s six months is a phase in which the child begins to be more active in interacting with the people around him and in which intelligence, reasoning and social relationship stand out.

With that, they don’t like to be alone, they smile when someone they know comes to meet them, they stretch their arms for a lap and look when they are called.

It is at this age that they roll to the sides, some manage to sit alone without support and start trying to vocalize vowels and consonants. Hearing and sight are almost as developed as that of an adult, and “found” games are becoming more fun.

Also at that moment the baby starts to take everything that is within reach and takes it to the mouth, therefore, the importance of only buying toys that are suitable for them.

What are the types of toys for six-month-old babies?

There are several toys developed for babies at this age and thanks to this it is possible to perform different stimuli for the little one.

Below you can see what are the main categories of toys and their advantages.

    • Teethers: At this age the baby’s teeth begin to point, so teethers are indicated to relieve itchy gums. There are the simplest ones on the market and others that come with teddy bears and rattles.
    • Toys with music and lights: These toys are ideal for children at this age and there are options that make animal noises, others that play music, not to mention those that turn on different lights as they are handled.
    • Bath toys : Bath toys are a great way to stimulate baby’s touch and also make them have contact with different textures. There are the famous ducklings and also other animal shapes.
    • Rattles: Rattles, in addition to being very colorful, help the baby to develop the ability to hold objects and make movements with them influenced by the sounds that this toy emits.
    • Activity mats : Activity mats include several benefits in one product. Many have mobiles and other elements that emit sounds such as pianos and rattles, stimulating the baby in various ways.
    • Assembling or stacking cubes : Assembling cubes with more geometric shapes are also part of the list of toys for babies of this age. There are several models and they are good because they develop motor coordination.
    • Toys with mirrors: In this phase the child starts to recognize the environment and to recognize himself, therefore, toys with mirrors are an excellent option and very found for this age group.
    • Books: Books for children of that age can be found in fabric or in a bath format, made with waterproof material. In these it is possible to stimulate vision, hearing and touch.


Regardless of the type of toy chosen, it is extremely important that it has many colors and textures because these characteristics also encourage the baby’s development and attract your attention.

How much does it cost and where to buy a toy for a baby?

For existing in different formats and functions, toys for six-month-old babies have a very variable value, and what changes their price is the number of pieces, size and whether it is electronic or not.

With this it is possible to find options with values ​​that vary between R $ 10 and R $ 450, on average.

Those who like to shop in physical stores can look for toys and those with sections with products.

The internet is also an excellent option for this and sites such as Amazon.

In addition, if you liked any product in our ranking know that it is possible to buy it and just click on it.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare toys for six-month-old babies

Now that you have discovered everything about toys for six-month-old babies, it is time to choose one to buy and to help you with that we have separated the main factors that you must analyze before finalizing the purchase, they are:

  • Place of use
  • Electronic or simple
  • Number of colors and textures
  • Type of stimulus

Place of use

Thinking beforehand where the game will be played is essential for a better use of the toy.

It is important to know that many should not be wet and therefore if the desire is to use it in the bath the best option is to buy a specific one for this. Another issue is the fact of taking the toy to different places and so it is important to think about the size and weight.

Electronic or simple

It is also interesting to analyze the preference for electronic or simple toys. Both options have several positive points, but electronics can be more interactive and versatile.

By emitting different sounds and lights they end up developing several areas of the babies and attract a lot of their attention.

The negative point is that they tend to be more expensive, so in case of savings, look for a simple one.

Number of colors and textures

Whenever you choose a toy, look for the one with the most different colors and textures.

At this stage these characteristics are essential so see if it has different reliefs and shapes, which develop the feel and grip, note if it has different colors, which are great for the eyesight and so on.

The basics, in these cases, must be dispensed with.

Type of stimulus

The type of stimulus that the toy promises to perform with the baby must also be analyzed. With this the more benefits the product combines, the better it can be.

Many are very simple, but options such as activity mats and even cubes to assemble have various elements and thus make the game more interesting and interactive.


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