Top & Best Upright freezer Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Upright freezer: How to choose the best in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the upright freezer, an item that you must pay close attention to details before buying, in order to take full advantage of its advantages.

The models of vertical freezer can be very similar on the outside, but when you start to realize, you will see many differences in relation to food storage space, performance, among other things.

In this article, we’ll talk about vertical freezers, and give you all the tips so that you can make the best possible choice for your home.

First, the most important

  • A vertical freezer helps you to reduce your trips to the market, since with it you can store more food for a long time.
  • Ideally, the upright freezer should be installed in a place that is not too sunny, as it may be forced to work harder and end up using more energy if it happens.
  • Many vertical freezers have a quick freeze function, which allows liquids and food to be frozen even more quickly by the equipment, which is great for freezing beers at parties.

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Ranking: The 4 best vertical freezers

One of the things that make it easier for you to have a healthy diet today is the freezing of food, as this greatly facilitates the life of those who have a hectic day-to-day, since you only have to prepare and defrost when you need it.

If you are looking to buy a vertical freezer, but still have a lot of doubts about which model to choose, below we have made a ranking with the best equipment available today.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re just looking to replace your old upright freezer with a new one, or someone who’s building a new kitchen and doesn’t quite know which upright freezer is right for your home, this buying guide on these appliances aims to help in your decision.

What are the advantages of vertical freezers?

If you are thinking of buying a vertical freezer, but are still not convinced of its advantages and disadvantages, see below some pros and cons of these equipments to help in your decision.


Upright freezers are an excellent option for people who need to store a large amount of perishable food, and certain types of businesses, such as restaurants, can also benefit from this equipment.

As a result, your trips to the supermarket may become less frequent, since you can store more food in your freezer at a time, such as meat and fish, for example.

Upright freezers are usually easier to organize, as they have shelves, and you don’t have to take all the food out of it to find what you want, which is what usually happens with horizontal freezers.

Furthermore, they are also a great choice for those with small environments, as they take up less space than horizontal freezers.


One of the disadvantages of vertical freezers is that they usually make more noise than horizontal ones. So, pay attention to this feature if it can be a nuisance for you.

Another negative point is that vertical freezers are usually more expensive than horizontal freezers, in addition to being more difficult to store larger items in them, due to the shelves. So choose equipment that has removable shelves.

Below is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of vertical freezers:

Where to put your freezer?

One of the aspects that people do not usually analyze before buying a freezer is the place where they will install the equipment. But this detail is important for the product to work in the most appropriate way.

The ideal is that the location of the house where the freezer is installed is dry and cool, because if it is placed in a very sunny place, you will have to spend more energy to keep the temperature low inside. This could increase your electric bill at the end of the month.

Another thing to think about is that in order to easily open the vertical freezer door, you will need to have enough space where it is installed. So, make sure there is nothing that will hinder the opening of the door.

In addition, you also need to consider whether you want to place the upright freezer somewhere that is difficult to access, and whether it will pass through the door.

What should be the size and capacity of the vertical freezer?

The size of a vertical freezer is related to its external dimensions, while capacity has to do with the amount of food it can store inside.

A vertical freezer usually has a lot of internal capacity and takes up less space in the environment than a horizontal freezer, so they are very easy to place in a space that is vacant in your environment.

The capacity of a freezer is measured in liters, and it is usually around 150 to 300 liters, while the size is measured in cm, and is usually about 60 to 70 cm wide, 60 to 65 cm deep and 130 to 190 cm in height.

To choose the size and capacity of your upright freezer, consider the following questions:

    • How many people will use the freezer?
    • How much space do you have available for the equipment?
    • How much food do you want to store?


When assessing these issues it will be easier to decide what size equipment you need.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a frost free upright freezer?

If you are in doubt between buying a frost free vertical freezer or not, check below what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning an equipment with this technology.


The first advantage that comes to people’s minds when they think of equipment with automatic defrost is the time savings that this provides, after all, doing manual defrosting of the freezer requires a lot of patience.

In addition, this function prevents freezer burn, which occurs when ice crystals form in food, and end up changing their taste and smell.


The price of a vertical freezer with automatic defrost is usually higher than that of equipment that does not have this function, after all, it is the price you pay for the facility it represents.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot overfill your freezer, as this can hinder the automatic defrosting process, as it depends on the internal air circulation.

Check out a table below with the advantages and disadvantages of having a frost free vertical freezer:

How much?

A vertical freezer usually costs between R $ 1300 and R $ 10,000, being that the most expensive models are usually used in industrial kitchens.

But it is not only in the price of the equipment that you should pay attention, as the freezers need to have a good energy efficiency so that they do not end up resulting in a very high value on your electric bill at the end of the month.

That is why it is important to check the product’s Procel seal, which indicates, on a letter scale that goes from A to E, which are the most efficient equipment (A), and the least efficient (E).

Did you know that the invention of artificial refrigeration systems occurred because of the Irish brewery Guinness?

Until the 19th century, beer was only produced during the winter, as during the manufacturing process it was necessary for temperatures to be lower.

It was then that the Guinness brewery asked the German engineer Carl Von Linde to develop a refrigeration system for them, and thus the first artificial refrigeration systems appeared.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy a vertical freezer over the Internet, search on sites like Amazon, as they will certainly have the product you are looking for, given the greater variety of equipment available for sale.

If you prefer to buy in the physical store, search in places Thus, you can count on the help of the seller to assist you in choosing.

Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a vertical freezer

A vertical freezer has numerous features and functions that must be carefully analyzed before purchase. So pay attention to the features you should pay attention to:

  • Fast freezing
  • Removable shelves
  • Alarm
  • Versatility

Next, we will detail these characteristics so that you can choose the most suitable equipment.

Fast freezing

One of the most recent functions in vertical freezers is the fast freezing area that many of them have, and, as the name implies, speeds up the freezing process you need.

This is very useful for the days when you decide to have a party at home and finish the cold beer. Just put them in the freezer and they will quickly be cold. If you need to freeze a food or dessert quickly, it will also help you a lot.

Removable shelves

Another very important factor in a vertical freezer is that its shelves are removable, so that you can accommodate larger items and have more flexibility.

Thus, the capacity of the freezer can be used to the maximum, without you being stuck to an organization of the shelves that came ready from the factory and that often does not match the use you want to make of the freezer.

That way cleaning is easier too, as you can wipe the entire freezer more easily when needed, and wash the shelves separately.


One of the main problems in freezers occurs when the door is left open, and all the food inside it ends up spoiling because of it.

For this reason, many models of upright freezers have an alarm when the door is open for some time, so that this serves as a warning and you can close it in time without any food spoiling.

This is very useful for those who live with many people, and cannot control who moves the freezer. That way, no one else will forget the open door.


Many freezers currently have a technology called Flex, which means that they can be used as a refrigerator and as a freezer, depending on what the user wants.

Thus, it is as if you bought two pieces of equipment for the price of one, because you can use the freezer as a refrigerator whenever you want, just press a button to change the function.


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