Top & Best Twister game Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Twister game: How to choose the best in 2021?

Today’s text is about the twister game, one of the most famous board games in the world, a true pop icon that has been twisting and twisting players out there for decades.

Twister is one of the most active board games out there, making participants show all their elasticity and balance. What’s more, it is a lot of fun, being a great entertainment option, for family or people.

In this Guide, we want to help you choose the ideal model, the right box for you and your class. For this, we will show everything about the twister, its advantages, its disadvantages, varieties and other points to pay attention at the time of purchase.

First, the most important

  • Twister is both a game and a brand. You only find Twister in the ones made by Hasbro, a giant in the toys and board games sector.
  • Twister has achieved such fame that today it is an item of desire for collectors, who seek and encourage the sale of the oldest and rarest editions released over the years.
  • Its price varies between R $ 50 and R $ 200, among the normal ones, depending on the brand, mainly. Collectibles can reach an average of R $ 350.

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Best models of the twister game: Our favorites

Thinking of you, we put together an exclusive list with the best models of the twister. Among the criteria, we think of the brand, the news of the edition and even the number of players it covers.

  • The best model of classic Twister
  • Twister to play in the dark.

Buying Guide

Twister is a cultural phenomenon. There are references to your polka dot rug or the knots that make players in movies, music, series, websites, among others. This made the game almost a culture in itself, with special, alternative, licensed editions.

Here, in the Buying Guide, let’s take a look at this universe of the twister game, its history, its variations. The Twister product is also here, as well as its advantages, disadvantages, and more.

What is the twister game?

Twister is a game of physical skills, but it can also be considered a board game. It was launched on the market in 1966 by the Milton Bradley Company, which would later be bought by Hasbro in 1985.

Even with the time and the “change” of owner, Twister remained true to its origins. The items in your box, for example, remain the same, albeit with different looks over time: the roulette wheel and the colored ball rug.

If the items are simple, the game is also. Its execution is becoming more difficult. From the spin of the roulette wheel, the players obey the movements related to the carpet, such as placing such a hand in the circle of such color. The commands get more complicated, and the last one standing wins.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the twister game?

A game as specific as Twister, which combines the luck of the board game with the physical activity of a light sport, carries some advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages, the first is that fun, at least laughter, is guaranteed. The combination of movements of the players creates situations so unusual that it is impossible to pass by the game.

Another advantage is the practicality of starting to play. It only takes two players and a flat floor to roll out the mat and you’re ready to go.

This all makes the game a great entertainment option, for a family day, to receive friends at home, to take to play in the park with the crowd.

On the other hand, these same entertaining movements can be uncomfortable, especially if done with strangers or less intimate people. There is, in fact, a lot of physical contact, and not everyone is comfortable with that.

The movements can also generate a certain risk of injury or even pain, as they are unnatural, and sometimes intense, or even anti-ergonomic. Remember to stretch your arms and legs before a match.

There is also an issue with the limit of players. In the normal size rug, there is not necessarily a certain number of participants, but an ideal number, between three and four people.

The little space and the controls can make the experience very uncomfortable, and, frankly, little fun, if the carpet is in the “maximum capacity”.

Original, Classic or Alternative?

As we mentioned above, there was the development of a certain culture around Twister, with fans, competitors and collectors going after the most diverse editions in more than fifty years of history.

Its market items follow a similar logic, with variations that fit for ordinary players, for collectors or fans, and for those looking for something new.

Thus, there is the original edition, which is the standard game, the flagship, the Twister indeed, found in greater numbers in the games and toys market.

There is also the classic version, which rescues visual identities from old editions, if not the versions released decades ago. They are most common in specialty stores and antique stores.

Finally, alternative editions range from licensed releases to the manufacturer’s experiments, with new rules and different dynamics, such as the New Twister, Twister in the Dark or Twister Dance.

Twister or Twister Spinner?

In our world today, everything can be digitized, including a game over fifty years old. But, as you can not intertwine arms and legs on a screen, the virtual was on account of roulette, in the Twister Spinner, application for smartphones.

If, on the one hand, the game was a pocket away and the box the size of a cell phone, its assembly is not necessarily practical, if there is no carpet. What’s more, you lose a little bit of the roulette experience, one of the big bets in the game.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Twister game?

The price of an original twister game is on average for other board games, starting at R $ 50, but can reach R $ 200 depending on the news of your edition.

Collectibles, however, can average between R $ 300 and R $ 400, depending on their release date and preservation level.

You can find Twister boxes both in physical toy stores, but also in stores specializing in board games.

Now, you can buy from the comfort of your home and still find a wide variety of editions over the internet, in stores Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to choose the best twister game

You will see below our criteria to be noted at the time of purchase. They are very characteristic elements of the game, which when compared, will help in your choice.

  • Age
  • Number of Players
  • Frequency
  • Carpet

So, let’s talk about each one, so that you gather as much useful information as possible for your purchase:


Twister has a minimum age of six as a standard, but it is worth paying attention to the box, since there are more sophisticated editions that increase this limit, or even adult versions, unsuitable for minors.

Number of Players

If you already have a defined team to play, pay attention to the number of players that the game holds. The box usually indicates the minimum number, but there are larger editions, which accept almost twice the usual three to four participants.


Knowing how often you play or want to play will help you define the ideal model. After all, you’re not going to buy a collector’s item to play all week, are you?

The same goes for alternative versions that deviate a little from the initial rules, of which you can eventually get sick if you play regularly.


The rug will dictate much of your experience with Twister. A well-kept rug makes you comfortable during the game, just as an expanded rug can increase the number of participants, and, who knows, your enjoyment.

Note, then, if your model has a larger carpet, and, if possible, check its quality, in this case whether it is extended or not, especially if it is used.


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