Top & Best Vampire books Review 2021– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Vampire books: What is the best to read in 2021?

Today you will learn everything about vampire books. Betrayals, dark stories with hints of seduction and troubled relationships with human beings mark the plot of vampiric works.

Since the 18th century, books on vampires have been part of literary culture and generate curiosities in humanity. Does this kind of being exist or is it fantasy? You may be able to solve this issue by learning to buy this type of Gothic publication.

First, the most important

  • Old vampire books are better, but the language can be difficult to understand.
  • Vampire stories can have different times and races of vampires.
  • Titles in original language are free from translation errors.

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Best Vampire Books: Recommendations 

In the dead of night the adrenaline gets more intense when you open it to read one of the vampire books that are worthwhile. Discover what’s behind the iconic works:

  • The king and the vampires
  • There are also big teeth in the comics!
  • Too much blood on each page
  • The vampiric old guard


Buying Guide

Mystery, drama, curiosity and sadistic humor, for these types of feelings you may be looking for some excellent title. To buy something of quality read the section and learn more about the vampire books.

“Remember, my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weakest.”

Why are old vampire books better?

Basically, the editions of yore portray vampires in the noble, Victorian era, with typical vampiric stereotypes: descriptions of classical organ music, religious conflicts, period clothing, romanticism and prose.

The success is such that many of the old works are used for reinterpretations with the same classic characters as: Varney, Nosferatus or Count Dracula, for example.

Is it worth reading the vampire books?

The best vampire horror books trap you in reading. Some versions of previous centuries are present in the form of Gothic poetry that mixes blood hunger, the environment and eroticism.

There are books that are more difficult to read due to the technical language of vampiric literature, especially in ancient stories. Find out more below:



  • Stories of mystery and terror
  • Poetry
  • Different times
  • Sociological criticisms
  • Literature or RPG
  • Gothic settings


  • Technical language
  • Excess of disqualified works
  • Extensive size

What is the best of vampire books?

In terms of collection, seniority is always better, but it is easier to understand the stories of the century in which you currently live. Some recommendations for famous titles are demonstrated below:


Where to buy and what is the price of vampire books?

Collectible versions have immeasurable value. Popular editions available in bookstores and in bookstores can cost from R $ 10 to up to R $ 500. Some packages are kits with series of vampire books.

To expand the possibilities of choice, buy titles in Amazon Portuguese, French or English. also offers more famous works in the Portuguese language.



Did you know that the first publications about vampires appeared in 1720? The perpetrators were regarded as criminal heretics by the Christian church.



Purchase Criteria: Comparative vampire book orders

There are salespeople who are ready to suck your money by offering bad works to clean the shelf. Avoid pitfalls, compare offers according to these commandments:

  • Time
  • Breed
  • Genre
  • Format

Understand more of the criteria as you continue reading:


The timing of your vampire books is related to the style of literature. Examples:

  • 18th century : Monarchy, appearances of disgusting vampires, a bit of eroticism and romanticism, in addition to necromancy with Christianity on the rise.
  • 19th century : Victorian era more erotic. The main folk conception of the cursed immortal vampires appears. There is European multiculturalism and the rise of the bourgeoisie, but the risk of a holy fire remains.
  • 20th century : Period when the presence of seductive and luxurious vampires, with hundreds of years old, living in castles-palaces became popular. Religious persecutions are reduced by cultural liberalism.
  • 21st century : Transhumanism, aliens, artificial intelligence and bioelectronics are in the life of the postmodern vampire who uses technology to win fresh blood.


In literature, vampire books are of the most different genres, from comedy to terror. Among old titles there is not as much humor as in postmodern works.

Some editions focus on adult eroticism. Other versions have children’s themes in comics, for example: Zé Vampiro in Turma da Mônica.

To get into the story you can buy vampire crime books or vampire RPGs in order to play only in the bedroom at midnight. There are also illustrated patterns that, although costing more, help you better understand and admire the stories.


If you want to buy one of the vampire books fast to read it is best not to take the works that have hundreds of pages.

If your vision is not very good, opt for versions that have larger letters. There are even small choices that fit in your pocket.

There are also covers illustrated in vampire books that can be hard and luxurious (more expensive) or simple (cheap).


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