Top & Best Vehicle support Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Vehicle support: How to choose the best in 2021?

Today we are pleased to teach you how to choose a vehicle carrier to place your cell phone. Read and get the necessary preparation to better compare the offers on the market.

Avoid believing in rumors, vehicle supports are not all the same, although most of them work to support smartphones. There are minimal differences that can make the option less or more useful for you, depending on your needs.

The different types of vehicle support and everything necessary in order to have a better shopping experience you will learn in the shopping guide. Have the best read about the product found on the internet easily.

First, the most important

  • The types of vehicle support differ according to the installation method.
  • Most vehicle supports are made of metal and (or) ABS plastic.
  • Brackets installed on the car window come off easily because of the sun’s rays.

Buying Guide

Okay, you’re an application driver and you want vehicle support to see calls or GPS more easily. No problem, just see the guide that helps you buy the best versions according to your usage needs.

What is vehicle support?

One thing almost everyone agrees with: Driving and talking on a cell phone is something that doesn’t fit.

However, there are situations in which it is impossible not to answer the phone and to make a safe answer it is valid to use the vehicle support, leaving the speakerphone on.

With support it is also possible to use mobile apps in a practical way while you are on the go. Examples: Google Maps, GPS, music apps, among other options.

It is possible to find the product in black color, there are few versions of different tones. This accessory has a plastic, acrylic and (or) metal finish.

How to install a vehicle mount?

The installation depends on the vehicle support version. To install the simplest models, you only need to use the suction cup to fix the glass. Then just insert the cell phone.

There are some versions that you need to install in the car ventilation, known for the flexibility to fit easily in any car. There are also installable models using a magnet on the panel.

See in the video how to install the vehicle mount for ventilation:




What are the advantages of having a vehicle support?

The positive and negative side exists in almost everything in life, including when we talk about vehicle support. Knowing the advantages is important for you to know if it is worthwhile or not to buy this product.

The main advantage is the simple adjustment. It is easy to place this product up, below or at the sides, in the best position according to the needs of drivers.

There are versions that support small or medium cell phones easily. There are also more universal models, capable of supporting even large smartphones.

You can install the vehicle mount on windows, ventilation or other parts of the car. Only care is needed, a simple fall breaks the product, which sometimes happens during installation, by accident.

The cheaper models sometimes have a base to hold the cell phone that is very small, something seen negatively by people who seek more protection.

See the disadvantages and advantages of vehicle support in the table:



  • Easy adjustment
  • Supports multiple cell phone sizes
  • Installable in different parts of the car
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Low resistance to falls
  • Popular versions have little space to place the smartphone
  • Little color variation

What are the different types of support?

If you have read the text so far you have already realized that there are several versions of the product, that is, vehicle support is not all the same.

According to the main specialists in automotive accessories, it is possible to separate vehicle supports into 3 different classes:

    • Vehicle mount with suction cup
    • Vehicle support for ventilation
    • Car holder with magnet


Let’s learn more about the definitions of each of the vehicle supports listed above:

Vehicle mount with suction cup

This version serves to install on the windows, internally. There is not much flexibility to perform the installation elsewhere.

Some options with low prices can leave the cell phone a little loose, without 100% firmness.
Because it is installed on the glass, this holder shows people on the outside that there is a cell phone inside the car. This can get thieves’ attention.

An advantage is the product’s ability to support different cell phone sizes. However, this vehicle carrier has constant contact with the sun and sooner or later it loses its fixing power on the glass.

Vehicle support for car ventilation

The positive side of the device is that it is not a sample for people on the outside, helping the lives of those seeking more security.

However, for the product to be well-positioned, it is necessary to depend on the type of air outlet of the car in which the installation takes place. If the cell phone is too heavy it can easily move from the air conditioner.

Car holder with magnet

You can place this vehicle mount in different parts of the car, from glass to the dashboard. There is a lot of flexibility for installation.

First, it is necessary to glue the magnet to the panel and then fix the support with a magnet.

It is also necessary to place a magnet on the back of the phone (on the cover). To keep your smartphone from getting dirty, use a sturdy cover that also prevents cold air from harming your smartphone.

This option stands out for its practicality of use. Simply place the device with a magnet on top of the support also with a magnet and that’s it!

Below you will find a table that compares the main types of vehicle support for sale on the market.

How much does vehicle support cost?

The product can cost from R $ 8 to up to R $ 90. The models become more expensive as they have more resistant materials in their composition. Famous brands offer expensive price versions.

The installation methodology raises support prices. Installable versions on the glass are cheap and products installed in other ways have a higher price.

Where to buy vehicle stands?

In popular department stores, it is possible to find vehicle mountings that can be installed on window. Businesses that sell this automotive accessory.

On the internet there are more variations available for different types of vehicle support. Online prices are also at least 15% cheaper. You have seen stores like Amazon.



Did you know that the sun’s rays cause the vehicle support stuck to the glass to lose its fixing power. It is always recommended to remove this support when it is not being used, thus ensuring more durability.



Purchasing criteria: how to compare vehicle support models

It is important to follow the offer comparison criteria to know how to compare the most different promotions present in physical or online commerce. They are:

  • Warranty
  • Size
  • Color
  • Composition

Follow the definitions for each of the criteria in the following words:


The basic 3-month warranty is welcome and must exist when purchasing the product. If the manufacturer or the store does not guarantee at least 90 days, it is a sign that they do not trust the offer for sale, which requires the search for other offers in the market.

Some manufacturers rely so much on products that they offer an extended warranty of 6 months or up to 1 year. The more days you have guaranteed the vehicle support, the better your confidence in buying a given offer must be.


Whether national or international models, you should buy only those that are certified by INMETRO.

Remember that the safety of your cell phone also depends on the use of a drop-resistant support or other detectable problems in INMETRO’s tests.

There is a proliferation of Chinese models on the market at low prices that were not tested before being sold to consumers – keep your eyes peeled.



There is no point in buying the best vehicle support in technical features if your cell phone cannot be supported.

To avoid problems of this type it is important to measure the cell phone and then find a support that matches the measurement.

Vehicle supports have size limits defined by centimeters or inches.


Most products are black. But, if you look a little more you can find models that have more varieties of colors, something interesting for those looking for brackets to also match the inside of the car.


The more robust the material in the composition, the better the vehicle support. There are options for plastics (low prices) and metal products which, although slightly more expensive, offer more resistance.

Review the details of the composition before opting for a vehicle support offer.


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