Top & Best Under Armor T-Shirt Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Under Armor T-Shirt: How to choose the best one in 2021?

Today you will learn the secrets of the Under Armor shirt, the darling among sportsmen. Why is this product so successful? What to do to buy the best versions?

Several sports teams have the Under Harbor brand present in the latest technology shirts.

The versions are available in different design options, composed with the latest technology.
In order not to get sweaty after a race, it is worth investing in your favorite team’s Under Armor t-shirt or in more sober style choices. Before you go shopping, read this revealing shopping guide.

First, the most important

  • Wear an Under Armor t-shirt to play sports or go to formal events.
  • Even when wearing the long sleeve models you feel fresh during the race.
  • Under Armor technology is approved for the practice of several sports. They are models that protect against UV rays and generate freshness to the body.

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Buying Guide

To have the best performance in training with the goal of shining on the courts it is necessary to wear the ideal accessories, such as the Under Armor shirt. Now read important product information before rushing to the store to buy.

Why do Under Armor t-shirts stand out in the market?

The brand’s t-shirts are known for being anti-odor and have thermal control technology, thanks to the alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in the composition.

Most versions have polyester or cotton on the fabric that generates sweat drying quickly. Models made up of several different colors have a looser and more stripped modeling. Most versions are UV T – shirts .

Even on the collar there is advanced technology to control humidity. The t-shirt is one of the most comfortable, whether for walking or playing basketball and other sports.

When did the Under Armor shirt come about?

Under Armor t-shirts appeared in 1996 in the United States, precisely to compete with other sports brands.

After a few years of investments in advertising, sponsoring athletes and sports teams today, Under Armor has become a world reference in the production of sporting goods.

From the United States to China, it is not difficult to see groups of people running in parks wearing the Under Armor t-shirt combined with sports shoes.

What are the differentials of the Under Armor t-shirt?

State-of-the-art technology is the main differentiator of Under Armor shirts, whose models are used even by professional athletes.

The shirt reflects heat and infrared rays, so you don’t feel the warmth of your body and stay focused on running. Inside the pieces there is a coating that keeps the body fresh.

The brand’s models absorb moisture better and generate less skin irritation.

The product is light to the point that you think you don’t wear anything, although it’s expensive and follows the American size standard that is bigger than. Warning: Pirated versions do not offer the same technology as the original editions.

Take a look at the table with positive and negative points of Under Armor shirts:

What is the best line of Under Armor t-shirts?

Choosing a beautiful sports shirt is cool. But, before aesthetics, you should give preference to the edition most appropriate to the environment in which you intend to carry out sports activities.

In terms of technology, there are 3 main versions of the Under Armor t-shirt: HeatGear, ColdGear and AllSeasonGear. Find out more about each model ahead.

Under Armor HeatGear T-Shirt

It is the most successful choice. It represents a perfect option to use in the summer and on hot days of other seasons. These models have short sleeves or are tank tops. The production in addition to retaining sweat protects the body against UV rays.

Under Armor ColdGear T-Shirt

The fabric of these editions has a double layer to generate more heat to the body. Useful version on cold days, removing moisture and generating well-being for athletes. Sometimes the shirt even has a zipper.

Under Armor AllSeasonGear T-Shirt

Right choice to use in any season, available in different sleeve sizes. The fabric of production serves to adapt to the most different climatic changes. Model for those who practice sports for several hours in a row.

Below you will see details of the differences between the models:

How much does an Under Armor T-shirt cost?

If you visit the sports shopping stores you can find Under Armor T-shirt models: Bayard and Centauro. In sports department stores you can also find certain versions: American or Dafiti.

On the internet it is easier to search for the best models and pay low prices. Amazon Brasil has a positive reputation for trusted sellers and promotions. Netshoes and Submarino are other options for online purchase.

Where to buy an Under Armor t-shirt?

On the retail average, you pay for the Under Armor t-shirt, the price that goes from R $ 70 to R $ 300. Regatta editions with only one version of the brand emblem are known for the lowest prices charged by sellers.

Models with special fabric, long sleeve, personalization and reflective are more expensive. In the average price you can find short sleeve editions without excessive customization.

Did you know that on the product label you can find all the instructions for washing correctly? Each edition has a different way to wash.

Purchase criteria: how to compare Under Armor t-shirts

You run with joy when you know you’re wearing an Under Armor T-shirt. Happiness is even more intense when you buy a product that meets all your sporting expectations.

For the best shopping experience, compare Under Armor t-shirt offers according to these specific attributes:

  • Times
  • Couldblack
  • Size
  • Manga Under Armor

Discover the information for each criterion later:


If you support some of the teams that Under Armor sponsors you can opt for a personalized choice. This way you can do sports with more joy when you know that the team at heart is printed on the sports shirt.

In addition to football teams, there are also options for teams from other types of sports, from basketball to athletics.


In some regions of  it is common to have climatic variations. You go out in the morning cold and in the afternoon it is already very hot.

If you spend a lot of time away from home, such as a marathon, choose to wear Under Armor t-shirts with couldblack, which reflects heat or cold so your body is always at a pleasant temperature.


The size standards of the Under Armor t-shirt are American, which can cause some confusion for the  public. To make your life easier when choosing the correct diameters for short sleeve models, consider the data below:

  • GG: 76×55 centimeters;
  • G: 74×53 centimeters;
  • M: 72×51 centimeters;
  • P: 70×49 centimeters.

Manga Under Armor

On a sunny day it is possible to use the long sleeve models without feeling heat. Therefore, if you are also looking for an edition for informal tours, you can invest in the longer editions.

However, short-sleeved or regatta models cost less and offer quality for you to play sports in different seasons.


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